2 Surprising Superfoods I Believe Can Help Beat the Afternoon Slump!

Even if you eat a healthy diet and work out regularly, there’s no guarantee you’ll have the energy you want.

In fact, some studies report that more than 80 percent of Americans struggle with low energy. If you’re among them, just know that you’re not alone.

Due to soil depletion (from over-farming and other unhealthy farming practices), many of the fruits, vegetables and meats we eat don’t have the same nutritional power they did even 50 years ago. Therefore, it’s tough to get the energy we need from our diets alone.

And while eating right, sleeping enough and exercising is critical to your overall health, I believe that today we must take additional steps to keep our energy levels high and keep performing at our best.

So, whenever I start researching healthy ways to increase energy, that’s where I start. I found what I believe is the key to more energy and balance in the modern world: consuming more super greens and superfoods.

I am convinced that superfoods and super greens (in combination) are an amazing combo!

A few years ago I began consuming more superfoods and super greens daily. And it was an incredible experience.  

Josh and green smoothie

But it’s not just me. I’ve recommended this exact same protocol to thousands of clients through the years. Within days of making a few tweaks to their diet, many reported more energy!

But before I tell you more about how to get more of these powerful superfoods and super greens in your diet, let’s talk about where the problem of energy starts and how to begin correcting it.

Why You Lack Energy 

Fatigued woman

‘Energy’ is a buzzword in our culture.

In fact, entire industries are built based on the “energy-boosting” concept. There are:

  • Energy drinks
  • Energy pills
  • Even energy apps!

Why? Because millions of people wake up every single day feeling sluggish in the morning, struggle to stay alert throughout the day or are just plain lacking energy. And they desperately want things to change.

But I don’t believe that typical energy drinks are an option because most of the energy options or “energy drinks” are loaded with sugar, caffeine and even chemicals.

So, where does this energy problem come from? I believe there are two key sources.

First, our bodies have become toxic.

Graphic of toxic environment - Dr. Axe

This toxicity problem rears its ugly head in many visible and detectable ways. 

But beyond the visible and easily detectable signs, there are a whole host of symptoms lurking beneath the surface. We can’t see them, but we definitely feel them every day.

Being tired is one of the most common and pervasive “invisible symptoms.” 

The reality? If you’re not consuming specific nutrients on a daily basis, your body doesn’t have what it needs to thrive. And we feel it with our energy levels.

The second key reason why you might not high energy levels? Coming up short in specific nutrients!

Many energy-rich nutrients are all but zapped from our foodstuffs, thanks to modern farming practices, junk foods, processed foods and more. 

You can help fill in some of the “nutrient gaps” in your diet by consuming key superfoods and super greens. These true superfoods have a unique ability to deliver nutritious benefits.

Juicing Raw, Organic Vegetables 

One way to start getting vital nutrients in your body is by juicing. Drinking raw organic vegetable juice has incredible health benefits.

Juicing problem graphic

If you’re like me, you think juicing raw, organic vegetables is a great option.

But let’s be honest: it’s time consuming. And for most busy people, you may only have time to do it once or twice a week.

That’s why I consume superfood powders.

Superfood powders can deliver the nutritious benefits of juicing, but it comes in an easy-to-mix dried vegetable juice powder.

In other words, you’re getting the benefits of juicing in an easy to mix powder — that requires almost no time or clean up!

Grasses (Greens) to Alkalize and Energize 

Wheat grass
In my opinion, some of the most powerful energy boosters are cereal grass juices, including oat grass juice. But beyond the benefits of greens, there’s another overlooked (and surprising) superfood that we can turn to: bone broth.

The Surprising Side Bone Broth 

Bone broth

Historically, bone broth has been a nourishing staple in our diets. It’s used in cultures and traditional recipes all over the world.

But modern society has almost lost sight of the nutritional and health benefits of this historic superfood that fueled our ancestors’ journeys across continents, up mountains and in everyday life.  

Most days, I don’t need the energy to climb Mount Everest or swim the English Channel. I just need energy to make it through my busy day, and so do you.

But one young lady actually did put bone broth to the test.

In 1926, at the age of 19, Gertrude Ederle swam across the English Channel in tumultuous conditions.

She swam a 35-mile course from course from Cap Gris-Nez, France, to Kingsdown, on the English coast.

And she set a record for her swim of 14 hours and 31 minutes. She broke the previous record of 16 hours and 23 minutes.

What was Gertrude Ederle’s secret to more energy levels and staying fueled during her heroic swim?

Bone broth.

She had a companion boat follow close behind her and supply her with bone broth for food as she swam.

Of course, she was a fit athlete to begin with, yet bone broth was her food of choice!

But bone broth’s use for energy and performance doesn’t stop with Gertrude’s 1926 triumph though.

More recently, superstar athletes have re-discovered superfood bone broth as a secret weapon! 

Bone broth graphic

While athletes have their own goals, energy and stamina are what we all strive for in our lives.

Whether it’s a fast-paced career, having a healthy social life or chasing after kids, we need fuel to get us through our day-to-day lives.

Bone broth is a great “fuel” addition, and I recommend you consume it every single day.

Here’s the bottom line on these two superfoods: Separately, bone broth and greens are awesome, but together I believe they’re unbeatable.

And when I don’t have time to make bone broth or to juice green veggies, I turn to supplements and you can, too. In fact, I use my Bone Broth Protein Powder AND  Organic SuperGreens!



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