Disney Growing GMO Foods

Growing up, my family loved Disney World!  We used to go to Disney for spring break every few years and I can still remember being so excited as a kid.  Actually, I think my mom was even more excited and she still likes to sport her favorite Winnie the Pooh shirt I got her a few years ago at Christmas.

So when I heard genetically modified foods are now being grown at “the happiest place on earth”, I was pretty disappointed.

Disney Growing GMO Foods

The Nestle Corporation, who is the title sponsor of Disney’s EPCOT Center, has been funding Disney in order to build a massive 2.5 Million square feet greenhouse!  This abomination grows mickey mouse shaped fruits and vegetables and then sells these GMO foods in their theme parks.

By the way, Nestle is the same company who makes all of the really great snacks with high fructose corn syrup for children…(if you’re new here that’s a bit of sarcasm, high fructose corn syrup is terrible).

Disney’s EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) was initially created to be a futuristic model community.  And their new “Living with the Land” exhibit is supposed to be a model of “sustainability”.  One of their rides “Behind the Seeds” (I like to call it Seeds of Deception) brings patrons through the wonderful world of genetically modified foods!

What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

According to an article in Inhabitat while on the tour a 6-year old boy asked the guide why there was so much styrofoam, since the foam plastic is not biodegradable and not really a sustainable choice for an exhibit on sustainability.

Then the 6-year old asked the guide about genetic experimentation and he said almost all of the foods grown at “Living with the Land” are genetically engineered foods.

The tour guide gave the response that the styrofoam was cheap and that’s why they used it.  Of course!

Oh, kids ask the best questions don’t they?  Side Note: When I was 6 years old my grandma and I were eating out and the table next to us was blowing their cigarette smoke right towards us.  My grandma said she would give me $5 bucks to tell them they were giving me cancer.  So I did, and they stopped– it was awesome!  I wonder if all the kids told the Disney corporation that if they would stop…

I’m glad my parents did a great job educating me on true sustainability.  How many kids have no idea where food actually comes from and are being educated by food companies and big corporations that genetically modified foods are fine and healthy?

The Problem with GMO Foods

Genetically modified foods alter genetic codes of the DNA in an organism by wiring in genes from other forms of life including other plant forms, pesticides, bacteria and viruses.  Most GMO foods today have been modified to tolerate or produce pesticides.

In a 2011 review published in Environmental Sciences Europe 19 studies of mammals fed GMO soybeans and corn were evaluated.  The 90-day long trials indicate liver and kidney problems as a result of GMO foods.  Kidney’s were disrupted by 43.5% and liver by 30.8%.

Monsanto is the largest producer today of genetically modified foods like corn, soy, and canola.  There are even companies today producing genetically modified salmon.  If you want to learn more about genetically engineered foods and ways to protect yourself you can read my article GMO Foods: Get the Facts.


What are your thoughts on GMO foods?   

I’d love to hear your comments!




Environmental Sciences Europe March 1 2011, 23:10, Gilles-Eric Seralini


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