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keto snacks

18 Keto Snacks: Full of Healthy Fats + Delicious

A keto lifestyle can seem like a dream come true. Not only do ketogenic diet benefits range from weight loss to cancer prevention, but it emphasizes high-fat and protein-rich foods. A diet that encourages rather than vilifies fat? Sign me up! But all fat isn’t created equal. While our bodies love healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil, a keto diet doesn’t … Read More

Cauliflower recipes

Cauliflower Recipes — the Go-to Keto & Paleo Veggie

First there was quinoa, then it was kale. This year, however, it’s all about the cauliflower. This unassuming vegetable often gets passed over for veggies of a brighter hue, like broccoli, or leafy greens like spinach. Often boiled to mush and force-fed onto children by their parents, cauliflower hung out on the sidelines until recently, when we all discovered the same thing: … Read More

Paleo snacks - Dr. Axe

23 Paleo Snacks: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free + Delicious!

Following a Paleo diet can have really terrific benefits for some people. Abstaining from inflammatory grains, eating more protein and enjoying a variety of fruits and veggies can help you lose weight and feel good. But snacking while being Paleo can be confusing at first. When you go down the Paleo snacks road, gone are the go-to crackers and dip, popcorn … Read More

Coconut sugar - Dr. Axe

Is Coconut Sugar Good for You?

We can give thanks to the coconut tree for the numerous products it yields — from coconut water to desiccated coconut, coconut vinegar and, a personal favorite, coconut oil. It’s also very popular in making alcoholic drinks known to locals as tuba or coconut wine. However, it is the inflorescence — or coconut blossoms of the coconut tree (not to be … Read More

Pressure cooker meals

20 Pressure Cooker Recipes (Plus How to Use a Pressure Cooker!)

Nearly everyone is familiar with the idea of using a slow cooker for hands-off cooking over a long period of time. But there’s another kitchen tool you might have been overlooking that can come to your rescue on busy nights: the pressure cooker. You’ll be amazed what you can cook with these pressure cooker recipes, as both the speed of the … Read More

Brown rice nutrition - Dr. Axe

Brown Rice Nutrition May Lower the Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease

In moderation, brown rice can be a very nutritious gluten-free carbohydrate and healthy rice choice overall. Brown rice nutrition doesn’t have too many calories per serving, but the nutrient content certainly is up there, whether we’re talking brown rice eaten on its own or brown rice protein powder. Rice nutrition is actually an important topic since about half of the world’s inhabitants … Read More


How to Make Dill Pickles + 5 Benefits of Dill Pickles

Pickles are great, as long as you don’t find yourself in one! All jokes aside, just what are pickles? They’re usually made from cucumbers and a brine of water, vinegar, salt, and dill weed or dill oil. They’re commonly found as kosher dill and hamburger dill, though sweet dill is a common southern treat. However, I’m focusing on how to make dill … Read More


25 Keto Recipes — High in Healthy Fats + Low in Carbs

Trying new diets can be tough: all those things to avoid, to eat more  of, new ingredients to buy. It’s enough to drive anyone bonkers. But there’s one way of eating that’s been gaining momentum lately — the ketogenic, or “keto,” diet and its keto recipes. The ketogenic diet is one of the most effective that I’ve come across and one … Read More

Mocktails - Dr. Axe

The Best & Worst Mocktails + 6 Benefits of Mocktails

Many people love the taste of alcoholic cocktails, but they don’t like the many (and I mean MANY) undesirable side effects of alcohol — such as alcohol’s link to breast cancer. That’s where mocktails come in. You can have a drink that’s tasty and feels celebratory but doesn’t leave you with a terrible hangover the next day. Plus, mocktails can actually boost your health … Read More