21 ‘Health’ Foods You Should Never Eat

March 15, 2018
Foods you should never eat - Dr. Axe

Most people I meet think that they’re pretty healthy. But when I probe a little deeper into their diets, I quickly find out that they are eating a lot of health foods you should never eat. I can’t blame them. With all of the confusion surrounding labeling and advertising, buzzwords like “sugar-free,” “all-natural” and even “organic” can be really confusing.

To makes things a little easier for you, here’s a list of the top health foods you should never eat. Many of these aren’t really health foods at all. Instead, many are secret sugar bombs, foods that set your body into inflammation overdrive, menu items that can throw your hormones into an unhealthy state or they’re tainted with seriously gross compounds.

Top Health Foods You Should Never Eat

1. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is just as dangerous as soda, or nearly as bad, when you’re drinking it in abundance. Think of it in this way: When you sit down to drink an 8-ounce glass of orange juice, you’re consuming the juice of four medium-sized oranges in literally seconds — or a few minutes at the most. Compare this to how long it would take to eat four oranges, and you can quickly see how eating fruit in its whole form is best. (Thanks, in large part, to all of that wholesome fiber.)

Fruit juice is so dangerously largely due to the fructose factor. In June 2014, a study published in the journal Nutrition found that the average fruit juice’s fructose concentration is 45.5 grams per liter. For soda, it’s 50 grams. Our bodies aren’t designed to deal with that type of fructose overload. While glucose serves as a fuel for our body, fructose is processed almost exclusively in the liver, where it’s converted to fat. (12)

2. Soy Protein

Contrary to popular belief, soy products are not healthy for you; at least, that is, unfermented soy. Fermented soy is one thing. But eating edamame, soy milk and soy protein is quite another.

Most soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified to withstand applications of glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup. A recent Norwegian study found “extreme” levels of glyphosate in U.S. soy, meaning we’re eating weedkiller when we eat nonorganic soy. That’s a problem, given that glyphosate is linked to many health problems, including human cell death. (3, 4)

It’s generally accepted that long-term use of soy dietary supplements like soy protein is unsafe because it has been linked to the following: (5)

  • Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
  • Asthma
  • Breast cancer
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)
  • Kidney disease
  • Urinary bladder cancer

All of these reasons are great reasons why soy is definitely one of the health foods you should never eat.

Better option: If you love soy sauce, choose coconut aminos instead. If you do chose soy occasionally, go with fermented soy. This includes natto, tempeh, and real miso soup.

3. Sugar Alcohols

Sugar alcohols are commonly found in sugar-free gum and sugar-free baked goods and sugar replacements. Xylitol is one of the most popular forms. Others include: erythritol, isomalt, lactitol, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol. While often marketed as natural, these sweeteners undergo intense processing and are often derived from GMO ingredients like corn. Some of these products are also linked to allergic reactions, headaches, SIBO symptoms, rashes, gas and bloated.

Better option: Try green stevia, monk fruit or raw honey (in moderation) for sweetening.

4. ‘Atlantic’ Salmon + Other Farmed Fish Like Tilapia

Another health food you should never eat: Farmed fish. I’ve written extensively on farmed fish.  And in fact, eating tilapia is worse than eating bacon in some ways. Be sure to avoid farmed salmon, too. It’s often called ‘Atlantic’ salmon or just salmon.

Here are a other reasons inflammation-boosting farmed salmon needs to be a fish you should never eat:

  • An October 2016 study found omega-3 levels in farmed salmon are rapidly dropping and are half of what they were five years ago. Part of the reason for the nutrient loss is salmon farm feed contains less ground anchovy content. (6)
  • University of New York at Albany researchers found dioxin levels in farm-raised salmon to be 11 times higher than those in wild salmon. The environmental pollutants are linked to cancer, organ damage and immune system dysfunction (7, 8)
  • A 2011 study published in PLoS One found mice-eating farmed salmon actually showed weight gain and an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes symptoms. (9) The risk comes from the persistent organic pollutants, or POPs, that tend to be high in farmed salmon.
  • A 2011 Food and Water Watch aquaculture report highlighted some concerning statistics. Hundreds of thousands of farmed fish escape into the wild. These fish are often carrying “super lice” parasitic hitchhikers that even the harshest chemicals no longer kill. Some even carry other diseases that can debilitate nearby wild fish populations. Farmed salmon have also been treated with banned pesticides, another serious toxicity concern. (10)
  • It takes about 2½ to 4 pounds of other fish to create the salmon chow needed to produce 1 pound of farm-raised salmon. The overfishing of wild sardines, anchovies, mackerel, herring and other fish upset natural ecosystems. (11)
  • In November 2015, the Food and Drug Administration approved the sale of genetically engineered salmon and will not require any labeling, leaving consumers in the dark. It was approved despite findings the GMO salmon doesn’t actually grow as fast as its creator claims. (12, 13)

Better option: Alaskan wild-caught salmon, Pacific sardines, Atlantic mackerel (And avoid these other fish you should never eat)

5. Microwave Popcorn

Another one of my top “health” foods you should never eat is microwave popcorn. Filled with questionable ingredients, it is just not worth the convenience. The main problem? The microwavable bags are coated with nonstick perfluorochemicals like perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), chemical that is liked to cancer. (14, 15)

Another major concern is diacetyl. This fake butter flavoring compound actually causes serious lung disease when inhaled in large quantities. (16)

Better option: Next time you get that hankering for some popcorn, simply pop your own. Purchase plain, organic popcorn kernels at a natural foods store. Use coconut oil or organic butter and pour 3 tablespoons into a heavy, stainless steel pan.

Put two kernels in the pan and wait until one pops, then pour 1/3 cup of popcorn in the pan and cover it. As it pops, make sure you shake the pan to allow the steam to escape and prevent the popcorn from burning. Remove from the pan when the popping stops and season as desired. Some great toppings include nutritional yeast, garlic powder and cayenne pepper.

6. Factory-Farmed Meat

Essentially, you are what they eat, and if the livestock that you’re grilling up for supper is fed hormones, drugs and an unnatural diet grown using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, well, that’s not good news for you, either.

Here are concerning findings:

  • A 2012 study looking at feather testing detected banned antibiotics, allergy medications, painkillers and even depression meds like Prozac in chickens (17)
  • Feeding poultry arsenic has resulted in higher levels of toxic arsenic in humans (18)
  • About 30 million pounds of antibiotics are sold for use in farm animals annually (19)

Better option: My recommendation is that you always purchase meat from a trusted local source. Get to know your food growers and ranchers. It’s worthwhile to become familiar with how your food is sourced and prepared. Ask the farmer if the animals are grass-fed and how they deal with sickness. (For example, if they use drugs preventatively or only if the animal is at risk of dying.) If you’re looking for poultry, the gold standard is raised on rotated green pastures and supplemented with organic feed.

7. Margarine 

You’d think that the “margarine myth” would have been put to bed years ago, but many people are still using it. The initial idea was that margarine was lower in saturated fats than butter, so it would protect heart health. But we now know that’s not true. (20)

Sadly, trans fats were the original fats used in margarines. (21) This is tragic, given that today, we now know trans fats are responsible for about 50,000 fatal heart attacks a year. (22) Trans fat also increases someone’s risk of developing type II diabetes and several other severe health problems. (23)

While trans fats have since been removed from most margarines, it’s important to note that most contain industrial, highly processed fats that would never be found in nature.

Better option: Choose butter or ghee from grass-fed cows. Or try coconut oil.

8. Shrimp

Is shrimp good for you? Not in my book.

Here are just a few of the health reasons I don’t eat it:

  • Shrimp contains 4-hexylresorcinol, a food additive used to prevent discoloration in shrimp. This additive has estrogen-like effects that could reduce sperm count in men and increase breast cancer risk in women. (24, 25)
  • Shrimp farm pond waters are often treated with neurotoxic organophosphate pesticides linked to symptoms of ADHD, memory loss and tremors. Malachite green, a potential carcinogen, is often used to kill fungus on shrimp eggs. Once it has been used, malachite green will stay in the flesh of shrimp for a very long time – more than 200 days in water that is 50 degrees F. (26)
  • Food and Water Watch notes that rotenone is a chemical used to kill off fish living in the pond before it’s stocked with young shrimp. If inhaled, it can cause respiratory paralysis. Studies have also linked rotenone to Parkinson’s symptoms in mice.
  • Shrimp farm ponds are often shocked with organotin compounds to kill mollusks before stocking with shrimp. These hormone-disrupting chemicals mimic estrogen and have been dubbed “obesogens.” That mean they mess with the hormonal system in a way that predisposes someone to obesity, regardless of what they eat. (27)
  • Oceana found 25 percent of shrimp samples labeled as wild or presumed to be wild (often called “Gulf”) were actually farm-raised shrimp. (28)

9. Vegetable Oils 

Vegetable oils also fall onto the “health” foods you should never eat list. Hand-in-hand with margarine, vegetable oils like canola oil are highly inflammatory and not healthy by any stretch of the imagination. They are usually genetically modified, are partially hydrogenated and have been linked to: (2930)

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Birth defects
  • Bone and tendon problems
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive disorders
  • Heart disease
  • Immune system impairment
  • High cholesterol
  • Learning disabilities
  • Liver problems
  • Low birth weights
  • Obesity
  • Reduced growth
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Skin reactions
  • Sterility
  • Vision reduction

Better option: I recommend pure, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. To make sure you’re really getting the benefits of coconut oilyou should make sure the product smells like coconut when you buy it. Otherwise there’s a good chance it’s been pasteurized and is not as healthy for you.

10. Table Salt

Standard table salt definitely makes my list of top health foods you should never eat. Pretty much everyone has heard that white table salt causes hypertension, yet that hasn’t stopped more than 95 percent of restaurants in the nation from stocking it on every table and food bar. (31)

Originally produced from mined salt, refined table salt technically starts as a “real” food then quickly becomes fake. Manufacturers use harvesting methods that strip it of all its naturally-occurring minerals and then use a number of additives  to dry it and heat it to temperatures of about 1,200 degrees.

Because it was destroyed, the naturally occurring iodine is then replaced with potassium iodide in potentially toxic amounts. The salt is then stabilized with dextrose, which turns it purple. Finally it is bleached white. (32)

Better option: A much more suitable replacement is not even a replacement at all, but the original product! There are more than 10 health benefits of Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt, and I recommend that you start using either in your cooking.

Foods you should never eat - Dr. Axe

11. Artificial Sweeteners

Being “artificial,” you’d think fake sweeteners would be used cautiously by people. Unfortunately, many doctors recommend them because they are supposedly safe for diabetics because they are low on the glycemic index.

Ironically, new research has shown that artificial sweeteners causes a disturbance in gut flora and can actually cause diabetes. (33)

Adding insult to injury, sugar substitutes have been clinically linked to: (34)

  • Allergies
  • Bladder cancer
  • Brain tumors
  • Breast cancer
  • Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Lymphomas/leukemia
  • Phenylketonuria
  • Seizures
  • Weight gain/obesity

12. Fat-Free & Low-Fat Milk

It’s time to stop being afraid of full-fat dairy. A 2016 study published in The American Journal of Nutrition makes a strong case for eating it instead of its low-fat dairy counterparts. Researchers studied more than 18,000 women and found the ones who consumed more full-fat dairy were 8 percent less likely to be overweight or obese compared to the low-fat dairy group. (35)

One theory is that eating full-fat dairy helps people feel fuller longer. Aside from that, low-fat and fat-free dairy products are often laden with added sugar, a potent risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Also, be sure to always choose organic milk. Research shows organic milk has a much healthier fat profile. In a 2013 Washington State University study looking at 400 samples, conventional milk had an average omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio of 5.8, more than twice that of organic milk’s ratio of 2.3. The researchers say the far healthier ratio of fatty acids in organic milk is brought about by a greater reliance on pasture and forage-based feeds on organic dairy farms. (36)

I also recommend choosing raw milk. That’s because when raw milk is pasteurized, it also loses a lot of its nutritional content. Because the enzyme lactase is destroyed in the heating process, people cannot properly digest the milk sugar, lactose.

In my opinion, raw milk is healthier and can usually be found in cheese or yogurt forms in local health food stores. I choose full-fat raw milk from goats or sheep whenever possible.

13. Swai fish

Swai fish is popping up as a trendy menu item all over the country, but I’m begging you, don’t be tricked. This “river catfish” is most often raised in Vietnamese ponds with truly abysmal track records. Also called tra, basa, striped pangasius and sutchi, this fish only costs about $2 a pound but comes with a hefty price tag.

A 2016 study found 70 to 80 percent of pangasius samples were contaminated by Vibriobacteria — the microbes behind most cases of shellfish poisoning. (37) In August 2016, the U.S. reportedly turned away 40,000 pounds of swai due to contamination issues. This includes fish testing positive for malachite green, a carcinogenic veterinary drug used to treat sick fish. (38)

Swai is also implicated in widespread seafood fraud. In 2015, a Virginia seafood importer was sentenced to prison for importing $15.5 million worth of pangasius “catfish” and marketing it as sole, grouper, flounder, snakehead and other fish. (39)

14. Seitan

Seitan seems like a health food and an amazing meat replacement — until you realize it’s basically a loaf of vital wheat gluten. Because it’s such a gluten-heavy food with potential  to increase gluten allergies and gluten intolerance symptoms, I simply can’t recommend it. Add to that the fact that it’s not a complete protein and it’s very high in sodium, and it’s clear it’s a health food to avoid. Just a half cup of one pre-made seitan contains 576 milligrams of sodium. (40)

Better option: Opt for tempeh instead. The fermented soy offers probiotic benefits.

15. Shady coffee drinks

The benefits of drinking coffee are real. In fact, researchers are even finding it can protect against liver cirrhosis and help people live longer after liver transplants. (41) But those incredible benefits are wiped out when you add other coffee ingredients into the mix. I’m talking about excessive sugar found in popular lattes. Did you know a typical 16-ounce pumpkin spiced latte contains a whopping 50 grams of sugar. All of that sugar, particularly high-fructose corn syrup, is hammering our livers and even contributing to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. (42) Not to mention coffee drinks often contain gut-damaging carrageenan in whipped cream. (43)

Better option: Stick to black coffee. Or try these anti-inflammatory pumpkin spiced latte replacements.

16. Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is on almost every health food shelf in America. But it’s anything but healthy. Agave has the highest fructose content of any commercial sweetener on the market. And remember, fructose is hard on the liver and puts our body into fat storage mode. (44)

Better option: Use raw honey or green stevia sparingly when you need a little sweetness.

17. Overcooked Meat

All meats have amino acids, including creatine and sugars. Cooking them at very high temperatures produces molecules called heterocyclic amines (HCAs), though. These are carcinogenic, toxic compounds also found in cigarette smoke. Well-done meat contains 3.5 times more HCA than medium-rare meat. (45)

Using thicker, store-bought marinades containing sweeteners like sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or even honey makes charring more likely, possibly increasing exposure to carcinogens. (46)

Better option: To reduce grilling carcinogens, use sugar-free, thin, vinegar-based marinades. Also incorporate anticancer herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, oregano and thyme into your meat marinades. Most of these herbs are rich in three compounds — carnosic acid, carnosol and rosmarinic acid — all of which are potent antioxidants. (47)

18. Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a tempting ingredient because it very well may help people lose weight quickly. But the side effects are so serious I had to put it on the foods you should never eat list. This pumpkin-shaped fruit is popular in weight-loss supplements. But get this: It’s also been shown to cause liver failure. It’s certainly not worth the risk.

Better option: Use my 49 secrets to lose weight fast to shed weight without jeopardizing your well-being.

19. Nonorganic Strawberries

When it comes to strawberries, always choose organic. Nonorganic strawberries rank #1 on the dirty dozen list, according to Environmental Working Group.

Strawberries tested by scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2009 and 2014 contained an average of 5.75 different pesticides per sample. (That’s even after they are washed.) It’s also important to note that nonorganic strawberry fields are often fumigated with toxic gases that were initially developed for chemical warfare. I think we need to ask ourselves why these chemicals are in the food system. And if we’re willing to feed our families food grown in this type of a system. (48)

Better option: Choose organic. It’s often cheaper to grow your own or buy in bulk directly from a farmer in season and preserve.

