Women’s Health

Vaginal Bleeding: What’s Normal & What’s Not (+ 6 Natural Tips for Women’s Health)

Most women of child-bearing age experience normal vaginal bleeding associated with their menstrual cycle. However, women of all ages can experience abnormal vaginal bleeding, including spotting between periods caused by reproductive system problems, underlying medical ...

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Worse Than PMS: Understanding PMDD (+ 10 Natural Ways to Help Relieve PMDD Symptoms)

PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, is more than just PMS. While PMDD shares many PMS symptoms, it is a severe condition. In fact, PMDD symptoms can cause significant physical and emotional distress. The hormone-induced symptoms ...

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5 Dangers of Birth Control Pills, Plus Side Effects & Alternatives

In industrialized nations today, synthetic hormonal oral contraception (aka the birth control pill) is the most common practice for preventing pregnancy. Despite evidence suggesting that there are many possible dangers of birth control pills, millions of ...

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