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L-Lysine Benefits the Gut, Brain & Herpes Outbreaks

The same building block of protein that helps treat cold sores can also help fight cancer. It’s not a myth; it’s just science — and that’s just one of the many L-lysine benefits. For years, people have been using L-lysine to treat the herpes virus and recover from workouts. But, as it turns out, this amino acid is good for … Read More

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Bean Sprouts (#2 Is a Sight to Behold)

Bean sprouts are exactly what they sound like — literally sprouts that come from beans — and while sprouting can be done using just about any bean, the most common bean sprouts usually come from mung beans and soybeans. They’re filled with fiber and virtually fat-free, especially the mung bean version, which is why they’re a filling, healthy option. Bean sprouts are … Read More


Music Therapy: Benefits and Uses for Anxiety, Depression + More

It’s believed that music has been used since practically the beginning of time to help humans deal with difficult feelings and better connect to one another. Because of its strong and immediate influence over our emotions, coupled with its ability to naturally increase neurochemicals — including “feel good” endorphins — music is now being added to many rehabilitation programs across the … Read More

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What Is a Sociopath? Key Traits, Causes & Current Treatments

Know someone who tends to be nervous, jittery, easily agitated or perhaps violent towards others at times? Worried that this person may have a serious psychological problem, and could potentially be a danger to those around them? You may find yourself asking, “What is a sociopath?” While only a very small percentage of people with antisocial personality traits — such … Read More


10 Bad Mood Foods — Yes, Poor Nutrition Makes You Crabby

Some things seem specifically designed to put you in a bad mood, like parking tickets or 40-minute wait times when you call customer service. But there is another rotten mood culprit out there: the bad mood foods that you’re eating. How Does Poor Nutrition Contribute to Bad Moods? Think about how you feel after inhaling a bowl of pasta or … Read More


How to Activate Your Brain’s Caring Center: Compassion

The quality of cultivating and expressing compassion is central to just about every religion on Earth, and also a major focus in the field of psychology. Concepts like “mindfulness” or “loving-kindness meditation” have been steadily growing in popularity for several decades, and today a large body of evidence supports the belief that compassion has benefits related to both mental and physical … Read More


Hygge: The Danish Trick for True Winter Happiness

Denmark consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. But why? Well, a concept called “hygge,” pronounced “HOO-gah,” is believed to be a big part of that. But what is it? Well, that’s a little harder to put into words. So I turned to Danish happiness expert Meik Wiking, the founder and chief executive of the Happiness Institute, … Read More


Mugwort: the Herb that Fights Joint Pain, Depression & Cancer?

What exactly is mugwort? Well, outside of sounding like it should be in the pages of the Harry Potter series, it’s a root-based perennial plant that goes by many different names. Most importantly, it’s been shown to help fight serious diseases and maladies, from cancer to joint pain. You may often hear mugwort referred to by other names, such as chrysanthemum weed, … Read More


Cannabidiol, or CBD, Benefits for Pain, Mental Illness & Anxiety

The use of medical marijuana continues to be an emotionally and politically charged issue. Although cannabis oil preparations have been used in medicine for millennia, the concern over the dangers of abuse led to the banning of the medicinal use of marijuana in the 1930s. Only recently, marijuana and chemically related compounds have come back to being considered of therapeutic value. … Read More

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Top 10 Medical Innovations to Watch Out for in 2017

As 2016 winds down, the medical community is already looking toward the future — 2017, to be exact. Now in its 11th year, Ohio’s esteemed Cleveland Clinic is releasing its Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2017. (1) More than 100 doctors and researchers pored over nearly 200 nominations of medical innovations that have a high chance of healing and extending life. In … Read More