20. Canned green beans

Canned green beans are consistently contaminated with some of the most dangerous pesticides, according to Consumer Reports. In fact, eating just one serving of U.S.-grown green beans a day is “high risk,” due to the toxicity of the pesticides typically used on that crop. Because those chemicals tend to be far more toxic than others, Consumer Reports notes that eating one serving of green beans from the U.S. is 200 times riskier than eating a serving of U.S.-grown broccoli. (49)

Aside from that, canned green beans contain bisphenol A, a synthetic estrogen. These BPA toxic effects include hormone imbalance, male and female infertility, PCOS and breast and prostate cancer, among other ills. (50)

Better option: Choose organic, fresh or frozen green beans. Try growing your own, too. They’re super easy.

21. All-American Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes seem innocent enough. But when you look at the standard pancake mix at the grocery store (or in the back kitchen of a diner), you’d be appalled. Inflammatory hydrogenated oils and trans fats are still in some of the most popular pancake mixes in America. Add to that that most syrups are loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, and it’s clear this breakfast needs a revamp.

Better option: Try one of my much healthier pancake recipes. Top with real fruit or maple syrup.

Final Thoughts on Health Foods You Should Never Eat

So what’s the moral of the story?

  • You are what you eat. Choose food sources that are less processed.
  • Get to know your local farmers and support grass-fed, organic operations.
  • The more you choose to take in only food and beverages that bring life to your body, then the more you will enjoy life.

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  1. Kori on

    I couldn’t agree more!!! What breed of cow do you recommend for grass fed? Also, is farmed fish okay if the store has strict guidelines specifically for their own brand of farmed fresh fish?

      • Mae on

        Better to just to go vegan. Although I don’t entirely trust soy, so I just use a little organic, soya, tempeh etc. Don’t use butter – coconut oil is fine on bread and avoids the cruelty of the dairy industry.

    • Sandra Isaac on

      I have been a pescatarian for 30 years, both my daughters are the same since birth, they are 21 and 18. Now I read here that soya is no good. I rely heavily on soya products, soya mince, pieces, pies etc. Since reading your advice I’m not quite sure what to do, this is such a blow to the system. My daughter eat all the vegetarian substitutes daily, if not twice a date. We will all find it difficult to live without soya burgers, soya sausages etc. Is Quorn, also another vegetarian substitute safe to eat and healthy for a vegetarian diet??

      • Alexander on

        I USED to consume Soy products including Tofu but became wised up, by another Dr. not Dr. Axe, to use only fermentate Soy like Tempeh. Canola is another BIG no, no!!! It SHOULD be called CONOLA WHICH IS WHAT IT IS a big CON!!!

      • Marilyn on

        Dr. Axe – What about wild caught tilapia? Is that okay? And is bluefish okay?
        I love fish and am disappointed to hear it isn’t good for me.. I do like white Oreo cookies also. Not good?

  2. Deborah McFarlin on

    How do we find a Doctor like you here in Nashville. We need more Doctors that can guide us in the right directions. I am so tired of Doctors that just want to give you a pill. And I thought soy was good for us.


    • Ginger on

      Also consider looking for a “Health Coach” in addition to a doctor of functional medicine. The niche is desperately needed & growing rapidly, as more people realize the importance of having someone help them learn about America’s food supply & how to make better choices

    • Matty Ng on

      Hi I will be in Nashville soon ,I practice Functunal Medicine and use Dr.Axe products. In our Practice. We offer concierge care( we come to you)
      Feel free To contact us at 661-618-4277
      All Natural Hormones

  3. Anne Arceneaux on

    I have recently Been diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma .I am obese and have been for many years.I had first lobe of thyroid removed at 13· Second lobe at 20 when I was three months pregnant.They left 1/8 of one lobe…and because of th as that I was given no medication for 20 years..Needless to say I have been very ill because of it. I have been green juicing…and eating as much raw live food as I can..but still struggle without meat..can I have meat and fish if it is clean…wild free range or grass Fed organic?. And can I have fresh farm eggs brown rice..trying to find a healthy nutritional protocol for healing from cancer…there is so much contradiction or missing links that make me concerned about what is best for me and my healing ..I am scheduled for surgery on Wednesday and starting to question that too!!! Any info would be appreciAted..I have a great admiration for the work you are doing and agree with you on what I have read thus for…With blessings and kindest regards…Anne

  4. Janice on

    I am so glad I found you. I am learning so much. I am in my 50’s but I know it is never too late to eat a well balance meal, working out (which I truly enjoy) and keeping a positive attitude. Thank you

  5. Ellen Coomer on

    Hello, I was raised on a farm in Missouri and we rarely ever had store bought foods. We canned all our own fruit and veggies. We raised our own beef and chickens and pigs. And we had a couple of milk cows (Jerseys & Holstein). When I went away to college my food consumption changed to what I could buy in a store. Did I notice a change in quality, can’t say that I did, I was too young to know how unhealthy it all was. However, I never could do the margarine thing, always had to buy butter.

    Now that I am in my 60’s I decided after getting Type II diabetes, I needed to change some of my eating habits. Hence I found a source for “Raw” grass fed milk, and beef and pasture raised chicken.

    Also, about 4-5 years ago, when I found out table salt had a sugar component I started buying Himalayan salt. Wow what a difference.

    I try to buy only local produce that is organic. If it has wax on it I don’t buy it.

    Anyway, I have tried educating people and am a strong advocate of food labeling,

    Just my thoughts and hope it will help others to become aware of what they put on their table and protect future generations.


    Ellen Coomer

  6. Tariq Hossenbux on

    Most of the usual culprits here. But indeed I was shocked to see fruit juice here. I did not know that it spiked blood sugar so much. Regarding the other things grass fed meat tastes much better and is usually more humanely raised, air popped popcorn does not involve the unnatural nutrient destroying heat of the microwave, vegan alternatives to butter/margarine actually taste better, himalayan salt also tastes much better, and both sugar AND artificial sweeteners can be easily totally eliminated from your diet. The best food of course is often the stuff you grow yourself. Lettuce seeds bought at a dollar store will sprout up just like grass and you know there aren’t going to be any pesticides on them!

  7. Jennifer on

    What about Braggs liquid aminos in place of soy sauce? Ingredients say vegetable protein from soybeans and purified water.

      • gloria on

        I make my own tofu from organic soybeans. I am hyperthyroid so Im not afraid of goitrogens. Please tell me this is o.k. Also I am vegan, so I do count on organic tofu, and homemade soy milk for part of my protein source.

    • Michele on

      I have found Coconut Amino’s (by Coconut Secret) to be a wonderful substitute for soy sauce. It’s not nearly the harsh salty flavor and you don’t have to question the soy – as there is none in it. Add a little honey with some spices and you can make an incredible “teriyaki” type sauce.

      • Cindy Finlay on

        I think that grass-fed organic goat milk is also a good option. Not sure I’m keen on the carrageen in boxed coconut and other milks.

    • Mary on

      I would like that you started to give him goat milk. It is free from all bad chemicals as goat are still wild and not injected or feed any kind of disgusting chemicals as they do with cow. Also it is good for the people of lactose tolerance. These are available in almost all groceries stores, but you have to check its prices which one is less costly. But it is worthy. I also saw the can of goat milk too.

    • Mary on

      I would like that you started to give him goat milk. It is free from all bad chemicals as goat are still wild and not injected or feed any kind of disgusting chemicals as they do with cow. Also it is good for the people of lactose tolerance. These are available in almost all groceries stores, but you have to check its prices which one is less costly. But it is worthy. I also saw the can of goat milk too

  8. Gina on

    You can have microwave popcorn, just not in those icky bags with the chemical “butter.” If you take 1/4 cup high quality kernels (likely to be fresher and have a higher moisture content) and put them in a plain brown lunchbag, fold over just the top a few times (3?) so the popcorn doesn’t come flying out, place in microwave on”high” for 2 +/- minutes until popping slows considerably. Add melted, grass-fed butter to taste. Yum! Without the chemicals!

    • Darla on

      Microwaves destroy any goodness in any food. We stopped microwaving oversteer ago. It actually molecally changes the food.

      Use a pan on the stove.

    • Joeleene on

      There are studies out there you can search up, that show the effects microwaved water (allowed to cool down) & fresh clean water have on a growing plant.
      The one watered with microwaved water dies whilst the other thrives!!!

  9. Beth @ bethleahnutrition.com on

    Hi Dr. Axe, I’m a big fan! How about the “organic” farmed fish. Is this just a new fad or are these organic farmed fish healthier?

  10. steverunyan on

    Good article. One minor correction, in regards to fruit juice. The crash is called Hypoglycemia, and the spike is hyperglycemia. I beleive that the insulin surge needed to bring the blood sugar down taxes your pancreas, and could contribute to adult onset diabetes. Work your pancreas too much, too hard, and it could fail, leaving you to live a life dependant on supplemental insulin.

  11. Angela on

    Thank you for the information. My husband and I have three kids, 11, 7, and 5. We want to provide the best foods possible. Do you have a meal plan available that (I would assume) avoids all of the items listed above? Busy families like mine need help planning our meals. I signed up with Beyond Organic a few years ago but haven’t been active. Thank you.

  12. Jennifer on

    My understanding is that organic still excludes GMO seeds. So organic soy beans should not be GMO, thus not 100% of soy grown in the USA is GMO. If this is not true I really want to know, since I buy only organic tamari and miso to avoid GMOs.

  13. tracey on

    What about the whole foods store thats where i buy my meat from is that ok. Is organic milk ok they dont sell raw milk in Louisiana.

    • Jane on

      Whole Foods claims their beef is grass-fed. That is only a partial truth, because their meat is grain-finished the same as regular grocery store meat. I live in a ranching state so most of the meat here is grass-fed, but if they take the cattle to a feed lot to finish and fatten them with grain, you’ve negated the benefits from feeding grass.

      Look for beef that is both grass-fed and grass-finished.

  14. A.N on

    This is a great article. Thank you for all that you post. I wanted to get some clarification. Isn’t hyperglycemia a spike in blood sugar and hypoglycemia is a crash in blood sugar. Under the section talking about fruit and juice, it states ” 3.This sudden crash is called “hyperglycemia”. But I believe it should be hypoglycemia.

  15. Timo on

    Wonderful article! As a physical therapist here in Finland (Europe), my clients are quite unaware of these types of health facts. Here in Finland, such things as GMO and trans-fats are not required to be mentioned on the labels of products. One thing in the article that really was interesting was Soy-protein section. I’ve known about the GMO in its production, but this gave me better insight to it. Many “Finns” are big on vegetarian and other such diets, and soy in many forms is greatly used. This will give me better “ground” to steer my clients to better diets again. Thank you!

  16. Debbie Butler on

    What’s the difference in organic milk and raw milk? I’ve tried googling and have come up empty. I want the best for my family. Thanks!

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Raw milk is straight from the cow without anything done to it. Organic milk is typically pasteurized but does not contain added hormones or chemicals. Typically raw milk does not either but it depends on the farm.

      • Rob on

        Dr. Axe, Ive found that nearly all organic milk available in grocery stores is “ultra-pasteurized.” Would you recommend that over just pasteurized whole milk? I’m using it to make home-made kefir.

    • Melissa on

      If environmental impact is a concern, you might want to research how the harvesting of palm oil affects the communities and environments of the countries where it is harvested. Most palm oils contribute to deforestation, abuse of indigenous rights, and pollution of the land.

      • Ginger on

        Thanks for pointing that out, Melissa! So much of our planet’s rainforests (endangered species’ habitats & precious oxygen making plants!) are being destroyed to make room for the monoculture of palm oil “farms”.

  17. EssentiallyLinda on

    I totally agree. Thanks for being a doctor willing to speak with a nutritional, medical common sense voice & even go against mainstream thinking. I do believe more & more are beginning to look outside the box for truth!

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Organic is better but I’m an advocate of full fat when it comes to milk. Also, a lot of people don’t digest dairy well so I’m not a huge advocate of cow milk or dairy. You may try substituting with coconut milk for a while and then try the organic milk again to see how your body reacts.

  18. Brandi Poole on

    what is your take on soy butter that says its non-gmo? My daughter is allergic to nuts, seeds, milk, eggs, and wheat. Trying to get protein for her has been difficult. She gets tired of lunch meats(no nitrates of course).
    Any advice would be appreciated! TIA

  19. Brandee on

    I disagree with the Soy. Although if its is a GMO yes, I agree it or anything in that form is not healthy. But to the contrary with non GMO soy has been linked to health benefits. And several thousands of yrs of the Asian culture using it, I tend to feel they know better then we do about it. :) Their diet is much better and healthier then Americans. Although they have a higher rate of stomach cancer, which was linked to higher levels of sodium they consume.

  20. amber on

    In your info about soy you say it is linked to cystic fibrosis. I thought cf was genetic? Totally agree on everything here and follow the teachings of Dr. Weston A. Price. Thank you Dr. Josh for all you do!

    • Amanda on

      It’s also very important to check the label to see where the oil is from. If it is even partially from Italy, don’t buy it. Italians use so much olive oil, they don’t have enough left to export, so everything they sell us is fake. Go for California oil, if possible, but most any other country besides Italy will be fine. Spanish oil is supposed to be really good, too, but I think it’s more expensive.

      Remember to check the source countries, specifically, because we once bought a bottle from a California company, but the only involvement California had was bottling it … the oil itself came from half a dozen different countries. Fortunately, none of them were Italy, but we never made that mistake again!

  21. Rusty Jones on

    thank you for this great insight Dr. Axe. If I may call your attention to a new milk brand who is changing their field for a healthier lifestyle. Fairlife “Purely Nutricious” milk is real, high quality milk that is lactose free with less sugar than regular milk. For your review please check out

  22. Cathy Hill on

    I agree with just about everything listed here but I disagree about the butter vs margarine. I stopped buying margarine and started eating butter only, from fresh milk (raw). Actually, my triglicerides had been climbing and stayed well over 200. I had bone pain with all the drugs they tried so I finally refused to take any of them. I now drink raw Jersey cow milk, a full third is cream. I do buy some butter but also make if from raw cream. The Jersey cow is grass fed. I only buy bacon (and I eat a lot of bacon) from my friend and local locker (butcher) who uses only salt to cure it. I eat my own fresh eggs (free range Araucana’s (true Araucana’s)) I don’t always choose the healthiest foods but with only these changes, my triglycerides dropped well below 100 and I eat “plenty” of fat and my BMI runs abou 32. I only use bacon fat, coconut oil and olive oils for cooking. My fruit and veggie intake could be better, much better, but I work on that all the time but generally find few that don’t make me gag. Meat here is generally homegrown, grass fed beef, wild venison, wild elk (when friends have a good hunt), home grown poultry, fish from our pond and local rivers. I do buy some breads but make a lot of home made from all sorts of grains.

    I do not exersize, per se`, but never seem to stop moving, I’m an RN in a surgery center, days off are keeping my 4 yr old grandson or helping my sister with mom (alzheimers) when I can, and every day chores on the farm. People did not have to “exersize” ….back in the day. They worked hard and were not couch potato’s (a term that never existed back then).

  23. Nancy on

    I’m still a little confused on oils. You didn’t mention olive oil (such as first cold pressed organic). And I had switched from using Crisco (horror!!) to palm oil shortening when I make the occasional pie crust. What about that?
    Thanks for all you do!

  24. Helen on

    Are you saying to avoid quorn,a family member has cancer so he is avoiding animal protein and dairy altogether and has quorn instead.What would you advise?

  25. Rachel on

    I have a very bad reaction to all dairy. I’ve been told I’m lactose intolerant. I love dairy and I especially love to cook and bake with it. What could I substitute?

  26. Michele on

    My husband is a diabetic, so I removed all sweetners from the house. His doctor has said that Stevia is okay for him, because it’s plant based, but to me it seems like any glucose type product would be bad for him. Thoughts?

  27. Dominika on

    hello i have started my family on diary free diet , but I was thinking to give my doughter sometimes goat milk as it’s very difficult to keep her out of all diary its goat milk healthier option ?

