Dr. Josh Axe holding a book.

From the bestselling author of Keto Diet and Eat Dirt comes Ancient Remedies, Secrets to Healing with Herbs, Essential Oils, CBD, and the Most Powerful Natural Medicine in History.

Long before the first pharmaceutical companies opened their doors in the 1850s, doctors treated people, not symptoms. And although we’ve become used to popping pills, Americans have finally had it with the dangerous side effects, addiction and over-prescribing — and they’re desperate for an alternative.

In Ancient Remedies, Dr. Axe explores the foundational concepts of ancient healing — eating right for your type and living in sync with your circadian clock. Readers will learn how traditional practitioners identified the root cause of each patient’s illness, then treated it with medicinal herbs, mushrooms, CBD, essential oils and restorative mind-body practices. What’s more, they’ll discover how they can use these ancient treatments themselves to cope with dozens of diseases, from ADHD to diabetes, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease and beyond.

Through engaging language and accessible explanations, Ancient Remedies offers readers everything they need to know about getting, and staying, healthy — without toxic, costly synthetic drugs.

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