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Is juice healthy - Dr. Axe

Is Juice Healthy? Doctors Issue Warning for Parents

Parents often give toddlers and young children fruit juice because it’s conveniently packaged and tastes good. Translation? Happy kids. But is juice healthy? While many pediatricians gave the green light for juice over the years, and in some cases even recommended it for an extra boost of vitamin C, doctors are now singing a much different tune. A 2017 report published by the American … Read More

DNA testing - Dr. Axe

Consider These 8 DNA Testing Issues Before You Get Tested

Imagine that, just by swabbing your cheek with a piece of cotton, you could figure out if you might be susceptible to a particular disease. Or, you could know whether your future children are at risk of inheriting a disease that runs in the family. And never mind having to do this at a doctor’s office or in a lab. … Read More

School lunch

School Lunch Changes Pros & Cons + What to Do About School Lunches

For parents and students alike, the topic of school lunch has always been a hot-button issue. This month, the school lunch debate is back in the spotlight after it was announced that Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue signed a proclamation that scales back school nutritional requirements spearheaded by Michelle Obama and put into practice during the Obama administration in 2012. (1) … Read More

Mushroom coffee - Dr. Axe

Is Mushroom Coffee Even Better than Regular Coffee?

You may already be on the keto coffee train, but have you tried mushroom coffee? I know it sounds like a really bizarre combination, but this fungi-focused coffee is very trendy at the moment and only seems to be picking up steam. Lovers of the somewhat eccentric brew say that the earthy essence of mushrooms is a complementary addition to coffee that actually makes … Read More


Is Tramadol a Narcotic? 10 Reasons to Never Use for You or Your Child

The FDA recently issued new warnings against prescribing tramadol and codeine to children and adolescents. After the agency reviewed event reports from about the past 50 years, they found that 64 reports of severe breathing difficulty, including 24 deaths, were linked to codeine in children and adolescents. In addition, nine cases, including three deaths (!), were linked to tramadol. Following … Read More


Is Codeine a Narcotic? 20 Reasons to Never Use Cough Syrup with Codeine

Did you know that codeine is dangerous for your child? After reviewing adverse event reports for the past 50 years, the FDA concluded that prescription codeine and tramadol should not be given to children and adolescents. Upon their review, the agency found 64 cases of severe breathing problems, including 24 deaths, as a result of codeine in children and adolescents. … Read More


16 Dangers of Fentanyl & the Fentanyl Patch

If you’ve heard about the opioid epidemic — which is one of the major contributors to the deaths of despair we’re seeing today — but haven’t had it personally affect you in any way, take a look at this recent study. It found that fentanyl was detected in the toxicology reports of nearly two-thirds of the 196 people who died from opioid overdose … Read More

Biking to work - Dr. Axe

Biking to Work Lowers Mortality + More Benefits of Biking

We’ve talked a lot about mortality lately and ways to reduce it, including running. But what about biking to work? Can this exercise help you live longer? It turns out that it may, according to recent research from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Given what we already know about how a sedentary lifestyle can increase mortality and disease risks, … Read More


Can Running + Other Exercise Help You Live Longer? YES

By now, everyone knows there are numerous benefits of exercise, and one of those benefits includes the potential to extend life. So, what is the one specific exercise that helps you live longer? According to recent research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, running may extend your life up to three years. (1, 2) … Read More

KFC antibiotics in chicken - Dr. Axe

KFC Makes Major Health Announcement to Curb Superbug Outbreaks

Food impacts us (and the entire world) far beyond the nutrition label. Given the complexity of the standard American diet, food impacts are so much more than calorie counts and protein, fat and sodium levels. In fact, the future of many life-saving medications largely depends on how we raise our food. With that in mind, we should view KFC’s announcement to ban the most important … Read More