  28. Miriam Woolf on

    This is a great list. The only one I find difficult to keep off totally is tofu as it’s much cheaper than tempeh. Miso is nice and is probiotic. Tamari I have yet to try.

  29. Karen on


    You gave reasons to why not use artificial sweeteners but gave no alternative. Is it implied then to continue to use sugar?

    Thank you!

  30. Aya on

    As vegetable oil is bad for us, then what type of oil should I use to cook food on high heat using a wok for example? Besides coconut oil, what other type of oil is safe to consume?

  31. Tracey on

    My son loves orange juice & I always get the 100% pure juice but this is also bad? Would it be better for him to drink squash than juice?

  32. Mike Sireci on

    Really informative post! I am guilty of consuming too much fruit juices and soy protein. Going to the gym, I always have fruit juices in my bag. Now I know. Thank you! If anyone is looking for fitness tips, do check out my blog. Thanks so much!

  33. dean zweck on

    Love the article. Have you got a summary picture that has margerine mentioned for number 6 rather than the benefits of kale? Would love to share it

  34. Pat on

    Love the article. However, I struggle in being able to spend the additional money it takes to eat healthier. It is not always a matter of not wanting to…..my budget will only stretch so far, especially now that I am laid off.

  35. Lisa on

    I don’t like the taste of coconut oil in my sautéed foods or stir fry so I use Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions. Is this a healthy substitute to Cold pressed coconut oil?

  36. Petra on

    I love using coconut milk and almond milk but my concern is the carrageenan found in both products. I realize there is a food grade but according to research that is not proven safe either.
    I cannot find these products anywhere without carrageenan. Should I be concerned?

  37. John S (Australia) on

    Thanks for the info: Breakfast – I am now at a loss as to what do I have for breakfast? As now I know that the milk I have been using is bad, most cereals contain too much sugar, sausages are bad, eggs I buy are no good, meat should be avoided so what is left for breakfast?

    • Ginger on

      Great milk alternatives are almond/cashew/hemp/coconut (do try to find one without carageenan if possible). Pretty much ALL breakfast cereal is so highly processed that even “healthy” cereals have virtually no nutrient value left UNLESS we’re talking whole rolled oats or buckwheat cooked as a hot cereal…add some banans, berried &/or nuts & a dash of insulin regulating cinnamon & this will quickly become one of your go-to breakfasts! Raw yogurt with fruit & homemade granola parfait is another sure winner! Smoothies, once you get used to making them, are FAST, delicious, & nutritious, with infinite combinations at your fingertips.

      Industrially-raised pork shouldn’t be touched with a ten-foot pole, one of the dirtiest meats on the market!! Consider buying sausage from a farm that raises their livestock humanely (meaning no cortisol in the meat) without hormones & antibiotics or feeding the pigs GMO-grains; one such supplier is http://thelivingfarm.org/…they don’t list it on the website but if you contact them directly they will give you pricing & availability.

      Eggs are fine, in moderation, if they are fed organically & pasture-raised.

      Also I don’t think it’s fair to say that meat is “bad” across the board…the only red meat we eat is wild venison that had a natural life in the wilderness, eating only wild grasses, & had a quick, humane death. We eat only chicken & turkeys that we’ve raised ourselves, so we know their diet & their lifestyles were topnotch from start to finish. We also consume wild-caught Alaskan salmon, halibut & cod, which come from the coldest, cleanest water left on the planet.
      Because of the environmental impact & the effects on the body, it is my personal belief that meat of ANY kind, if consumed at all, should be considered a treat or a side-dish, rather than the star of the show.

      Good food is exciting, & learning new recipes & healthier alternatives can gradually crowd out the things you’re likely eating out of sheer habit that are really not the best for your body. Here’s to your optimum health, John!

  38. Malcolm on

    Great overview from Dr. Axe, and presented beautifully as well. I might have started my list with wheat, which more and more is being found to be toxic, in some way or another, to everyone. Perhaps all your readers already know this so it wasn’t necessary to rehash it again.

  39. Patricia on

    Canola oil. I grew up in an area that started with a scrawny growth. Northern
    Alberta, then came GMOs. Earlier preparation of canola started with heating the oil
    to get rid of solids, Then heated again, sprayed with bleach to get rid of the
    stench. What else they did could not be worse until Roundup was used? Rape seed
    was not a food crop, the end product is unfit for human consumption.

    • Susie on

      So true, rape seed/canola oil was originally used as a mechanical oil not for us organic bodied humans. It is a wonderful thing that people are seeing this information so they can make informed decisions about what they put into their bodies. Thank you Dr axe.

  40. Amanda on

    Thanks for all this helpful advice. I am trying to change my husband to enjoy healthier foods but he still has to have his cookies, m & m’s, and ice cream. He also loves his cows milk. I have made dishes with the grass fed beef, turkey and wild caught fish, but when I make some of Mark Hyman’s recipes and JJ Virgin’s, he is not too happy. So I end up finishing them and making him something more to fit his tastes. All of this is because of the foods we have been raised on with lots of sugar and high fructose content. He loves his sugar. He does not see the necessity for the healthier approach, mainly because he doesn’t have a disease that requires certain foods to be left out of his diet. I do not pray for a disease to come upon him, but I do hope I can gradually change his tastes to better health.

  41. Karis on

    “Because the enzyme lactase is destroyed in the heating process, people cannot properly digest the milk protein lactose.”

    This is interesting because I am mildly lactose intolerant, and I found that I couldn’t digest raw milk. I had to bring it to a boil before I could digest it. Still better that what we get in the stores, though.

  42. carolotta presson on

    My husband and I make juice in our vita mix, most of the time the juice is made from carrots,celery,kale,beets,an orange,some kind of berry, right now since they are in season we are using cranberries,fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, cantelope if its in season. If the spinach looks better than kale we use it. All of these are organic. We strain the pulp through a hemp nut milk bag, I keep some of the pulp in mine but my husband doesn’t. We drink this 3 to 5 times a week. When we can get to Whole Foods in Nashville we use different veggies…we live about 3 hours away so its only about once a month that we do this. We would like to know if you think this is healthy or are we doing all of this work for nothing…and it is work. Thanks.

  43. Monique on

    Thanks for this great article. I want to spread the word to my friends and family. However, you said that lactose is a milk protein but it is actually a carbohydrate.

  44. Mala on

    Happy Birthday Dr. Axe. May you keep healthy, happy and successful in all your good endeavours throughout your long life. Many thanks for all the useful information sent to me through mail. My humble suggestion to improve health is eat vegetarian diet, lots of green and fibre. It prevents many bad things from happening to us. I have found excellent results in boosting my energy from vegetable juice with fibre and sun. Thank you.

  45. Teresa on

    I was very surprised about the edamame! I JUST saw Dr. Oz promoting it as one of the best foods for weight loss and lowering blood pressure. My family eats it all the time and I had no idea it was harmful. I thought we were eating a “healthy” snack. One of the most difficult things about losing weight, in my opinion, is that there is so much conflicting information out there. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on about losing weight and lowering my blood pressure and I’m still confused, overweight and have Stage 2 Hypertension. I haven’t touched sugar or any non-veggie carbs in 6 weeks and haven’t lost a single pound or lowered BP.So frustrating! Sure wish I lived near a doctor like you that could truly help me figure things out. Thank you for all you do, I truly appreciate all of the great information :)

  46. Joshua Reno on

    This is such silly nonsense, unless you have the ability and money to hire a nutritionist. This does not really apply to most people. I only really agree with a very small portion of the information on here. I enjoy food of all shapes, and colors and am going to raise my family the same way. I love bacon and I love fish and I love steak and vegetables of all shapes sizes and colors. I am not going to waste my life worrying such things. I exercise daily, have no digestive issues or any other issues nor does my family. I eat almost everything on this list and I will continue to.

  47. Cindy Barlow on

    While I do enjoy reading your articles, I was wondering if you have any supporting research, particularly on the juice. I have a juicer and juice my own fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. I have heard nutritionists that support juicing and those that do not support it. So I am interesting in what the research says. Thanks.

  48. Derek on

    Dr. Axe,

    What are your thoughts on the type of coconut milk that comes in cartons?

    Is the kind that comes in cans such as Thai Kitchens a far superior option? Is it because of the good fat content? I have been doing the former and mostly almond milk because of cost.

      • Ken Adams on

        I just read the ingredient list for Thai Kitchens coconut milk and was surprised to find guar gum. I have been purchasing pure coconut milk and pure coconut cream, both with no additives, and the only brand I have found which meets that criteria is Arroy-d.

  49. Lynne' on

    Hi Dr. Axe,
    First time question…What is your opinion on water flavorings, such as MIO???
    I am an avid 24/7/365 water drinker, & have become some what addicted to the flavorings, but at the same time, feeling that they are not good for me, health wise, or my teeth. Do you have any other suggestions???
    Thanks In advance!

      • Ginger on

        LOVE that suggestion, Dr.! My father won’t drink water unless it’s flavored & the convenience of those little bottles of chemicals/preservatives have him hooked! Obviously, due to the effects of artificial sweeteners & other poor dietary choices, he is morbidly obese! :’-( Please send me, also, your list of EOs that are good for drinking in water.

  50. Cecily R Bornemann on

    Is Truvia okay? If not, what do recommend? I like my Iced Green Tea sweet. I apologize if this is a duplicate from me. I couldn’t see my post that I posted on Wednesday.

  51. Leslie on

    Dr Axe, I love your information and I’m learning a lot, changing up my eating habits and am finally feeling good and have lost 20 lbs! The only food you mentioned in this article that I am confused about is that soy protein has been known to cause cystic fibrosis. My understanding of that disease is that a person is born with it and it is genetic. Is this incorrect? Thanks!

  52. christine on

    I love this list and I think there are lots of things that are surprising to many people! I shared this on my health coaching page and noticed that next to margarine there is actually a blurb about kale. Not sure if that is an error or not ;) GREAT stuff love your work!

  53. Kathy on

    Hi Dr. Axe,
    First, let say, “thank you for all your helpful advice.”
    I bake a birthday cake for friends of mine. I make gluten free cakes but,
    now, I found out that I should include ingredients that do not trigger migraines, too.
    It seems like coconut (nuts) is on the trigger list and that’s what I’ve used in the cakes and in making the chocolate.
    I thought maybe, I could use light olive oil, so that the olive flavor isn’t so strong?
    What else can I use and could you give me your info on migraine triggers and any helpful advice, please?

  54. Karen on

    Dr. Axe…what about NonGMO Verified Soy Yogurt? Will this still cause the list of things that are in this article? I am particularly concerned about asthma.

  55. Tiffany on

    My beef is organic and grass-fed. But what about turkey/chicken? I buy Shadybrook Farms “All Natural” ground turkey (I prefer ground turkey to other forms of poultry). Should I be looking for organic, grass-fed turkey as well, or are these criteria more important for beef?

  56. Kishor Meswani on

    Fabulous reading, worth its salt when practically followed as well! Traditionally in India our daily food is prepared with turmeric, asaphoetida, fenugreek & mustard seeds, dry coriander powder or seeds among many others.

    While ORGANIC FOOD is catching up again, it still remains inadequate in supply and mostly do not compare well in costs to farmed produces.

    Thanks for all the RED & GREEN signals in article above.

  57. Irina on

    I was wondering if you had any advice on what to eat and what not to eat when you go away to a foreign country, such as Caribbean resorts, as I recently returned from Cuba feeling very sick and I tried to eat a a lot of vegetables and salads, fish and a little bit of rice here and there, and I also took a bottle of raw multi-vitamin and acidophilius & bifidus with me and took them daily (10 billion, so I’d take 2-3 pills after eating) but within a couple days I started feeling extremely dizzy, light-headed and even halucinated, could barely walk and I am STILL feeling that way, 2 days after our return.
    What did I go wrong? Or am I just over-relaxed from all the fresh air? But then why do I feel like I’m nearly fainting and having bizarre dreams?

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      It’s very tough when traveling! I try to consume as much wild caught fresh fish and vegetables as possible but even then it can be hard. With those symptoms, I would consult with a physician

  58. Darlene on

    i use coconut oil internally and on my body. I seem to get mixed reviews on using it on my face. My skin seems to look more dry on my body. I have ordered some shea butter to make my own cream with essential oils. Please clarify the coconut myths.

  59. Valerie on

    Dr. Axe do you have a research link to back up the claims about Soy Protein? I’ve been talking to some folks on an equine nutrition site that are trying to say this is not truth but I know otherwise. Most horse feeds are full of soy and my horses did not do well on it. Since finding a feed that doesn’t contain any Soy or grain products they are thriving. I use Renew Gold which is a non GMO feed of Coconut meal, stabilized rice bran, ground flaxseed and yeast. Its mostly farmers who are trying to say this is false. Sure would appreciate a link to back up my claims. Thanks!

  60. Lori B. on

    I use Shaklee soy protein in my shakes. It is a non GMO soy protein which is produced under an Identity Preservation Program, which means that the soybeans are tightly monitored and controlled from planting through processing. You have mentioned that non-fermented soy is not healthy. What is your opinion of this Shaklee product. Also, I have endometriosis and am presently going through menopause. I have been a little concerned about the estrogenic effects of the soy.

    Thank you!

  61. a on

    Hello! I love salmon and often times purchase salmon package in the can. I look to see if the label says
    “wild” salmon but is that enough? Is there something else I should be looking for to ensure it isn’t farmed raised salmon?

  62. Dan on

    Great article! I was drinking an “organic” “No sugar added” fruit juice all of the time, in smoothies, at dinner… last month my Dr. wanted to do a physical on me [age 67] and I ok’d doing a blood test. WOW my glucose was 86, and then thankfully he did an A1C and it was a high 8.2%. I read your article about fruit juice and dumped what I had down the sink and don’t buy any anymore thanks to you. I am vegetarian, but the juice set my glucose flying high. I have changed my diet to raw veggie smoothies, flax seed, raw squash, cucumber, red cabbage, cinnamon, sweet potato, and have much the same only lightly steamed for dinner. I drink only R.O. water with lemon juice or Silk Almond Milk – unsweetened. That’s my new diet. I add wild caught salmon just for B-12. Thanks for the honest info, I though I was drinking healthy, I am now!! Best to you for the great info, much appreciate honest sincere people like you, they are so rare to find.

  63. Emily on

    Thanks for a great article Dr Axe,

    Could you please clarify for me why organic tofu is not good for you? I was always under the assumption that tofu was not good for you because of the GMO soy…..But if it’s organic tofu then it’s not GMO so what is then the problem? Not disagreeing with you just want to understand thanks so much!

  64. Lucy on

    Really interesting but I’m in the UK. Any ideas on whether the same level of chemicals (like roundup) and genetically modifying go on here as you mention for the US? Thanks. :)

  65. Roman on

    “Pretty much everyone has heard that white table salt causes hypertension…”

    Having heard about it doesn’t make it true.

  66. Lori on

    Love your informative newsletter! Thank you!
    I have a question: I have a colleague in Phyto nutraceutical industry that is personally formulating a cutting edge Ayurvedic 100% Vegetarian Kosher All Natural Liquid Full Spectrum Nutritional Supplement Line, called NARI made locally here in Sedona. And it’s beyond any products currently available, how do we introduce you to his product line. Please let me know if your interested, his website is not yet complete. It’s a very proactive preventative line that addresses and incorporates and balances all three doshas, gently and effectively, beyond BioAvailable it’s BioAccessible! Hope to hear from you! Thank you, Lori from Sedona AZ

  67. Gwen on

    I would suggest specifying 100% grass fed beef. There are ranches that give their cows corn (sometimes gmo free and sometimes not) in the winter. Always ask. I bought buffalo once and it said grass fed, only to get on their website later and find out it was also fed grains, and not a word about antibiotics, and whether they had any. Same with ghee.
    There is 100% grass fed beef out there, regardless of weather. I buy mine from Meeker Colorado.

  68. Carrie on

    This is all great but who eats like this all the time? I have switched my family to grassfed meats and pastured eggs non soy and non gmo and we don’t drink milk anymore. We also only pop our popcorn on the stove from organic lady finger corn in Ghee. However, I have found it is impossilbe to live in this bubble. It has pretty much broken my bank account each month to eat like this and if we ever eat out the restuarant does not use organic grassfed meat or coconut oil. I stress and feel guilty if I slip from ever eating these items or allow my children to eat pizza with their friends on occasion. I begin to fear my family will become sick if we don’t stick to this religiously. Can this be taken to the extreme sometimes when you say never consume? My parents and grandparents have lived to old age and do not eat like this.

