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Can Running + Other Exercise Help You Live Longer? YES

By now, everyone knows there are numerous benefits of exercise, and one of those benefits includes the potential to extend life. So, what is the one specific exercise that helps you live longer? According to recent research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, running may extend your life up to three years. (1, 2) … Read More

KFC antibiotics in chicken - Dr. Axe

KFC Makes Major Health Announcement to Curb Superbug Outbreaks

Food impacts us (and the entire world) far beyond the nutrition label. Given the complexity of the standard American diet, food impacts are so much more than calorie counts and protein, fat and sodium levels. In fact, the future of many life-saving medications largely depends on how we raise our food. With that in mind, we should view KFC’s announcement to ban the most important … Read More


How Do We Lower the Mortality Rate? Eat Better — A Lot Better

Most of us know how important eating right is for our health. More fruits, vegetables, blah blah blah — after awhile, all the food recommendations can start to feel like background noise. But now, a mind-blowing study has discovered that nearly half of all U.S. deaths in 2012 were caused by cardiometabolic diseases associated with suboptimal eating habits. In other words: there … Read More

How to treat HPV - Dr. Axe

How to Treat HPV Naturally: This STD Is on the Rise

There is no more prevalent sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the United States than genital human papillomavirus (HPV), which can lead to genital warts, leaving many to wonder how to treat HPV naturally. It’s no wonder given just how staggering the numbers are. A recent survey found that almost 50 percent of American adults between the ages of 18 to 59 … Read More

Neanderthals used medicinal remedies from plants - Dr. Axe

Neanderthals Used Medicinal Remedies from Plants

Ever chew on a piece of bark to stop a headache? Our prehistoric cousins may have done just that, as evidence shows Neanderthals used medicinal remedies from plants. A recent study shows evidence that Neanderthals used medicinal remedies. Researchers from the University of Adelaide’s Australian Centre for Ancient DNA and Dental School collaborated with other scientists at the University of … Read More

Breast implant illness - Dr. Axe

Breast Implant Illness + 6 Other Breast Implant Dangers

The quest for perfection has never been higher. Reality TV, advertisements and the media constantly promote a “perfect” body. The result is more and more women (and men) are turning to plastic surgery. In fact, in 2015 over 1.7 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in the United States. (1) Breast Augmentation: 279,143 Liposuction 222,051 Nose Reshaping 217,979 Eyelid Surgery … Read More

Yoga breathing

5 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep

What if there was a way to decrease stress, ease anxiety, improve sleep and boost your mood — and you could do it anywhere, at any time? How about also helping to relieve COPD and blood pressure problems? Interested? You’re in luck, because this already exists. It’s time to introduce breathing exercises into your daily routine. What Are Breathing Exercises & … Read More


World Happiness Report: Where Does the U.S. Rank?

Can you measure happiness among a population? The World Happiness Report thinks so. The report, first published in 2012 by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, ranks 155 countries according to happiness and well-being levels. Each year, researchers release the report in conjunction with March 20, the International Day of Happiness. This year, the report focuses on the social foundations … Read More


Health Effects of Pee in the Pool (It’s More than Just Gross)

Have you ever thought about the health effects of pee in the pool? Let’s back up a second. Have you ever peed in a pool? Though you might not raise your hand, chances are that have you before ­— and all of the urine can be pretty darn harmful. Researchers at Canada’s University of Alberta developed a sneaky test to determine … Read More

Colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer Rates Increasing Among Young People

Student loan debt, high home prices, uncertain job security … millennial life often isn’t always as rosy as it might seem, and now there’s something else to add to the list: colorectal cancers. Usually thought of as a cancer that hits the 50-plus crowd, colorectal cancers rates are actually decreasing among that age group. Disturbingly, however, there’s been a rise of the … Read More