Amasai: An Interview with Jordan Rubin

Fermented dairy products like yogurt and kefir are very healthy for you. Amasai is a very old drink in South African that is being brought to the US by Beyond Organics.

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6 comments so far - add yours!

  1. Gail J says:

    Great video, guys.

    Ok..NOW I’m really intrigued and can’t wait to try some of this stuff!
    I love Jordan’s ideas – really takes you through your day and all the things you might choose to do with it – breakfast, snack, frozen ‘yogurt’-like; frozen popsicles; smoothie..awesome!

    I like things that are simple; mono-meals in themselves; portable, healthy and filling and this looks to meet a lot of needs out there. Can’t wait.

    Ok..just another area that he’s bringing maximum health mainstream!

  2. Deb Gri says:

    Where do I find Amasi! I must use probiotics for IBS

  3. julie davis says:

    where do you purchase Amasi in nashville?

  4. Rich M says:

    “Gold and silver is valuable…But you can’t hydrate with gold; Can’t feed anybody with silver; Clothe anybody with platinum; Protect anybody with bronze…” Jordan Rubin Whenever I hear the doomsdayers want me to buy gold and silver I always say that you can’t eat gold…if times are going to get as bad as they say, then I would rather have my garden over their gold any day.

    • Rich M says:

      After reading my comment I thought that maybe I should clarify that the quote is from the “Behind The Scenes” show that Jordan appeared on…my statement was about not being able to eat gold…this sounded kind of negative when I reread my statement but I totally agree with the vision Jordan has about biblical wealth and that God has given us a plan and example for how to eat. I have no problem with obtaining gold but in the future it may not have much value…providing proper nourishment from real food and teaching others to do the same will be invaluable

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