  69. Crystal on

    This article is depressing to say the least, although very informative. I’ve been trying to switch my family onto more “healthier” eating habits but it’s a constant battle. Organic grass-fed beef, raw milk, and wild caught fish is virtually impossible to obtain where I live, unless I want to spend my entire grocery budget on one meal. My husband is a “meat and potatoes, have to have dessert (fruit is not dessert)” kinda guy. With 6 people in my family we go through a lot of milk and run of the mill “un-healthy” milk is already almost $5 a gallon, there’s no way I can pay $10 a gallon for the good stuff. Just wanted to throw my two cents in, a lot of your alternatives to the “unhealthy” are not obtainable to all people. Maybe I need to get rid of my dogs and throw a cow and some chickens in my backyard, then I’ll have access to “healthy” stuff.

  70. tracey on

    We live in New Zealand. Our soil has little iodine. So I thought using iodised table salt will be good to prevent thyroid problems. Does Celtic or Himalyan salt have iodine?

  71. Heather on

    I am relatively new to your pages but definitely getting a lot out of all your advice. I have not eaten beef since 2000 and gave up poultry about a year ago, but I still eat fish and recently added tofu. After seeing your comments about soy protein and farm raised fish, I’m wondering what I am going to use for protein now.
    Thanks for all you do!

  72. Yvana on

    I really appreciate all of your effort and educational materials Dr. Axe.
    But I am confused. Above you recommend avoiding soy. But you stated that Braggs Liquid Aminos are okay to use. (I had switched to coconut aminos, but prefer Braggs Aminos.)
    On the Braggs Aminos label, it says it is derived from Soy Protein yet they state it is a natural soy sauce alternative.
    So do you still recommend it if it is made from soybeans/soy protein?

    I look forward to your response!

  73. Tiffany F. on

    Do you have any suggestions on getting young picky eaters to switch over to gluten-free healthier way of eating? I have an 8 year old son on the Autism Specturm and i’m trying to come up with ways to get him off of gluten and eating healthier but it’s very hard when he eats limited food as it is but I know that it is healthier for him I’m just not sure how to transistion. It’s really not as simple as explaining it and I can’t “force” him to eat new things either. I’m not sure if you’ve worked with many Autistic children but it’s certainly not easy when it comes to food and changes. Any suggestions on ways to ease him into a healthy diet would be great.

  74. Vasu on

    Great article love it, thanks for this!

    //When shopping for fish go for only wild-caught vareities and stay away from Tilapia//

    I had a different understanding on the Tilapia fish. I beleived that the wild caught tilapia is good to eat since it has lowest level of mercury compared to others. Could you please help me why you say no to tilapia even if its wild caught?

  75. jane on

    Love the list…but please note that in Canada NO hormones are allowed to be given to milking cows – each load of milk is tested before it is put into the food chain.

  76. Rhoda Edwards on

    Hi Dr Axe! I was surprised that farmed fish was that toxic but I understood why from your very concise article. I used to love farmed fish especially tilapia. Not anymore. Thank you for enlightening me. Many blessings.

  77. ver on

    David Schardt from Nutrition Action has a much different take on canola oil and coconut oil as you do. How does one determine who is right?

  78. vern buettner on

    Your take on canola oil and coconut oil differs 180% from David Schardt who writes for Nutrition Action Health letter for the centre for science in the public interest. Whom shall I believe

  79. Krofter on

    As an organic farmer I can tell you that “Roundup Ready” does not mean soy contains a “chemical pesticide to “naturally” repel bugs”. Roundup Ready means the genes of the soy plant have been altered to make them immune to plant killing effects of the glyphosate based herbicide Roundup. This genetic alteration to soy (or corn and other RR crops) allows fields to be sprayed with this herbicide to kill the weeds, allowing the crop plants (soy, corn etc) to remain unharmed. This product is largely responsible for the huge increase in the amount of glyphosate used around thew world.
    Not that this scenario is any better than the one you described….

  80. Sandi Stephens, LPN on

    Although I am a nurse, there’s not much nutrition taught in nursing school. I thought I was pretty healthy as I am a vegetarian. I began using artificial sweeteners a few years ago, thinking it would be better and I would lose a few pounds. Recently I started following you on FB and learned that’s not true and started slowing switching products in my kitchen to more natural. I use pure cane sugar instead of white sugar, only in coffee as I don’t really use a lot anyway. I continued to drink sugar free packets in my water and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia because every joint in my body ached at all times. I decided to do an experiment and stopped with the sugar free packets. Within 1 day, all my joint pain was gone! 1 day!!!! I took your advice and bought Stevia, although I have not tried it yet, I am only drinking plain water. I learned very quickly that diet has a tremendous effect on the body! Thank you so much from your loyal follower! Sandi

  81. Elsie DAKOTA on

    I tried to order 3 packs of your collagen powder while it has free shipping. Ordering process took me to “Infusion Soft” with tons of info that I don’t want. I just want to order collagen powder. I tried phoning but that was cut off because of Christmas time off for employees. How do I order collagen powder?

  82. Trudi on

    I was surprised at soy milk. We drink coconut milk and almond milk. What are your thoughts? I have been trying to work fish into my diet and now you have made it harder. When you take away items, could you make recommendations for replacement. I can’t cook with coconut oil, as my husband says he is allergic to things with coconut. I question that, but whatever! I do use olive oil. I am going to have to work on the butter issue!

  83. Sherrill on

    I still take Birth Control pills and I understand taking them is not good. It helps my cycle flow (which is very heavy) and helps with adult acne. The pills help both problems. What suggestions do you have in place of Birth control pills for my problems? Thank you!!! I am a believer of healthy eating.

  84. Chris Akins on

    You website isn’t formatted correctly on an iPad. The comments get cut off on the right side such that I can’t see the full sentences. What’s more, the site will not pinch, zoom or allow me to scroll horizontally to see the clipped content.

  85. J. on

    My friend who is the mother of an ASD child, managed to wean him off wheat products by offering him other things he liked instead. For example, half an apple instead of a piece of toast or a cookie. Initially he craved wheat, but after 1-2 weeks this passed. Once he was off wheat, his mood and his energy levels were improved. Best of luck!

  86. well wisher on

    Thank u for d wonder ful information, i request every one to spread all over d world n help all to keep gud health , plz avoid un-natural thing n eat only natural food

  87. Scruffles on

    Raw Milk: It’s all fun and games until you ingest a harmful strain of E. Coli. I’ll take the loss of lactase over vomiting, diarrhea, and possibly death from a bacterial infection. Seriously, the benefits of pasteurization far outweigh the benefits of lactase–especially for kids and the elderly. God help any kid whose parent gives them raw milk.

    • mary on

      Too may antibiotics, bad husbandry and bad personal hygiene is what gives rise to E.coli infections but it is easier to pasteurise than to educate.

    • trina on

      I agree, Illinois had a listeria outbreak where there was a raw milk farm. That farm doesn’t serve raw milk anymore.

      Anyway, I always thought that once one was older, broccoli and other calcium rich vegetables were far better alternatives to getting calcium.

  88. Natoya on

    Thank you Dr. Axe everything I read is always so helpful The we eat in my family is improving I am thinking of growing a few of my own veggies and starting fruit this year what would be some good ones to start with ?Do you grow some of your food if so what did you start with ? Do you have any info on this subject any would help Thanks:)

  89. Faith Peay on

    I am so sick. I feel horrible. Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, colon cancer, kidney stones and the most recent, an auto immune disease called Sarcoidosis, which almost killed me by elevating my blood calcium to 15. I even flew to the Cleveland Clinic to the sarcoidosis center, to see if they could help. I’m on and off Prednisone, (which I feel is killing me), and now they want me to take an antimalarial drug. I feel like I’m falling down a rabbit hole, and I need to start somewhere to get out. I heard somewhere about a leaky gut syndrome and decided to look it up. It makes sense. But I don’t know where to start.

  90. Ann Miles on

    Wow – I can’t believe people actually believe this! People please educate yourself on the truth not this person’s lies. Unbelievable.

  91. Sue Hill on

    I love your site and have found many useful tips and inspirations on it. However I’m a little concerned by your suggestion about consuming raw milk. A child died and an number became very sick recently in Australia after consuming raw milk. The law has now been changed so that it is illegal to sell raw milk in Australia- is this not the case in America, are you aware of the risks with unpasturised milk?

  92. Pat on

    I learn something new everyday from your newsletters & facebook posts. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information and helping to make Americans healthier.
    Today the new thing I learned was about copper and how to incorporate it into my diet. Thanks.

  93. Darrlyn Ross on

    What about Soy Protein Isolate? Is this still bad? This is the 1st ingredient in Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal Shake Mix & also their Protein Drink Mix. I have like 8 canisters total & just ordered a Nutra Ninja to start shakes again to lose weight… Then I read Soy Protein isn’t good for me… Needless to say I’m completely freaking out here! Please respond. I’d hate to waste my hard earned money :-(

  94. Carol Mitchell on

    I have a problem with HBP. Pomegranates are suppose to help but the fruit is not always available. The POM juice with Blueberry is what I have been
    drinking in the morning. Is this juice also on your ban list??? If so I will stop drinking it. Please let me know. Thank you for all your info.

  95. Patricio Torres-Lisboa,MD on

    Briefly In the list of foods to avoid, talking about regular milk, you described Lactose as a protein. Other than that I like the forwardness of your comments.

  96. Gabrielle on

    I’m disappointed that you’re not a fan of juicing, as I’ve been really into it lately and its the best way I personally can be sure I’m getting in my daily produce. I feel like it’s so tedious to sit and physically chomp down on fruits and veggies all day just to get the recommended amount.

      • Fred Stork on

        I am leery about goat milk, because it’s not available in organic, at least not in Ontario, Canada. Which I find suspect. I love goat cheese, but it’s terribly expensive and I stopped buying it, when I caught my supplier spraying pesticide on the feed (pasture).

  97. caroline on

    curious about the oil section of 10 health foods you should never eat.. why no olive oil? if you wouldn’t recommend it, why not? and then what would recommend as a salad topper since coconut oil is a solid at room temperature? thanks!

  98. BL on

    Raw milk and it’s products is ILLEGAL in my state. Someone gave me kefir grains. Is there ANY VALUE to Kefiring organic, pasteurized milk? I’m not able to eat the alternatives.

  99. Gail on

    Two questions: I’ve been using olive oil on salads and coconut oil to cook some things, like eggs. I’ve also been using grape seed oil and would like to know your thoughts on that as it does well at higher temperatures, like stir fry. It’s also sold as a pan spray as is safflower oil. Thoughts on those please?
    What are your thoughts on Ceylon Cinnamon, which I sprinkle on stone cut oatmeal with some coconut milk?
    Also, I use a hot air popper for organic popcorn and then either eat it plain or with Kerry Gold butter drizzled over it and some Himalayan salt. But one has to be careful to purchase large enough kernels or the hot air popper throws many of the kernels out. Eden works well in a Cuisinart popper that has a butter melter on the top.

  100. AL on

    I was very surprised about the table salt! I have been mainly using Kosher Salt in my cooking lately, what are your thoughts on Kosher Salt?

  101. gail bekker on

    goodmorning and hello,i agree with the comments on farmed fish.mr david jones of Moncton[I have his permission to speak of him and hid fish]was issued a licence for research and development to commercialization the food fish tilapia in December 2001.he self funded his work and as such owns his own intellectual property and legally owns his own original genetics tilapia broodstock….his plan was to offer original genetics fillets and other spinoffs.he developed his own vegetarian organic feeds and here this story takes a long long bad turn culminating in conviction in provincial courts Moncton new Brunswick.he subsequently won his appeal.all farmed fish is not bad.david sat on the board that set the organic canadian standard [almost no standard]for organic farmed [I jest]fish fish.after years of discussion when it came time to vote he voted no to what was proposed..a rare jewel of a business /scientist/caring human in my opinion…to me fishman jones is a food for healthy society hero.there is much more to hear if you are interested and I might add his product is not yet on the shelves for people who would like to buy vegetarian no gmo original genetics food fish tilapia.if this story is of interest please contact me.thankyou.

  102. Samie on

    I read somewhere in this article about 10 foods not to eat, that bone density can be affected. What is/was that again please. I’ve been put on 10 mg per day of Fosomax.

  103. LAMYASOFF on




  104. Erin on

    I think you should point out that Raw Milk is NOT safe by any means & should especially bot be given to children.

    Before pasturization, millions became ill, temporarily/permanently or died as a result of bacteria transmission through raw milk.

    Pasturized milk has an abundance of protein as well as calcium & vitamin D, it is NOT rendered useless by this high heating process which saves lives and cannot believe an MD is falsely claiming otherwise!!!

    Other milk substitutes may be more ideal for some, but like anything practicing moderation is key & a moderate intake of regular milk has been proven beneficial for most.

    So again, if you want to raise awareness of other healthy alternatives to pasturized milk that is fine, but please let your readers know it does have benefits AND that Raw milk is dangerous!!!

    • Jon on

      Before pasteurization milk was handled poorly and little was known about microscopic, pathogenic organisms. Have you ever heard of anyone getting sick from raw, unpasteurized milk in this modern day? In California you can buy it at many whole food stores.

    • Silas on

      A very long time ago, we had a ‘local’ dairy that would deliver fresh, raw milk as a product along with raw butter, and of course the usual pasteurized milk products. Nobody ever got sick in their very wide service area as far as I know, and I’m sure the local paper would have had a field day with that had it ever happened.
      Now, of course, raw milk is next to impossible to get.

    • R K on

      You do realize that the biggest outbreaks of foodborne illness from milk and dairy products was from pasteurized milk, right? Also outbreaks from milk (raw and pasturized both) are actually far lower than outbreaks from meat and vegetables. In fact as of late vegetables are the more dangerous thing to eat since they often aren’t cleaned well enough to get rid of the bacteria and are more often consumed raw or with little cooking.

      Also the nutrients you speak of? Added artificially so the milk is not just milk flavored water. Compared to the natural versions pasteurization kills it’s almost worthless because the body won’t absorb much and most people are magnesium deficient and cannot make use of the calcium in milk readily. Raw milk would have everything needed to absorb the calcium. Pasteurized milk is just missing so much more that raw milk has and isn’t going to show on a nutrient label.

      The other problem is that it’s hard to get fair and unbiased data about raw milk because the government unfairly targets it. The issue at hand is money, not our health. Even if you look at the CDC’s website, it only talks about number of outbreaks from raw milk, and says nothing about how many deaths were involved in those outbreaks or how many hospitalizations. It doesn’t even say how many people were affected by those outbreaks when an outbreak can be just a couple of people or thousands. If so many people die because of raw milk, why are no numbers available showing this so we can compare it to other outbreaks?

    • Laura N on

      Raw dairies have much stricter requirements than others if that makes you feel any better. The cows aren’t living in such a disgusting environment. My 8 children have been raised on it and love it!

  105. Laura on

    When buying beef that’s grass fed, it’s still a good idea to find out if the animals were grain finished. I know many farmers will feed grass for most of their lives but just before the end of their lives, will be fed grains to add some fat. Better to eat 100% grass fed, but I imagine it’s hard to find. If you can speak directly to a small local farmer, you can get that info. Also, if there is a small health food store in your area that carries grass fed and free range beef, the people in the store will likely know as it will be delivered straight from farm to store. Same goes for the milk.

