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Chemicals in cat - Dr. Axe

Chemicals in Cats: Where Are These Dangerous Compounds Coming From?

Turns out your favorite cuddle buddy is likely loaded with toxic chemicals. While cats may seem relatively safe inside the comfort of our homes, emerging research is detecting common chemicals in cats at mega-high doses, something that should serve as a warning sign for humans in the house, too. Because cats living in the home are low to the ground and … Read More

Slippery elm for pets - Dr. Axe

A Guide to Using Slippery Elm for Pets (From Wounds to Tummy Trouble, It Heals)

By Jean Hofve, retired holistic veterinarian, author of Paleo Dog and other pet books and administrator of the award-winning website  Some people may be wary of using herbs like slippery elm for pets. Others may be a little too enthusiastic, trusting all sorts of herbs for pets when many that are safe for humans are inappropriate for our four-legged friends. You see, many … Read More

Healthiest cat food - Dr. Axe

What’s the Healthiest Cat Food So We Don’t Get Fat Cats?

While dogs are eager and always willing to please, cats are much more elusive to their overlords — err, owners. So much, in fact, that many owners turn to the most tried-and-true method of getting a cat (or a human!) to like them: They ply them with food. Yes, it turns out that the way to a cat’s heart is … Read More


Paleo Dog: Does Grain-Free Dog Food Create a Healthier Pet?

Grain-free dog food. All-natural. Raw. Organic. Human-grade. Wait, what? Take a stroll through the pet foods aisle and you’ll be assaulted by the variety of options hoping to replace the standard kibbles, including grain-free dog food. As humans have begun choosing different types of food for their families, they’ve started looking more closely at what the furry members are eating, … Read More

Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition 101: Are You Giving Your Pet the Best?

Most of us love our furry friends as members of our own family. These innocent, unconditionally loving animals bring much to our lives. They are there for us, always happy to see us (no matter how tattered and torn we may be,) and full of love and devotion. This comes in the form of cats, dogs, bunnies, horses, and many … Read More