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Workout mistakes - Dr. Axe

Top Workout Mistakes: Is Your Exercise Routine Actually Hurting You?

Time is precious. That’s why making the most of every sweat session — and avoiding common workout mistakes — is key. I’m a huge fan of sneaking in mini-workouts whenever I can. That’s one of the benefits of high-intensity interval training: You only need a few minutes. But there are so many other ways you can shift your exercise routine to more … Read More

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Want to Be More Durable? Add Hamstring Stretches & Strength Moves!

I have worked with numerous athletes, including professionals and Olympians, and often hear of issues with their hamstrings because this muscle group is such an integral part of movement. Similarly, if you do any running or participate in any sport, you rely more on your hamstrings than you probably think. While your quadriceps and calves do plenty of work, your hamstrings … Read More


How Many Miles a Week Should I Run?

When providing running tips for beginners, one of the questions they’ll ask is how much to run. Truthfully, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, all runners — or those thinking about taking up running — wonder, “How many miles a week should I run?” According to new research, that answer is surprisingly low, at least in terms of … Read More

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6 Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises (Better Than Machines!)

If you knew that there was something completely free, totally accessible no matter where you are, and proven to benefit your sleep, metabolism, bones, immunity and mood — wouldn’t you be willing to give it a try? Then bodyweight exercises should be right in your wheelhouse. Despite the fact that the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that strength training … Read More

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Interval Cardio Workouts Burn More Fat than Conventional Cardio!

One of my favorite types of exercise routines is the interval cardio workout! That means that whatever cardio workout I choose, I’m not opting for steady state cardio (basically, staying at the same moderate intensity level for a length of time) — instead, I rely on high-intensity interval training (HIIT workouts) that consist of “bursts” of high-intensity exercise followed by brief rests. What’s … Read More


Iliotibial Band Syndrome: the Cause of Your Knee Pain?

Why should you read an article about iliotibial band syndrome? Well, if you’re a runner, the chances of you having iliotibial band syndrome at some point is quite high since it’s the second most common running injury. (1) If you’re not a runner but regularly engage in physical activity that involves repetitive knee motion, then you’re also at risk. What if you … Read More


Walking to Lose Weight: How to Make It Work!

According to recent survey results, it’s estimated that around 80 percent of Americans (and those living in the U.K. too) between the ages of 25 and 64 don’t work out enough each week to meet the recommended levels of government-specified daily physical activity. (1) While fitness is definitely on the rise and more people are doing some form of exercise … Read More


The Benefits of a Trampoline Workout and Rebounding

Many people first fall in love with trampolines as children, but did you know that a trampoline workout can benefit adults just as much as they bring joy to the little ones? It’s true. In addition to being fun, a trampoline workout, also known as rebounding, has many great health benefits — particularly for your lymphatic system. For instance, did … Read More


Eating Too Little & Exercising Too Much? Risks of Female Athlete Triad

  Does this situation sound familiar to you? A young woman loves to work out, practice a competitive sport and takes pride in taking care of her body. In order to maintain her lean body, she eats only enough calories to feel relatively full. As she feels herself getting even fitter, she keeps increasing her training time and exercise intensity, all while reducing … Read More


Why Isometric Exercises Belong in Your Exercise Routine

Imagine if you could do effective exercises in only 10 seconds, anywhere, anytime … without any equipment. This is absolutely possible with isometric exercises, which are perfect for anyone who wants to tone muscles and gain strength in a way that doesn’t require impact or full range of motion. In other words, perhaps you’re recovering from an injury or are … Read More

Running - Dr. Axe

9 Running Tips for Beginners

One of the major draws for people who take up running to keep in shape is how little is needed. There’s no fancy equipment or expensive memberships to worry about — just lace up your sneakers, throw open the front door and hit the road. But while the runner’s high is fantastic, you might start to notice some not-so-great side … Read More