    Question Dr. A: When I drink coffee or tea (caffeinated) after a short amount of time, I get really hungry and my blood sugar takes a pretty steep dive, even when I add fat to my coffee. Coconut oil, butter and coconut milk is usually what I use. But after about an hour or two, I become ravenous, even if I eat with it. I know coffee is known to suppress many people’s appetite. Why would it have the opposite effect on someone? TIA

    • Dorcas on

      Regarding going hypoglycemic after caffeinated beverages. This is something I am very familiar with. I was hypoglycemic for over 20 years. I could count on having a low glucose event within 1 to 2 hours after a cup of caffeinated coffee. Even if I had a substantial breakfast, the caffeine took my sugar way up, then to a crash. 15 years ago, the hypo went to diabetes 2. I thought the caffeine would no longer have the effect of taking my sugars high. I was wrong. It still shoots up — I don’t get the crash as often now, but it still goes down and I get hungry quickly. I combat that with half caffeine coffee with milk or half and half. I have not heard others mention this phenomenon, but it appears there is at least one other person. Dr Axe, I’d love to get some feedback also.

      • Laura on

        Caffeine has ALWAYS done that to me and I was becoming type 2 diabetic one year ago (I’m 49 and not overweight). Ketogenic diet quickly fixed the blood sugar problems and I don’t know if I’ll ever stray far from it. I haven’t tried caffeine again since I’ve been feeling better. I’m still healing from gluten damage and yeast overgrowth. I had also developed high blood pressure which went down gradually within a few days of stopping dairy and other allergens. It will be interesting to see if my blood sugar does okay the first time I try coffee again.

      • Anne on

        I am hypoglycemic also. I found out that as long as I eat enough protein at each meal, stay away from sugar and processed food I can control my sugar.

  106. Kresson on

    So Dr. Axe, what are your thoughts on veganism? I’ve experimented with it before but wasn’t convinced it was a biblical approach to food, although with the way food has changed I’m not sure anything is anymore. I am considering giving it another shot.

    Also, my son is about to turn a year old and I am weaning from breastfeeding. What would be the best option to introduce next other than cows milk?


  107. Healthy and smart on

    Dear Dr. Axe,

    Please do a little research before writing. I was reading the article and got to the part, “First off, nearly 100% of all soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified and is “Roundup ready,” which means that it has a chemical pesticide to “naturally” repel bugs.”

    Roundup ready does not mean it has a chemical pesticide to “naturally” repel bugs. Roundup ready means it has been genetically modified to be resistant to Round up. Hence the term. Round up has nothing to do with repelling bugs. It’s an herbicide. That means it kills plants, not bugs. Furthermore, it does not contain a “chemical” to do this. It’s genes make it resistant.

    There’s so much wrong with this part, that I just couldn’t continue reading. You didn’t do your homework, so I can’t believe anything you write. Back in my day, we called people who didn’t know what they were talking about “Quacks”. You sir, are a quack.

    • [email protected] on

      And you “healthy and smart” are ignorant. You totally MISSED THE POINT here. His article is true either way, genetically modified round up ready is just as bad. There is over whelming research proving that GMO foods are harmful. Soy has been one of the main foods that I avoid and the fact that Dr. Axe rightfully put it on the list of foods to avoid makes me trust him all the more. You twisted this to make it seem like the fact that consuming soy is not bad, therefore you are the quack here. Unfortunately your username should not be “healthy and smart” because clearly, you are not smart and probably not healthy if you believe GMO foods are good for you. lol

  108. Yogini1959 on

    According to Dr. Greger, who actually shows the research behind his little videos, fruit juice made at home with a juicer contains phytonutrients that prevent the blood spike you are talking about. If you drink it right away you will get the benefits of these phytonutrients. Also, according to his research meat is bad, period. I read constantly and agree with much of what you say, but your pro animal product stance keeps me away from your other advice somewhat. I think it is great that you are putting alternative ideas out there, I just hope people do their homework about what you say to sift out what is backed by unbiased research and what isn’t.

  109. Susan on

    Please clarify the supplement recommended for leaky gut. L-glutamine powder is one which you advocate as necessary. Yet in a recent Global webinar (in which you took part) other peit was emphatically stated that glutamine acts like fertilize to cancer cells.

  110. Ruqayat on

    Thank you for this article. I am more enlightened. I took fruit juice 8 cups a day when I fell sick. I was 67 kg then. I went up to 80kg. I was alarmed. I thought it was healthier to do so. I now have weak bones , knees, waist and neck. I find it hard to climb up or go down stairs! My eye sight has dimmed. I saw more dark clouds than before! Pls how do I reverse this condition I found my self? Very worried!!

  111. Shatakshi on

    It’s really really surprising for me!!!! just can’t believe my eyes!!! You know I had soy protiens just today for my lunch!!!
    Thanks for providing this article:)
    I’m very grateful to you

  112. Adrienne on

    After recently beginning the GAPS diet in order to try to keep my ulcerative colitis at bay, I stumbled upon your site. I have been enjoying browsing so far. However, as a farmer who has grown Roundup ready crops in the past, I noticed an error in this article.

    “First off, nearly 100% of all soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified and is “Roundup ready,” which means that it has a chemical pesticide to “naturally” repel bugs.”

    This is not how Roundup ready plants work. They are genetically modified to withstand the killing effects of the herbicide, Roundup. This means that you can spray a field of Roundup ready soybeans with Roundup and it will kill all of the other plants, leaving the soybeans unharmed. The soybeans do not “naturally” repel bugs. Roundup has nothing to do with bugs.

    Please correct this error. Errors like this unfortunately make me skeptical about the validity and accuracy of the other information presented.

  113. Charity on

    I’ve been studying the info here each day. There’s so much to learn, it’s a little overwhelming. I guess I just have to try one thing at a time. How do you change EVERYTHING you have ever done with food? I’m here shaking my head. But I am resolved to start. –Have the beef bones in the crock pot even as I type. LOL

  114. CJ on

    In the section on soy, you mentioned that “Roundup Ready” soy has a chemical pesticide that naturally repels bugs. Not true. The seeds are modified in such a way that Roundup Ready plants can actually withstand Roundup being sprayed on the crop and not kill it – just the weeds around it. One problem (of many) is we now have weeds that are naturally becoming immune to this herbicide.
    Bt corn has a natural pesticide in it that will kill any pests that eat the plant. Bt is actually used in organic farming. But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it belongs inside our food if God didn’t put it there.

  115. barbara on

    Thank you, Dr. AXE, I’ve been trying for years to get my son in Nashville, TN to pay close attention to health matters. We were vegetarians when he was 13 but he would RUN to McDonalds every chance. Now at 46, he is on 3 blood pressure medications, THREE!!! His wife tells me his sex drive is GONE, but they make fun of me and natural remedies they are both sick. I take no medications I am 73( 02/04/16) I deal only with healthy foods, teas, supplements etc. there is a great store here in Jackson, TN Grubb’s Grocery Here is his e-mail [email protected]

  116. Concerned Citizen on

    Much of this article is based on the false logic that somehow GM crops are bad, which in fact they are not. Also, in this article the author states “First off, nearly 100% of all soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified and is “Roundup ready,” which means that it has a chemical pesticide to “naturally” repel bugs.” Well no, it has the ability to withstand the pressure of glyphosate (the chemical in RoundUp) so that fewer passes on the field are needed and fewer chemicals in the end actually end up being sprayed. In addition, genetic modification can increase a crops ability to defend against pathogen, fungi, or insects, which in turn means that the grower will not have to spray a pesticide or the crop (or significantly less pesticide sprayed). Below I included citation of relevant scientific publications that may be of interest to those who would like to learn about GM crops from the science rather than from public opinion. I would also like to draw your attention to the review done by Panchin and Tuzhikov (cited below), they state that over 1783 publications have been written over the past decade, and even if all of these scientists designated a p-value cut off for significance of 0.01, then at least 17 of these articles just by chance would have statistics to say that GM crops are ‘bad’ even when that’s not true (type 1 error). It only takes one publication to stir the public into “hysteria” as Panchin & Tuzhikov point out.

    Global Adoption of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops: Challenges for the Public Sector
    Joseph E. Huesing, David Andres, Michael P. Braverman, Andrea Burns, Allan S. Felsot, George G. Harrigan, Richard L. Hellmich, Alan Reynolds, Anthony M. Shelton, Wilna Jansen van Rijssen, E. Jane Morris, and Jacobus N. Eloff
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2016 64 (2), 394-402

    Panchin, Alexander Y., and Alexander I. Tuzhikov. “Published GMO studies find no evidence of harm when corrected for multiple comparisons.” Critical reviews in biotechnology (2016): 1-5.

    • ST on

      I hope someone from the other camp will refute this completely one-sided article. I don’t have the scientific info at my fingertips but I know it’s out there and I am not an “hysteric”. Never accept one version of any issue without hearing the other side. Politics isn’t the only place this rule applies.

      • Concerned Citizen on

        Some issues are clear cut. These articles are not one-sided if they come to a conclusion about which side is correct, they simply use facts to make informed conjectures. They come from reputable peer reviewed scientific publications and are much less biased than writings in blogs. One article even reviewed ALL of the GM literature and found that the GM-is-bad claim is not supported by any scientific evidence. THIS is how to form opinions on issues (if you can call it an opinion if the evidence all points in one direction). The public needs to act on information in order to vote on legislature that addresses these issues. It concerns me that the public can make such unreasonable decisions based off of non-facts. If you cannot site a source (that is scientific AND highly reputable) then it does not belong in a scientific debate.

      • Sandy on

        Perhaps the question should be posed… does this concerned citizen… or someone he knows… work for Monsanto… just saying.

  117. ST on

    I read that Himalayan pink salt is a scam–not that it will hurt you, I guess, but it doesn’t come from the Himalayas (ummm, salt?) and has no special properties in that regard. Also, I follow the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet (which happily meshes almost perfectly with everything Dr. Axe recommends) but I can’t do coconut oil. Is there some problem with xtra-virgin olive oil. Hopefully not, because it’s my only reasonable option.

  118. Jeri on

    Dr. Axe

    Please answer the question about whether organic tofu is safe and healthy. Your answer is very important to me.



  119. Jordin Hay on

    Thank you for this brilliant article. I have read tons of literature and seen dozens of videos from the world’s best doctors / specialists / scientists; your article sums it all up. I also love your other articles, especially one about raw honey; I became totally hooked on raw honey and have already noticed many of its benefits. Dr Axe may I say: keep up this amazing work; you are awesome!

  120. Saheed Oloyede on

    I agree in strong terms with Dr. Axe about those health foods to be avoided. The negative effects of consuming them are real.

  121. Gretchen on

    Dr. Axe,

    Tilapia, Farmed Fish and Soy.
    Guilty of using sea salt in place of table salt.

    Wonderful article however I feel quite deflated at the moment (no pun intended). You have been a great resource for nutrition advice that co-insides with different health issues/ concerns. I am on a restricted diet due to health issues, but I have been working hard to increase protein in my diet to support muscle gain. While giving up many foods, rearranging all I thought I had known about being healthy. My problem is that the size of my wallet simply cant afford the best of the best chicken, fish, steak, etc. I am a single mother feeding a family of 4. Would I love to be able to afford such luxuries? Absolutely. hearing I am putting more toxins and doing all of our bodies a disservice makes me feel disappointed. Is the raw diet the only thing left that is maybe safe? *sigh* America eats they way they do because of money and lack of knowledge or exposure. The question is how can you consume the healthiest diet on a fixed income?

  122. Dawn Kazimir on

    I have Fibromyalgia and on blood thinners….you mention coconut oil many times and in research it said that it is a natural blood thinner…therefore I cannot use coconut oil …..you are a God sent blessing to all of us who want to get healthy and stay healthy…..

  123. Harsha on

    I have heard a lot about farmed fish…. however one finds mostly farmed fish. Whole Foods has farmed fish but claims that their farmed fish is clean. No antibiotics and bad food etc etc. I got some tilapia the other day and now I don’t want to eat it. They say that they their fish is third party certified for “cleanliness” …any comments about this? How can we find out if the fish they are selling is what they claim to be? Thank you for this great article.

  124. Ethel Mumford on

    Thanks Dr. Axe
    Several years ago my Naturopathic Dr. took me off a list of foods that gave me back my health. These were Breads, fruit, Pastas and Dairy! Asked me to eat nuts, flax seeds, avocados, all berries and use Chia seed. I use almond butters or those made from healthy nuts! Since then I have no problem with weight and am healthier than ever before. Thanks for the timely tips and for using your hard earned knowledge for good and for those who have no one they can depend on for good advice!
    A grateful follower of your emails!

  125. Kathyann on

    Dr.axe I love your healthy way of eating. We all need to change the way we eat. A wife and mother of four kids love healthy foods. But finance is a problem trying my best eating healthy. I don’t use artifical oils but all organic. Please pray for financial breakthrough.

  126. Moonera on

    Dr Axe,
    Your tips are so important and informative. I enjoy reading all you write about good, natural foods. I must say I live in a country where I can grow most of my vegetables and poultry and a lot of the other food items are mainly fresh. Keep up the good work along with all your health providers.

  127. Pascale on

    True. I ate some of them…before…without knowing…same as gluten free “food”, processed food…with a lot of sugar ….
    It was before ! Now, I just stew veges, eat some “butter, poultry, eggs, goat cheese” I know where they come from, wild salmon, oysters and mussels from Méditerranée next to I live. Appel and lemon juice in warm water every day, banana and avocado every second day, some nuts, chia… I enjoy bone broth that I have discovered again…(long ago my grand-mother used to boil it…). Use apple cider vinagar for a lot of things, coconot oil (hum!!!!this receipe with sweet potatoes…), enjoy several evenings a week a nice glas of red wine from “Languedoc”, the south of France where I live.
    I am 61, ride my bicycle for 70 k, easyly, enjoy walking several days, everyage 25/30 k dayly on “Camino” (Mystique way in France and Spane to Compostelo), or trecks in deserts…
    So, Life is beautifull.
    I have been spending more and more time to diffuse around informations about nutrition since I am even more convinced since I have intended all these summits about gut, fat and metabolism. (My daughter sometimes gets feed up with me…but eventually, she turns to what her mother trys to teach her). My mother too (first she saied that at her age -83, no matter what she eats…turrned aswell to a healthier life when she understood that some benenefic effects arrised within a few days…)Thank you for adding some missing parts about nutrition….
    I think that nowadays, a great move has started about consciensness and nutrition (starting in the US, arrriving in Europe,) and nobody can stop it. (since all the world follows what comes from US…..- my smile of the day…)
    Thank’s again. Would you please excuse all my failures in english.

  128. Sora on

    I was surprised to hear that tilapia is a farmed fish. Somewhere, I had heard that it was still a free swimming naturally caught fish. Do you know for sure that is a farmed variety? On the subject of health foods, my husband has been consuming a lot of flaxseed, but I read in a book on the keto diet, that flaxseed is dangerous for the prostate. Do you know anything about that? I hope to have a reply. Thank you.

  129. Ronda Osburn on

    Where can you get some of the essential oils My father in law as prostate cancer and I wanted to let him try frankincense oil. He is not going to take the chemo anymore

    • Amy T - Minnesota on

      I am a Young Living Essential Oils distributor. If you want therapeutic results, you needs to use therapeutic grade essential oils. YL owns their own farms and controls the purity of their oils from Seed to Seal. They have been in the business over 20 years. If you know someone in your area to sponsor you, you should enroll with Young Living. If not you can message me and I will help you. Sending healing thoughts for your father!

  130. Lin on

    Limited income means you HAVE to set priorities. Heat. shelter, clothing, medical costs, etc. Sometimes food is the last thing on the list and you have to buy/eat as healthy as you can! If you live in an apartment, growing your own food isn’t much of an option! Don’t judge!

  131. Trudy Ray on

    I’m concerned about not getting enough iodine. My dentist warned me several years ago (after I stopped using iodized table salt altogether) that I was developing an enlarged thyroid. As a result, I began to once again use iodized table salt. Does Himalayan crystal salt deliver iodine? How can I ensure that I have the “genuine article”? I have a container of it from Costco, but have never opened it.

  132. Andrea on

    Dr. Axe,

    Saying soy consumption is linked to cystic fibrosis is highly misleading. For those who are not familiar with cystic fibrosis, simply saying that soy is linked to CF can be easily misunderstood to mean that soy can cause CF, which is, of course, not true at all.

