How to grow tomatoes - Dr. Axe

How to Grow Tomatoes (Including My Favorite Varieties!)

Find yourself searching “how to grow tomatoes” this growing season? You aren’t alone. In fact, experts say tomatoes are the most popular home garden crop grown in America. It’s the fruit of choice for 85 percent of home gardeners in the U.S. (1) If you’re new to growing food and just caught the gardening bug, you’re in good company. Between 2008 and … Read More

Mood-boosting foods - Dr. Axe

Mood-Boosting Foods: 7 Foods for Greater Happiness

The healthiest mood-boosting foods might not always be the first thing on your mind when you find yourself diving into a bowl of ultra-processed foods like greasy chips or crispy fried chicken. These foods may temporarily taste amazing but often leave you feeling less-than-awesome afterward. It’s our biology. Our brains are wired to turn to food to feel better. And the food industry knows how … Read More

Caprylic acid - Dr. Axe

Caprylic Acid: The Saturated Fat that Fights Candida, Infections & Acne

Caprylic acid is a type of beneficial saturated fatty acid that has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Found in healing foods like coconut and coconut oil, cow’s milk, and human breast milk, it’s been linked to prevention of urinary tract infections, bladder infections, Candida virus, sexually transmitted diseases, oral infections like gingivitis and many other conditions. As one of … Read More

Stop Tooth Decay

1 Weird Way to Stop Tooth Decay

We all know that brushing and flossing daily can help with tooth decay, but it won’t always keep you out of the dentist chair. Amalgam inserted into cavities are loaded with toxic mercury which can leach into your body. Root canals have been discovered to be the root of some chronic illnesses. There’s a number of health topics here when … Read More


Are You Protein Deficient?

Making healthy eating and exercise a part of your lifestyle is a key to anti-aging. And when I talk about anti-aging, I don’t mean that you will automatically jump in the fountain of youth and never grow old. It means you will age much slower and more gracefully, avoiding chronic illnesses and conditions usually associated with the aging process in … Read More


Top 5 Superfoods for a Healthy Pregnancy

[Below is my transcript of my video about the top superfoods for pregnancy, along with supplemental information on the topic.] Let’s discuss the top five foods for fertility and a healthy pregnancy. These superfoods are important for all women, whether you’re pregnant, trying to conceive or interested in achieving optimum health. They’re especially important for nourishing yourself during pregnancy and nourishing … Read More