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Peripheral edema - Dr. Axe

Peripheral Edema: 7 Natural Treatments to Reduce Swelling

Did you know that 55 to 60 percent of your body weight is water? Water flows throughout your body from one area to another. It is present inside and outside of your cells and it keeps your tissues moist. Your bones, joints, spinal cord and brain need water, too. (1) But sometimes too much water can build up in your … Read More


Is Tramadol a Narcotic? 10 Reasons to Never Use for You or Your Child

The FDA recently issued new warnings against prescribing tramadol and codeine to children and adolescents. After the agency reviewed event reports from about the past 50 years, they found that 64 reports of severe breathing difficulty, including 24 deaths, were linked to codeine in children and adolescents. In addition, nine cases, including three deaths (!), were linked to tramadol. Following … Read More


Are High Heels Bad for Your Feet (Here’s How They Destroy Your Body)

Are high heels bad for your feet? Most people get it, understanding that heels aren’t the healthiest choice when it comes to footwear. Still, many love them regardless, since they make your legs look longer and even sometimes thinner. The trouble is if you’re not being diligent about proper strengthening and stretching to mitigate high heel damage, you could be setting … Read More

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8 ‘You Won’t Believe It’ Natural Painkillers

With Prince’s unfortunate death linked to painkilling drugs and the recent news that even acetaminophen, the main ingredient in Tylenol, affects us in ways we’re only now starting to fully understand (it makes people less empathetic), it’s more important than ever to turn to safer, scientifically proven natural painkillers when we feel discomfort. Luckily, there are plenty of natural painkillers … Read More

Forward head posture - Dr. Axe

Harder to Be Happy with Forward Head Posture? It’s True

Thanks in no small part to a reliance on and addiction to technology, a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm. As a result, good posture has never been more important, but unfortunately, our obsession with our smartphones has made many of us develop forward head posture. Why is this bad? Every time we lean forward 60 degrees, the stress on … Read More

Tension headache - Dr. Axe

How Diet & Posture Can Stop the Tension Headache

Millions of people suffer from chronic, lingering headaches that can develop almost daily — yet the causes of a tension headache are not well-understood. Tension headaches, which can feel like uncomfortable tightness or pressure around the entire head, are the most common type of headache adults experience. In fact, up to 80 percent of the adult U.S. population suffers from at … Read More

Muscle relaxers - Dr. Axe

The 8 Best Natural Muscle Relaxers

Have you ever taken a prescription muscle relaxer or thought about taking one? The name alone probably makes you think that muscle relaxers are helpful and harmless, but think twice — synthetic muscle relaxers (unlike a homemade muscle rub) are actually both highly addictive and dangerous when they’re not used as prescribed or intended. The problem with typical prescription or over-the-counter muscle relaxers … Read More

Natural laxatives - Dr. Axe

7 Foods that Make the Best Natural Laxatives

Natural laxatives, in the form of certain foods and herbs, have been used for health purposes for over 2,000 years. People have always known that bowel movements are necessary for good health, but in today’s fast-paced society, a poor diet, stress or frequent traveling can get in the way of you and good digestion — so pooping regularly can suddenly become tough! To … Read More

bad headache

Top 10 Headache Remedies

Life can get pretty busy and stressful, and the “common” headache is sometimes overlooked or masked with a painkiller (which, especially when overused, can sometimes cause more serious health issues). A headache is a good indicator that your body is missing something – maybe you need to take a breather, drink some water or change the way you eat. You may … Read More


What 7 Symptoms You Have Right Now That You Shouldn’t Ignore

What do constant headaches, gum disease, sleep disorders, sore joints and other serious health conditions have in common? They all have chronic inflammation as the root cause. Inflammation isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, acute inflammation is normal for your body — such as when you suffer a painful cut or bruise and your body fights to heal itself. The … Read More