    As I’m sure you know, cystic fibrosis is a disease caused by an inherited, mutated gene (CFTR). Simply put, the issue with soy and cystic fibrosis is that modern soy products have been bred to contain high levels of phenyl isothiocyanate, which can interfere with selenium. Selenium is necessary for the output of the tripeptide glutathione (GSH). GSH is an important antioxidant that acts to decrease inflammation and thin mucus; CF patients already efflux much less GSH because of their CFTR channel mutation, and low selenium levels can aggravate that deficiency. Without adequate GSH, a CF patient’s respiratory and digestive systems become inflamed, and the body produces a thick, sticky mucus, which exasperates the symptoms of CF. (That being said, every CF patient is different, and some will tolerate soy products better than others.)

    As a family member of someone with cystic fibrosis, I just want people to know the facts about CF. I am thrilled that cystic fibrosis is gaining awareness, but with the growing attention, it is extremely important to put out information that is clear, accurate, scientifically sound, and cannot be misinterpreted. Cystic fibrosis is not something to be taken lightly. For more information

  133. Diane Welland on

    Dr. Axe is wrong for suggesting that American’s should choose butter over margarine. If you walk into a supermarket and read the ingredient label on soft spread margarine containers you’ll find partially hydrogenated oils, the source of trans fats, no longer listed as an ingredient on all national brands of soft spread products. Not only has the margarine category led the US food industry in reducing and eliminating PHOs over the past decade, it continues to offer more healthful alternatives to butter. Rich in heart-healthy polyunsaturated fat, today’s soft spread margarines are made from natural, plant-based oils, the same plant-based oils that are naturally found in nuts, seeds, and some vegetables (like avocados). Soft spreads have no trans fats, no cholesterol, 1/3 the saturated fat content and fewer calories than butter as well. This is why the Food and Drug Administration and the American Heart Association advocate selecting soft spreads over butter as the healthier choice. You can visit http://www.iheartbutterytaste.com for more information.

    • Yvonne on

      Regarding margarine: The research I have seen on margarine is that it was originally made to fatten up chickens quickly. When the chickens died they sold it to humans.

      As far as the FDA or AHA goes I believe they are part of the system we need to change. First we have to look at the lobby groups who have paid for these organizations to exist. We need to look at who controls the health system which goes right back to the health schools who teach our Dr.’s what they know. Gosh there is so much I could say on this topic but I’m going to stop here.

      I know a few 90 something elderly people who have eaten butter their whole lives and do not suffer from heart disease. I myself do not eat butter I use coconut oil.

  134. Keland on

    Dr. Axe, I’m a teenager and my mom says that organic food is high and she’s a diabetic and my family has a lot of people with diabetes and high blood pressure, we’re African-Americans. I used to play football but I quit and when I stopped playing, I gained extra weight from the bad eating habits in my home, I don’t what diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer like my family, could you give some places where I could eat better but affordable.

  135. keba on

    How can you manage your Diabetes so your Kidney don’t get in trouble, and what kind of natural food items being back your health

  136. Dan Jupp on

    I read your valued conclusion on these foods, do they still apply to the U.K. as we do not yet have the GM so widespread?

  137. Melissa Bladrot on

    Life from the beginning before humans started to damage it,was like a heaven and I kan think that every thing was like better than ORGANIC the word that used to fake alot, and in some way we pay taxes for this life system that some evils called (better life) or( MODERN LIFE ) even though we don’t want to live that way we’re still paying…..

  138. Make Hetutu on

    Hi Dr Axe,
    I am so greatful to read about these different kind of food that we can eat and not to eat. Lucky I did not use or eat some of them, only my son eat alot of the pre pack salmon. It is so good to learn that these kinds of food are harmful to our body because in the world there are so many things to choose from but an expert like you makes the difference to so many that were/are suffering of health by eating these food thinking it is good to eat. As i read your article I was so surprise to see the not so good list so now I will let my family know these unhealthy food and to to purchase them because it is money wasting.

    Thank you

  139. Maria on

    Hi Dr. Axe, thanks for sharing this information, I found it to be very insightful. A few questions remain though:

    – Since you advise against soy milk and animal milk, what sort of milk should I consume if I’m lactose intolerant?
    – What specifically do I need to look for when purchasing meat? Your article is unclear whether I should be looking for grain or grass fed
    – Can you suggest a better substitute for butter? As mentioned, I’m lactose intolerant and need to stay away from butter. If you have any specific brands in mind, knowing about them would be greatly appreciated.

    • Me on

      I am not Dr. Ax but I just want to tell you how I substitute milk and butter in my daily life:
      soy milk and animal milk by nut milk, easy to make at home (almond milk, coconutmilk, cashewmilk, etc.)
      butter can be substituted by ghee (clarified butter), easy to make at home or use coconut oil

  140. Kathy on

    Please check your facts before you publish – a lot of people count on you to know what you are talking about. The glaring error I see in this article – Soy. I don’t disagree that it’s not good for you. However, not 100% of the the soybeans in the U.S. are Roundup ready, it is closer to 93%. Secondly, Roundup is not an insecticide – meaning – it provides no defense against bugs. It is a herbicide to help it thrive in weed laden areas. Check the label, it is readily available online. I am not a farmer or do not work for Monsanto. Just live in a farming community.

    • SL on

      Kathy, you’re splitting hairs……..93% is a scary high #………..if you are a member of the farming community I hope you explore producing organically, it can boost your profits immensely and you will be doing incredible good

  141. Luca on

    Oil part is totally misleading
    Actually virgin version of olive oil, linseed, canola and avacado are among healtihes food you can eat !
    “They are usually genetically modified,”
    NO . Oils are not genetically modified, if anything plants they are made of are. Also that is maybe true for USA but fortunately there is traditional farming around and not all the world is a playground for Mosanto so YES they is canola that is not genetically modified.

    “they are partially hydrogenated ”
    NO. Some are but not all. if they are virgin they are not chemically modyfied
    “otherwise it has been most likely pasteurized ”
    oil is not pasteurized (its a process of killing bacteria) its refined – totaly different process to squeeze more oil from vegatable using high temperature which destroys most of its characteristics including taste and nutrients and possibly adds some unhelathy chemicals as well
    Cooking oils (cooking canola and sunflower oil) are refined – They are tasteless,colourless, odorless and cheap and no good
    Cold processed , unrefined, virgin oils have smell, colour ,aroma and are very healthy .

    • Francie on

      Wouldn’t butter Burn over the high heat needed to pop corn? Blended with olive oil in the pan helps it take higher temps.

  142. Mozzes on

    Wow, this is an eye-opener for me, particularly with foods like soy making this list. You have done a fantastic job, more power to your elbow.

  143. dukkha on

    Phrases like ‘absolute death foods’ are an exaggeration. Every person absolutely will die, but it would be a stretch to say grain fed beef will be the absolute death of everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice to call things for what they really are instead of fantastic statements such as this.

    • Francie on

      When I see Threats like Absolute Death Food, my mind backs away, turns off from whatever statement is being made. Fear is a potent attention grabber but it’s been so over used for Everything that it’s become simply another sales pitch to avoid. Threatening people is a sad way to do business!

  144. Izzy on

    Hi dr. Axe, I just stumbled onto your website and read about the leaky gut! I found it quite informative! I suffer with IBS and I lost 50 lbs.but it was due to the fact, I had to cut out a lot of sugar and irritating foods! It all started about 12 months ago with acid reflux! I take Keppra for gran mal seizures and I couldn’t swallow my pills! So I started to break them up in Apple sauce! Anything I ate was soft and except chicken! No seasonings, everything bland! I suffer with constipation, so I am presently taking miralax with heated prune juice every other day! I try to take “align” everyday! This my Gastro Dr. Recommended to take! Also, I would like to mention I was starting to have skin reactions when I ate food! I am presently feeling better because I eat bland foods, but I still get stomach pains and stiffness above and sometimes below the belly! I take boost for added nutrition!, I used to take vitamins, but when this flare up began, I stopped! I would make smoothies with flaxseed! One day it came up and I felt pain in my chest! I went to the hospital and everything was fine with my heart! It came from my stomach! They gave me Pepcid and magnesium citrate! Still dealing with issues! Please help! Thank you! Hope you can recommend someone reputable in Coral Springs, fl. 33071

    • Amanda on

      Izzy, look up Dr. Morse, he’s in Florida. He’ll be able to set you on the right track to recovery. All the best.

  145. Juli H on

    Dr. Axe,
    Do you know of any correlation between eggs and acne? My 20 year old daughter has experienced an onset of acute acne over the last 8 months and the only thing we can think of is that she has been eating more eggs during this time. She is studying to be a Certified Nutritionist and is very passionate about eating clean, living clean and exercise. This includes no makeup and makes her own shampoo, toothpaste etc. We would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions that you may have.

  146. Judith McAllister on

    Thank you for giving this wonderful information. I believe you on spot on and are a great asset to those of use who really want to be informed and live a healthy lifestyle. God bless!

  147. Dina on

    My daughter drinks a ton of milk..Its the only dairy she gets besides cheese. Is organic any better? She does drink lactose free. Also the microwave popcorn,can you take it out of the bag and pop it in a pan!

    • Kristy on

      You can buy NON-GMO popcorn and pop yourself. Just put the popcorn in a brown paper bag and microwave for a 1-2 mins. depending on your microwave. if you LOVE butter flavor popcorn melt down grass fed organic butter in a sauce pan, add both to a bowl. Not salty enough? simple mix in some Celtic sea salt if you like it salty!

  148. Linda on

    Popcorn! I pop non-GMO corn in a paper lunch size sack with 1 tsp. of coconut oil, avoiding all the undesirables from processed bags of of microwave ready popcorn. Surely, microwaving the popcorn doesn’t make it unhealthy?

  149. Virginia on

    Are you saying not to eat edamame in a raw form? I have been serving this to my family and feeling good about it. I thought some of the modified soy products were bad, but that edamame was safe. Really interested in your response. Thank you.

    • tencat on

      this is a clear article except for the soy part! The author thinks we all know the difference between unfermented and fermented. 99% of people do not know the difference. is soy milk unfermented or fermented? is there 2 kinds of soy milk? Help!

  150. Marg on

    This was a little unclear “Miso, Natto, tempeh, and tamari are one thing.” – are you saying these are okay? Hope you can clarify this in one of your regular emails so that I am sure what you mean.

    • tencat on

      thats what im confused about. i used to drink lots of soy milk…is all soy milk bad? now there is organic soy milk etc, whats the story here?

  151. Joy Hubbard on

    I’m trying and trying to find the 77 Coconut Oil Uses & Cures PLEASE help… I have heaps of coconut oil, cream and milk.

  152. Olivia on

    Why do you say coconut oil is the healthiest oil? Of all the oils, coconut oil has the highest amount of saturated fat (bad fat!). The oil with the least amount of saturated fat is canola oil. Too much saturated fat in the diet can contribute to many diseases. The fact that you recommend it is astonishing.

  153. Chris on

    I just need to let you know that not all of this sentence is correct. “First off, nearly 100% of all soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified and is “Roundup ready,” which means that it has a chemical pesticide to “naturally” repel bugs.” Roundup is a herbicide not an insecticide. They modify the plant so the chemical Roundup can be used to kill the weeds in the fields and not the crop itself. It does not repel bugs. That being said, it doesn’t change the fact the plant was modified in some way.

  154. Laura Mae Miller on

    I’m wondering, I feed non GMO soybean meal to my free range chickens. (The added protein in their diet is almost essential to produce eggs.) My chicken’s eggs are an essential part of my diet, and I eat a LOT of their eggs. I have Hashimotos. So is it a bad idea for the chickens to eat the non GMO soy and I eat the eggs???

  155. Kate on

    Regarding coconut oil…I recently finished your 2 week oil pulling suggestion, and am now on 3 day/wk maintenance. However, I gag from my organic coconut oil because of the taste. So I purchased another jar of organic coconut oil that doesn’t have the coconut flavor for this purpose, as well as cooking. Is this ok to consume for oil pulling and cooking?

    • Beiderlaterne on

      What good is it to pose a question on this site if one never gets an answer from Dr. Axe . Such a joke!
      A propos oils, I use Avocado oil, it has a higher smoke point than Olive oil

  156. Mrs Suzanna Diva-Bayley on

    My name is suzanna I am 59 years old .I am at this present time on a coronary care unit .awaiting an angiagram I can’t take any sort off asprin
    And I am very Interested in your articles on heart diesel and foods g to avoid. I would like to know how much ginger capsules I need to take on a daily bacis

  157. Audrey Gordon-Farleigh on


    When detoxing are there any side effects?. I am 68 yeares of age aned am excited by my new way of healthy living but I find that at tmes i feel a little out of sorts. Is this due to the toxins in my body? I have sarted steaming my vegetable eg butternut and new potatoes. is this a healthy way of cooking

  158. Alyce Laconi on

    OK… I wish you would be MORE specific about Oils, in general. There are so many. What constitutes a “vegetable Oil”?? Is Grapeseed oil ok? What about Sesame oil? Is it accurate that California has the most stringent rules regulating Olive oil? There have been many articles on Olive oil having filler ingredients that are off course cheap. i just wish you would specify the good from the bad or the poor choice types. Vegetable oil is just too generic a term. thanks much,

  159. Harvey Joel on

    Just want to clarify that roundup is a herbicide that kills anything growing green, not a pesticide for insects.

  160. eldwyn catnip on

    The concept that saturated fat is “bad” is outdated, Olivia (commented April 30, 2016). Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which, for one thing, are very good for brain health. Canola is genetically modified. However, not ALL “vegetable” oils are equally poor quality. Olive oil, grape seed oil, black cumin seed oil, sesame oil and many others (ideally organic) are good. GM soy, canola, corn and cottonseed are some of the worst. The writer of this article did not provide the most balanced information regarding oils, however, he is correct that coconut is far better than canola. Thanks for the great articles, Dr. A.

    • miss e on

      His emphasis was on oils used for cooking/frying. The examples that you gave are not vegetable oils and certainly not oils that cannot be heated.

  161. Kofi Pepra-Fredua on

    I eat lots of oranges in a day. Having read that it’s not good for my health what advice can you give.. Thanks

  162. Ria on

    Hello, and thank you for your articles.
    I would like to inform you that myself and some others who tried it feel much better using pasteurised milk.
    If i drink raw or ” fresh” milk, my stomach turns and i later get diarrhoea. Even if i only use it in coffee.
    But if i use the (european) rectangular Tetra- packed milk,( not those disgusting tasting bottles)- i never have any problem.
    Also my friends who where convinced not to be able to digest milk – they tried, and feel fine with it.
    Somewhere i read that one acid is eliminated from the milk by pasteurisation. Could that be the reason?
    I trust my instincts. Never ate margerine. Never anything with artificial sweetners or colours or ready made dishes.
    I would appreciate if you could lookinto this milk theme.
    According to you it should be the other way around. But in fact – it is not.

    • Janet on

      I believe the tetra shelf-stable dairy products are pretty much”dead” of anything useful except what’s been added back in chemically. You probably have a dairy sensitivity or lactose intolerance which has been removed in the processing.

  163. Evan Eberhardt on

    I am surprised Dr. Axe led off with fruit juice. There is a fair amount of misinformation regarding carbohydrates and there is trend creating a phobia towards them that is not warranted. I don’t advocate large quantities of juice, but if your routine includes a glass of OJ in the morning (homemade is preferable of course) there is really nothing to fear unless you have major blood sugar problems. 8 ounces of OJ has ~22 grams of fructose and a whopping 110 calories. Any human with a reasonably functioning metabolism will have no trouble with such a quantity of juice, especially with a meal.

    The rest of the list is all worthwhile advice, especially number 7. It is in your best interest to avoid all mass produced polyunsaturated oils as much as possible. The abundance of these oils is a drastic departure from traditional eating and humans simply do not have the anatomy to support mass consumption without dire consequences. Check out Ray Peat’s blog or the Weston A Price Foundation for in-depth discussions of PUFAs.

  164. Robert Clark on

    Interesting article, I drink a glass of cold pressed apple juice every morning perhaps need to cut back.
    Have salmon once a week , it will be farmed salmon, difficult to get fresh only when in season.

  165. Carie Toeller on

    Thank you!!! It is so nice to see someone with broad reach talking sense based on science, even though some of it goes against what we’ve been conditioned (marketed) to believe. Very refreshing!

