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Gout symptoms - Dr. Axe

End Discomfort & Pain from Gout Symptoms

If you awaken from a sound sleep to excruciating joint pain in your big toe, you may be experiencing one of several gout symptoms. (1) Gout is on the rise in America, affecting millions of people each year. In fact, the latest research, from 10 years ago, found that the rates of gout doubled in 20 years prior. More than eight million Americans … Read More

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SI Joint Pain Symptoms & Natural Treatments

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, also commonly called SI joint pain, is a condition that causes upper leg and lower back pain. Studies show that low back and/or upper leg pains due to conditions like disc diseases, overuse, age-related degeneration of joints and inflammation are very common, affecting millions of people every year. In fact, in people over 45, low back pain is … Read More

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms - Dr. Axe

Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms + 5 Natural Treatments

As I’m sure you’re well aware, an estimated 52.5 million U.S. adults suffer from some sort of arthritis, and there is no more common form than rheumatoid arthritis (RA). (1) How prevalent do people have to deal with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms? It’s a staggering 1.3 million to 1.5 million Americans at any given time. Thus the question arises: Is there … Read More

Chondroitin - Dr. Axe

Chondroitin Benefits for Osteoarthritis & Joint Pain

Chondroitin is one of the most sought after joint-supporting supplements available on the market today due to how it helps rebuild cartilage naturally and boosts recovery of tissue after injury or exercise. Commonly available in formulas containing similar and complimentary supplements like glucosamine and MSM, it’s taken by many people with joint pain, osteoarthritis, and other signs of “wear and … Read More

Macadamia nuts - Dr. Axe

Macadamia Nuts: The Manganese-Rich Treat that Supports Healthy Bones

While almonds may be America’s most popular nut, no one can deny the delicious appeal of macadamia nuts. (1) This is a good thing, because just like almonds nutrition, macadamia nutrition packs a potent punch. Macadamia nuts are amazing little nutrient-filled powerhouses that come from the macadamia tree. They contain some important essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, … Read More


Frozen Shoulder Exercises + Natural Treatment

Frozen shoulder (also referred to as adhesive capsulitis) is a condition often diagnosed when someone experiences ongoing shoulder stiffness and pain that lasts at least several weeks at a time. It’s most likely to develop when inflammation increases around the shoulder due to shoulder immobility or problems stretching and flexing the shoulder normally.This commonly occurs when someone is recovering from an injury. Frozen shoulder sometimes … Read More

Bone bruise - Dr. Axe

How to Heal a Bone Bruise Naturally

A bruise is a bruise is a bruise … unless it’s a bone bruise. Typically, a bruise occurs when blood vessels are damaged below the surface of the skin and collect toward the surface as a visible black and blue mark. (1) A bone bruise happens when some of the fibrous tissues inside the bone, called trabeculae, are damaged. In … Read More


Stress Fracture Symptoms & How to Speed Up Recovery

Stress fractures account for over 10 percent of all injuries in sports medicine clinics, and they’re some of the most common running injuries there are. In fact, in running sports they may account for up to 30 percent of all injuries. That’s because our bones endure stress whenever a force is loaded upon it, whether the stress comes from the pull … Read More

Heel spur - Dr. Axe

7 Natural Solutions for Healing a Heel Spur

A heel spur is caused by the displacement of calcium on the bone that forms on the underside of the heel; it may be one small bony protrusion or a collection of tiny, irregularly shaped growths on the bone of the heel, which is called the calcaneum. Heel spurs are sometimes painful — described as a knife digging into the … Read More

Joint Pain - Dr. Axe

4 Ways to Naturally Reduce Joint Pain

Do you struggle with arthritis, fibromyalgia or other joint pain? Or are you a runner/triathlete that often feels joint pain during long runs? If so, then you need to know the 4 ways to naturally reduce the inflammation causing the pain. Naturally Reduce Joint Pain 1. Proteolytic Enzymes naturally reduce inflammation. In a recent study, athletes suffering ACL injuries were … Read More