Why these are the best cows in the world

Do you want to know why the Beyond Organic cows are the best, most healthy in the world?

Josh Axe

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5 comments so far - add yours!

  1. Arthur says:

    God’s creation?? Why involve something that doesn’t exist? Darwin rules dude!

  2. Vickie Turner says:

    I love these little videos with Jordan. One of the qualities that draw me are his obvious love for our God and doing what God requires. Jordan has stepped up to the plate and is doing the right things, not only in following the proper way to treat and feed his cows the way God designed for maximum nutrition for us, but also in sharing his faith in the process. I’m sure that he will be mightily blessed for what he is doing. I know that I will be supporting his efforts through purchases and prayers. I also learned something new about the difference in green fed versus grass fed beef. Thank you, Josh for sharing and keeping us all informed about how to be healthy. God bless you both in your endeavors.

  3. Pamela Johnson says:

    Finally someone got it!! Thank you Dr. Axe and to Josh..

  4. Myra says:

    Wonderful! How awesome if our God?! Mr. Jordan has it right.
    He is raising God’s creation God’s way. What do you get in return?
    Food for Life, food that is really healthy.
    How I wish that ALL of this nation would treat animals as if they WERE GOD”S CREATION!
    We are cursed as a nation because we don’t even acknowledge God in ANY of our doings.
    Thank God there are people like you Dr. Axe and Mr. Jordan. Thanks for all your hard work and finding people like Jordan Rubin at Beyond Organics.
    Incidentally, where can I find his beef? I’ll be it’s the best tasting beef IN THE WORLD!!
    I pray that God backs you in ALL you do!

  5. Alex says:

    Amen! We should be eating God-made meat, not man-made meat!

    I appreciate this video and that there are farmers who care for their animals and love God and are not afraid to show it. Praise the Lord!

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