  166. Phyllis on

    Since you repeat that canola oil isn’t good then please let Mayo Clinic know that because they include that in their recipes.

  167. Janet on

    I would love to pass on this article to others, but your misunderstanding of “RoundUp ready” ag products prohibits me from doing so. RoundUp is a weed killer. RoundUp ready GMO crops are able to be sprayed with this weed killer and not die themselves, only killing the competing weeds in the field. It has nothing to do with “bugs”. Crops that are grown from GMO BT corn and soy, etc., seeds are the ones that carry their own pesticide (BT) in the plants that will kill bugs that eat any part of them. Conventional medicine and agriculture will never take health food gurus seriously until we get our facts straight.

  168. Mona Greer on

    Where can I order a diffuser?
    Do you sell Essential Oils ? Can I have a list of all Oils available ?
    I just read thru all your oil list and how to use them, then I go to something else and when I come back to your email, I can’t find what I was reading !What is going on ? I suppose it is something I am doing wrong….
    You mentioned something good for hair and nails and I was going to write it down, but got side tracked and when I came back to where I thought I was, it wasn’t there…..can you please send me that info again ?
    Do you see vitamins ? I am looking for one I don’t have to swallow…..I hate swallowing pills…..I am looking for some that I can just pop in my mouth and suck on…..I am taking 3 pills and do not want another pill to take……don’t even want capsules……something like gummy bears…..that is the kind of vitamin I am using now….and I am almost out…..I would like to have one that is good for hair and nails…..as my nails are very brittle and peels a lot, and my hair seems to be getting some thin….I saw a vitamin advertised the other day the was good for your hair and nails, did write it down somewhere…..but seemed to have either lost or misplaced it……

    Thanks for your help

    I did listen to your Webinar and it was wonderful…..much more than any others I have listened to……just listened to one last nite, a blog owner that I belong to her blog, it was ok, but not as good as yours was…..wish you would do a video instead of the webinars…….why can’t you ? I would rather see that person than hear them……

    Thanks for any help you can give me…..

    Ms. Greer

  169. Mona Greer on

    Correction….in my email I had written do you see vitamins? Should have been do you SELL VITAMINS ?

    Could use an EDIT BUTTON on here :)

  170. Judy on

    I still have a lot to learn, and many changes to make, although very aware of most of what is included in this article. Just want to add that I use and enjoy Rice Milk & it is less expensive than Almond Milk which is fine also. Curious why these alternatives to milk are not mentioned….I also eat Greek Yogurt.

  171. Frederica Huxley on

    i use the liquid from pureeing my – organic – fruit for smoothies to make fermented soda. It is my understanding that the sugar in the fruit and the extra added to make the soda is used up in the fermentation process, leaving a beverage high in probiotics with a low glycemic count!

  172. Judy Baker on

    I’d like to suggest another “health” food that should never be eaten. Flax contains astronomical amounts of estrogen-like hormones, much more than any other plant food. The reason plants produce chemicals that mimic human hormones is to disrupt our reproductive cycles and prevent us from making more predators who would eat their seeds.

    Since I first posted about the dangers of eating too much flax on my blog, I’ve heard from hundreds of people who have suffered side effects, such as miscarriages (one woman had seven!), hot flashes, loss of periods, breast cancer, and other hormone related problems. Most of them didn’t make the connection but quickly realized that it was the flax when it was suggested as a possibility.

    Anyone who eats flax should be aware of the symptoms to look for in case they have a problem, but I would be especially wary about giving ANY flax to a child or preteen. Hormones are signals that tell the body to do something; it is like flipping a switch. It is possible that a dose of estrogen at the wrong time could cause early puberty, influence gender identity, or trigger other changes. Estrogen is also present in ever-increasing amounts in our environment and its effects are cumulative. It is also in some essential oils, lavender, for example, has been reported to cause men and boys to develop female breasts. (Dave Asprey said in a recent podcast that it happened to him.) Below is a link to more info on my blog: http://www.carbwarscookbooks.com/have-you-lost-your-period-on-a-low-carb-diet-its-not-the-diet-its-the-flax/

  173. Louise on

    You said only raw milk is ok, but we cannot get it where we live! We buy organic milk. Is that the same, or just as good?

  174. Anita on

    For the last three years I have struggled with a horrible rash that itches day and night. I went to a dermatologist, an allergist and then a naturalist. After the naturalist diagnosed me with leaky gut l was finally able to get relief. But then we moved on to other things wrong with my system and I am back to struggling with the severe rash again. I am so hoping your leaky gut drink will help. I am changing my diet even more and hopefully that will help too. I tried to watch your videos but I just need to know if you have a book or literature I can read and reference. I really need some relief.

    • Paul Trafelet on

      Stop eating any foods that were sprayed with Roundup Ready. I know two girls that had skin rashes and digestive problems. They stopped eating food from a conventional grocery store, buy and eat only certified organic and all their problems were corrected.

  175. Gerald Heary on

    Hey Doc, I love your stuff and your generosity by sharing so much free information. I’ve been studying nutrition and share your passion for healing the gut. Not a big deal, but in your article about foods to avoid, you mention that soybeans are sprayed with Roundup as a “pesticide” to kill bugs. It would be bad enough if that’s what it was used for. However, Roundup is used as an herbicide, to kill weeds and anything other plant that competes for resources. Basically, Roundup works by interfering with a plant’s ability to take up minerals and so it soon dies. Even though the soy is resistant, it still soaks up the herbicide and ends up in the soybeans that are consumed. “Roundup Ready” soy is engineered to withstand the application of Roundup and so survive. And even though Monsanto claims it doesn’t affect humans, it’s been shown to act as an antibiotic, with a preference for destroying the “good” bacteria in our guts.. Any wonder why there are so many gut issues? If that wasn’t bad enough, several “non-GMO” crops such as wheat, canola, beets and some other grains are sprayed with Roundup shortly before harvest as a “desiccant” which kills the crop, but forces the plants to squeak out a fraction more just before it dies. Then, the dead plants dry out and are easier to harvest. Of course, the Roundup is drawn up into the plant and ends up in the part we consume. So, although wheat is not GMO, many growers are spraying their wheat crops with Roundup and not sharing that information, and so, uninformed consumers are eating it, and wreaking havoc in their guts. It’s just another disturbing way that “BIG AGRA” is putting profits over people. But, keep the faith, we need to keep our people informed and lead them to health freedom.
    To your health,

  176. Gisela Lichtgarn on

    Dr. Axe, Thank you for giving out so much FREE info! This is what true doctors should do—caring more about the health of their patients and not their own incomes! (Income will come where there is unexpectant true service to those suffering! And then everyone can contribute according to what they can afford!)
    As to diet, we have been in touch with a very knowledgeable Indian doctor/guru for the past 46 years, have been “over there” many times. So we have been vegetarians/vegans all this time and we have felt well. He also has recommended TOFU for us, though we understand the GMO danger! MILK is ok for children during the growing years. Not needed after that, though we understand the pasteurized point you are making. We used to get raw milk when my son was little. Now this is no longer available. We have been very inspired by Dr. Michael Greger (the Food Revolution Summit) and his PLANT-BASED diet and how major “killer diseases” can be reversed, such as heart disease, diabetes etc. He has the studies that show this. There is no need to kill any animals for the benefit of our health. Let all live and thrive!
    Thank you again, Dr. Axe, for generously sharing so much good info for all and for free!

  177. Liz on

    you said that artificial sweeteners are bad for your health. what about “Stevia” or Truvia? I thought they were all natural from plants. aren’t those healthier than Splenda and others?

  178. Michelle on

    Wow!! This is amazing research! I’m gonna have to make a page on my blog to share this (and other amazing articles by you)!! My husband and I recently started oil pulling too! :)

  179. Audrey Falck on

    I was surprised to see “conventional meats” on the list. I knew they aren’t the best but I felt like it wasn’t a huge deal for me to have commercially raised meats if the rest of my diet was good. Then, I did a nutrition evaluation that showed my omega 3/ omega 6 ratio and it was not good. Too high in Omega 6. I know that grass-fed meat has a lot more nutrients and a better omega 3//6 ratio than commercialed meat. I am going to see where I can get grass-fed meats, I may eat less but it will be much better…Thanks for this article!

  180. Daniela on

    It’s a great article. I would however love to know what to use instead of the above. SO for milk for example, what IS safe and des not cause health pr weight problems? Coconut milk is very heavy, almond milk as well… Flaxseed is the best thing for digestion and elimination. What is the alternative? Any suggestions please? Thanks a lot!

    • Sarah on

      I make my own almond milk. I sprout 2-3 cups of raw organic almonds by soaking overnight with a tablespoon of Celtic sea salt, then blend 1 cup of rinsed almonds with 4 cups of water for about three minutes to thoroughly emulsify. Then I run it all through a nut bag, store in a mason jar with a teaspoon of vanilla. Delicious!

  181. Gurpreet Kanwar on

    This is getting so ridiculous and stressful on what should be eaten and what should not be. Some of the items, understood, are not healthy but now MILK, CANOLA OIL and TABLE SALT in the list, this makes me feel poor. Yes, these items needed to be taken in limits to avoid unwanted health issues.
    As pronounced out loud that only organics are healthy, grass fed eggs and meat is healthy but for a family of 4 -5, with a middle-class income, I believe the affordability rate is drastically falling. And the selection of food is very stressful. Everything you eat with a suspicion and never sure if the food will be good or bad to your body. In this case, where is the enjoyment of having delicious food with a full comfort that the body will be benefitted!

    • Sarah on

      I hear what you’re saying. It’s hard sometimes to buy the absolute healthiest product! I have found that Costco and Trader Joe’s stock organic meats that are cost-effective and I don’t buy them anywhere else. Costco also has a huge tub of coldpressed organic unrefined coconut oil for a fraction of the price and other surprising organic products. We buy the dirty dozen vegetables/fruit organic and don’t sweat the others, however we just planted a whole bunch of veggies that I’m looking forward to enjoying the summer. The more I learn the more important it is for our family to eat as organic and healthy as possible – my arthritis and my husbands gout have gotten him on board as well as we simply don’t have as much pain when we eat well. I truly believe that if we don’t eat as healthy as possible upfront we end up paying for it on the backside and medical costs. I’ve been shopping and feeding my family this way for a few years now and it gets easier as you learn what to buy wear, what to avoid etc. my energy level is amazing and I love knowing I’m taking care of the people I love most!

  182. Maureen Ellis on

    I was diagnosed more than three years ago with a skin disorder called Granuloma Annular. This rash has now spread to almost every area on my body including my armpits. I have seen several dermatologists, been prescribed many different steroid creams, topical gels, anti-biotics, and the latest recommendation is ultra violet light treatment 2-3 times a week. I am going to have to think about this one! Everyone I consulted for this condition is unsure of what causes Granuloma Annular, looking on the internet it seems it could be linked to an immune deficiency. I have had many blood tests, the latest one showing a very low Vitamin D level, which explains the fatigue I have a lot. I would do anything or try anything to get rid of this awful rash that is taking over my body image and now I always want to wear long pants, and long sleeves to cover this unsightly rash. I live in Dallas, Tx and the heat is triple digits in the summertime. I have taken a PPI for the last twenty five years for GERD and I do believe this could also be a contributing factor to a weakened immune system, I had my gall bladder removed when I was 29 years old and have always had stomach issues including excessive bloating and discomfort, a slow digestive system, IBS, GERD, I have had many endoscopies and tested positive for lactose intolerance and negative for Celiac disease. I have just started taking the Collagen shake, and leaky gut powder along with your pro-biotoc. I think it is to soon to see any immediate changes because it has only been a couple of weeks. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

  183. world traveler on

    Yes, only eat locally grown plants, free-grazing meat, and drink non-pasteurized milk. I travel the world and most places I go eat exactly this kind of diet, and they are all so healthy! They all live to such old age and are generally free of almost all modern ailments. Exactly like our ancestors, who were paragons of health and had such long lifespans.


  184. Roxanne on

    Yes, I was surprised to find tilapia on the list. I had no idea that it would be toxic. If anything, I always suspected salmon. About red meat, I had my suspisions, and lately I only eat “grass fed”, “organic.” I have questions about soy, such as is soy milk okay to use in small amounts and is it okay to eat edamame? Also, as another writer writes, I wonder if stevia or truvia is okay as an artificial sweetener? The table salt advice was new to me. Otherwise, I already knew about the vegetable oil, the milk, the popcorn, the butter/margerine,and the juice. I still found the article enlightening and useful. Thank you.

  185. Marcy Ann White on

    No I was not surprised by this list although reading through the responses I was surprised to hear about the H salt. I have not heard the cons of this only the pros and I have been consuming only H salt for a year now. It is so delicious why would anyone go back to even sea salt?

    Thanks so much for all you share Dr A.

  186. John on

    I am78.Just recently, my doctor has been bugging me about my borderline sugar levels.I decided to take him seriously as i have lost my wife and several friends to the consequences of diabetes. In researching the subject, I found your article one of the best. I am going to change my ways and will re-comment in three months

  187. Allura Westly on

    When you speak of farmed Tilapea, I was shopping at Whole Foods and they said their sustainibly farmed Tilapia is very safe for you to eat, also why can I not eat organic tofu, that does not have GMO,S or pesticides?

  188. biLLy on

    Soy Protein is TOFU? my god I love it as a veg. protein and I did read that it was one of the things that Monsanto screwed with too. But I live in the philippines and I cant get information if it is organically grown or not, so I guess stay away from it?

  189. Thomas E Perry on

    I was really surprised by the article on milk. I am a great consumer of milk as a drink and on cereal. I guess I will have to find a substitute. You have never don an article or lesson on people with breathing problems about what is good nutrients for them to use and what to avoid. Also which essential oils work good in a diffuser for breathing problems, to include emphysema, COPD, and other similar breathing problems. I see plenty of articles on leaky gut which I don’t know what it is so I guess I don’t have that problem. This and God bless Tom Perry, ([email protected])

  190. Keri on

    No. I was not surprised to read most of what I read.

    My question is, what is your opinion on smoothies? Do they compare to fruit juices? I can pack a LOT of fruits and vegetables in one smoothie and drink it as a meal…usually breakfast. Are pure, blended fruit smoothies also bad for me? They definitely have helped to reduce my sugar intake…candies, cookies, etc…….because they satisfy my craving for sugary sweets. I just invested in a Vitamix blender to increase my intake of fruits and veggies.

    I, like so many others, are getting weary, feeling like no matter what we consume, it’s not the right food, from the right source. It’s become one of those exhausting, dreaded chores to go to the grocery store anymore. I feel like I do more reading there than I would at the local library! ;)

    • Rachel on

      Your doing the right thing. As long as you keep it in moderation and use basic common sense. You can overload on the natural sugars in fruits as stated in the article you don’t want to be eating 3 oranges at a time. I feel the same as you with trying to figure out what is safe to eat. You have to stand there in the store and read everything till you find the one that has the least to no crap in it. Try to buy as much organic as possible. Stick to fresh unprocessed foods and you’ll be doing your body good.

  191. Linda on

    The part on oils quite confusing! I had just seen a video posted by a nutritionist: https://www.facebook.com/ShareWIK/videos/1262963300398880/?pnref=story
    This says, no coconut oil due to the high saturated fat content and to choose olive oil or canola oil, because they are low saturated fat. I can take canola oil off my grocery list due to the GMO issue, but should I really put coconut on my grocery list instead? Why, with such a high saturated fat level, is coconut oil a good choice? And then Dr. Furman, says no oils…BBBAAHHHH! No wonder it is so hard to figure out how to eat well!

    • Gina on

      Saturated fat is not the bogeyman it used to be. Since I’m self-educated on nutrition, I won’t get into details because I could easily be called out for not being expert (no letters after my name) by cranky web trolls. But the research is out there and widely available from a number of qualified sources. Coconut oil’s medium chain tryglycerides (MCTs) have a number of beneficial attributes. It has a place in a healthy diet as long as one is not allergic to coconut.

  192. SC on

    As far as juice goes, I try to drink about 4-6 oz a day of organic, cold-pressed, unrefined pineapple juice because of its “health benefits.” Is this kind of juice okay? Or is it still unhealthy?

    • Cheryl on

      Why you don’t buy the whole fruit and juice it yourself with a Vitamix blender? Blend the whole fruit, leaving the other benefits fruit has to offer. Although, pineapple juice is high in sugar. Pomegranate, carrot or beet juice is likely a better choice, they offer more vitamins.

    • Rachel on

      Any farm raised fish/seafood is terrible. They are raised in tanks and or closed environments and therefore have to be given antibiotics. They are fed pellets instead of eating what they would in nature. You can tell a big difference in taste between wild and farmed.

  193. Dave on

    Great article…. just a little correction. GMO soy does not contain a pesticide; it’s designed to tolerate high levels of Roundup applied to the fields by the farmer. Some corn (BT corn) is genetically modified to contain an herbicide. GMO soy is still horrible, but it’s better if we get the details right.

    • Bran on

      Well, the GMO treated food does contain pesticide. The plant picks it up after being sprayed. The GMO prevents it from being destroyed.
      When they spray for weeds or pests, it picks up the pesticide every time they spray

    • Cheryl on

      Roundup IS a pesticide and is definitely on all GMO foods when sprayed. Anything GMO is modified to tolerate the pesticide Roundup so it won’t kill the GMO plant, but it will kill anything that grows around it. GMO’s are bad news for everyone in every way.

  194. Dr. Mary-Anne Pops on

    Dr. Axe.

    Your article on 10 Health Foods You Should Never Eat contained a number of grammar mistakes. For example, the article said “artificial sweeteners causes”…..It should have said “artificial sweeteners cause…..” You should have someone proof your writing.

  195. Jen on

    For over 35 years, we have raise our own meats, can and preserve our own albacore, veg and fruits and raise chickens for eggs. Also hunt for variety of wild game. We have a large acre garden that feeds us 8-9 months out of the year and a hot house for the few months in winter. Since I have been in menopause I feel bloated and constipated. Why? What can I do to prevent these issues? You stated your mom was constipated and only had a bowel movement twice a week. That is me!
    We do not eat any processed foods. We buy very little at the store. I stay away from anything with flour or sugar on the label. I just started cutting out milk as I would have about 1/4 cup a day with my 2 cups of coffee. What is causing the constipation, foggy head and bloating?????


    • Rachel on

      I used to have a lot of trouble with constipation when I entered my late 30’s. It was so bad one time I took myself to the ER. Figured out later it was from simply eating oatmeal for breakfast a few days in a row. I learned my system has trouble processing oats/grains. Now I If I eat to much grain products I feel it in my gut. I try to keep it in moderation. I still continued to have some bowel trouble but nothing as severe. 2-1\2 years ago I decided to give up meats. I don’t eat any animal that has walked. It just clicked in my head one day and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I do eat seafood and living in Florida I have access to fresh. I primarily eat fresh tuna, shrimp, Alaskan salmon, Mahi, Snapper. All wild caught only. Anyways since giving up meats and limiting grain I no longer have trouble with my bowels. I feel so much better and I have two nice easy poopies everyday.

    • Cheryl on

      Taking a magnesium supplement should fix that, I have been taking 350mg to 500mg a day for about 20yrs now. It will make your stools loose and it will help in a lot of other ways as well, like sleep etc. We don’t get anywhere near enough magnesium from our diet, hope that helps.

  196. Denzil Dunkley on

    I am ever so glad I read this article as it relates to organically produced food.i thought organically produced foodstuffs would be the ideal in all respects.Thank you for this eye opener.l was producing some Vegetables at home, I will just increase the amount and varieties.Thanks for the explanation relating to milk and margarine.This article is exceptionally informative and relevant..Thank you Dr Axe.

    • Cheryl on

      I’d say juice is bad for your health. They are high in sugar, low in fibre and the rest of the fruit has been removed, so it goes straight into your blood steam and raises blood sugar quickly. Fruits should also be limited to 2 or 3 servings a day at most.

  197. Saqib Arshad on

    Great work. Really helpful, espacially regarding fruit juice, fish, meat, salt and milk. We Are In Need of Your such a work Axe. Thanks.

  198. Darlene on

    I am SO CONFUSED!!!!!! so many products, What is the difference with bone broth and the collagen?? I have been using the leaky gut support with the collagen and probiotic I thought the collagen was bone broth!?!? Now I would like to get more , but I don’t know what I need???!!!

  199. Kate Jones on

    I observe these, with the exception of farmed fish. Not all farms are created equal — you can’t expect all of them to operate the same. For instance: http://www.verlasso.com/farming/fish-in-fish-out … I love Verlasso’s salmon. They explain their philosophy behind the diet they feed their fish. It’s important to have fish farms out there. Over-fishing is a huge problem regarding wild-caught fish, and at the rate they are being fished, we can’t expect them to stick around forever.

  200. Julie on

    So can I ask a couple of questions? Is organic microwave popcorn ok? Is there any difference? Also, Coconut oil – I am allergic to coconut (I get hives)
    – will I have a reaction to coconut oil? Lastly I have seen label on fish say “farm fresh” I guess I should stay away from that and eat only “wild caught”??? Thank you, I am new here and I enjoyed this article.

    • Queen Wortham on

      Microwave popcorn across the board is something to avoid. The bags are lined with plastic and microwaving food with plastic releases carcinogens into your food. You can buy raw organic popcorn and pop it in an air popper, which you can buy for about $20 and it’ll make the fastest, best popcorn you’ve ever had.
      I assume you would have an allergic reaction to coconut oil if you are allergic to coconut, but you may be surprised to find that your food allergies disappear after committing to a good detox program for a few days and following a whole foods, organic diet for the rest of your days.
      Yes, you should look for Wild Caught fish and avoid farm-raised seafood, but since over-fishing IS a real problem in the world, I try to keep it to a minimum. Hope that helps!

  201. Bonnie Olcott on

    ok. You say one of the 10 ‘health’ foods to never eat is artificial sweeteners. As a diabetic I should stay away from sugar as well. Ok then, what am I supposed to have to sweeten my coffee. I agree with 8 of the 10 no-nos. I eat cereals that have 16g of sugar. I mix it with fruits and chia seeds. My blood sugar stays low. I have learned from my daughter that if you eat a carb/sugar food to eat it with protein and fat so it is eliminated from the body not into the blood. Soo what is your opinion of what sweetener to use??? FYI I have been staying below 120mg/dl most days (in a range of 108-135 by doctor) many hovering around 100.

  202. Jill on

    In the winter months I freshly squeeze either one ruby grapefruit, or one medium lemon into a 500ml bottle. I then fill it up with boiled and cooled water and take it to work with me to have with my lunch. As it contains some of the pith, as well as the cells, surely that is OK to consume? (I’m in South Africa, so I use locally grown fruit.)

  203. Ronald on

    Thank you Dr. Axe

    I am worried. I never had bloated stomach before. I am now wondering if I should hold my refrigerator by the scruff of the door handle and dump all thats inside it. I think the best solution to what we should not eat is to see a specifically designed list o what should be consumed. In dietary format

    Thank you again Dr. Axe. Also thanks to the contributors for their experienced input

  204. a on

    hey u doofus this is so bogus bud u haven’t got a bankers as to what ur talking ’bout m8. did u mention that coconut oil is super high in saturated fats? did u mention that artificial sweeteners don’t actually cause anything? ur comments here are just steering ppl towards buying ur products and thats so manipulative.

    • Nicole on

      Calling people names does not help your case, nor does it show any sign of intelligence. If you did any type of research you would find that your statement is completely unfounded and uneducated. The only reason coconut oil was ever given a bad rep was from corp greed, hence new paid for studies to discredit the health foods such as coconut oil and to promote their “new and improved healthier options such as veggie oils, canola oils” which are extremely detrimental to ones health. In fact healthy fats are necessary for optimal brain health and function. Corp greed and manipulation has long been apart of the America SAD diet , and if you question that you really are in the dark.

  205. Inselberg on

    Dr Axe
    What is NOT Healthy about eating organic Pork from Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe’s ?
    Also organic Peanut Butter from Whole Foods Market. Or Trader Joe’s ?

    • JT on

      Fwiw, I shop at Trader Joes and at Whole Foods. I appreciate each chain for different reasons. As one who was forced to reevaluate my diet due to health reasons, I have spent the last 5 years researching nutrition and more. The word “organic” is never a guarantee that the food is “healthy.” Trader Joe’s as you may know has had numerous recalls on their peanuts, including the butters among other nuts and items. I know little about their pork (or in general) but what I do know are what experts say is a person’s best option when buying pork. Buy that which has the Certified Humane or Animal Welfare Approved label on it. You might want to double check if TJ’s has that label on their “organic” pork. The more stringent of the two labels is the Animal Welfare Approved label. The Certified Humane label, is no guarantee that the pig spends the majority of its life raised outdoors (although many with this certification are). Organic pork standards require that pigs be fed organic feed, prohibit non-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones, and have good standards for providing for the pig’s comfort, bedding, outdoor access, etc. The standards are less stringent than with the third-party labels above but they remain far superior to conventionally raised, factory-farmed pork.

      What concerns me is TJs continual refusal to reveal where they get their meat, dairy, etc. That has also been a growing concern for many others as well.

      Recently, I learned the hard way to be careful with reading labels at TJ’s and even then–it may not disclose everything. TJ’s ‘claims’ that they do not use MSG in ANY of their foods yet I found out when unbeknownst to me, I purchased an item there that contained Autolyzed Yeast Extract. AYE is an excitotoxin — another term for MSG. MSG comes in hidden, various forms. Please don’t misunderstand me as shopping there is usually an enjoyable experience; the employees are usually very nice and go out of their way to help. They offer some good items but bear in mind, ultimately they along with WF are in business to make money–health or not. In the end, it is up to the consumer to do their homework if they want to know what they are eating.

  206. JL on

    The majority of GMO soy is grown for animal feed or for processing into derivative products, not for direct consumption in the form of edamame, tofu, soy milk, etcetera. Most of the producers of soy products I’ve seen explicitly label their products as being made from organic and/or non-GMO soy beans. But then, non-GMO soy has a higher carbon footprint because of the fuel used in weeding/tilling the crops. The ‘case’ against GMO foods is hardly clear-cut.

  207. Charity on

    I would like to respectfully disagree on a couple of points here. First, when talking about Soy, Dr Axe states that “roundup ready” means that it has a built in pesticide. This is completely false. “Round up ready” plants have been genetically modified to be resistant to the herbicide (not pesticide) Round Up; meaning that the farmer can spray a field with Round up to kill the unwanted plants, and the intended crop will not die from it. I don’t disagree that this is still unhealthy, but the better reason to avoid un-fermented soy is the component of the soy that is anti-nutritive. ( I think its phytate, but not certain). Additionally, regardless of your opinion of meat, no cattle are ever “force fed” they have voracious appetites, and an adult cow can consume 100 lbs of feed in a day. They love the taste of grain, their response is similar to a child with candy. Again, I am not debating the opinion of whether grain fed beef is or isn’t bad, just that these animals are NOT abused or mis-used on the majority of farms. And as someone that grew up on a dairy farm and has worked for years in the dairy industry first hand, I consider myself well educated on that point. And again on the point of milk… The hormone given to dairy cattle to increase milk production is bovine growth hormone. It is a protein hormone, not a steroid hormone, and as such, has absolutely no effect on any species other than cattle. (plus, proteins are denatured during pasteurization anyway) Also, there is not antibiotics in milk. Period. Dairy cattle are not given antibiotics as a method of preventing disease as a regular practice. Antibiotic use is for ill animals, and any milk they produce is DUMPED DOWN THE DRAIN, until a milk test doesn’t detect any antibiotic residue. Then, her milk can be put in the tank again. The milk from every farmers tank is sampled prior to loading on a truck, and every truck is sampled and tested before being unloaded at the processing plant. Any truck that is “hot” or positive for antibiotics will be dumped, and the samples from the farmer’s tanks to determine who was at fault. That farmer must then pay for the entire load of milk. No farmer is purposely going to put antibiotics in the tank. Well I agree with Dr Axe on many points, these significant points leave the rest of his advice questionable for me. What else is being advised without complete knowledge and/or proper research? Please stop vilifying our nations farmers, where else do you expect to get food from?

  208. Paul on

    I’m from the Netherlands, and over here the amount of trans fat in margarine has been reduced to a minimum. When research showed that trans fat is very
    unhealthy, the producers of margarine changed the making of margarine and reduced it to a very low level. So the story of trans fats in margarine is not exactly
    tue overhere. Still it’s a processed product, and therefore not the most natural choice. You can use (organic) graasbutter in stead.

  209. Joe Public on

    Once again you broadly and incorrectly knock all canola oil. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expeller pressed organic non-gmo verified canola oil. This is particularly true since the Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio in canola oil is the lowest of all oils which means it causes less inflammation and cancer than even olive oil. I find it funny that you don’t address this since it is the most dangerous issue facing vegetarians these days that know little about it, hence the high rates of cancer among vegetarians in the latest 20 year study because no one bothered to bring up the outrageous ratios of Omega 6/ Omega 3 oils when they should really be no higher than 4/1 in your overall diet and as close to 1/1 as possible!

  210. Jane M. Turner on

    Well thank you for your Email….I do not eat or drink any of the products you show above…..
    I drink only Rice Dream and it has been forever…..

    Really have watched frozen products I buy and the Sodium level and Potassium level
    and the rest of what is in them, to be sure what I get.

    The one thing that really can be a problem is the connection of our Metabolism in our
    body and inner emotion and stress that occurs.

    I went to a DOCTORS that were so wrong for me and gave me my HORRIBLE problem
    that I have had to go through….They MADE the BIGGEST MISTAKE and started THYROID
    DRUGS…I ended up with a BRAIN Tumor after 3 years of them and lots of problems in my
    beliefs for 10 years and researching for so long HOW our MIND con control our body
    health and to watch what vitamin companies I deal with and HERBAL companies are the
    best for me….

    I, at 77 years of age have quit a job making $90,000 a year because of the faultiness
    that they decidedness to go into and ended up having to sell my DAD’s estate for over
    1 mlillion 500,000$ for 4 years…GAS STATION and HOUSE…and put up with a younger
    sister and brother….

    EMOTIONS hit our health, I believe can hit more than what we eat or drink….DON’t you feel
    that connection????

    I am surviving the lost of 2 MEN that I LOST through CRAZY MD’s in the last 7 years in BAD
    circumstances, that I wish the MD’s were removed from their positions…They do not help
    people as I found out about 4 previous MDs on THYROID…..Yes I never had a Thyroid problem.

    I have found 5 MDs that said I have never had a problem with my thyroid….

    I believe our minds can control our health TOO…..I think you might me going too far in your thinking
    maybe you have to understand how our inner emotions and beliefs can hurt our health more than
    the food and drink we consume…….

    Well I quit my answers to this email, I think you are going too far with your beliefs and hurts peoples
    health…You ask TOO much STUFF not to eat or consume….TOO MUCH.
    I END my conversation……..JANE TURNER signing OFF>>>>>>>

  211. Shaun on

    Hello my name is shaun is there a list some where i can print of thing’s i can start eating been trying to not pollute my body seen you disturbing videoson food processing any help would be appreciated

  212. Zana Haddad on

    Thanks a lot Dr Axe :
    People should always thank you for what you are doing and giving and achieving . Your efforts are really great.
    I’m 64 years old , i have been on a diet for 29 years ,1 look 49 because my diet is completely sugar free , no fruit , no sweeteners , some organic Strawberry, some organic k ewe , blubbery and organic vegetable .
    I ‘m healthy and strong .
    I ALWAYS READ and accept what you thankfully say and write . wish you all the best .
    Keep going .

  213. Eric Richards on

    New Zealand news media said a lot of bull a few months ago about saying there was only two types cheap & expensive salt, comments came from a organization that puts out a magazine, until they learn the facts and say there is toxic salt and non-toxic, I have no interest subscribing to their magazine

  214. Elizabeth Cornell on

    Poultry and dairy are the most contaminated sources of food in America. They create molecules that drive cholesterol into artery walls which is why in addition to perpetuating animal cruelty, global warming and poor health, diets that include meat and dairy are setting people up for an epidemic of clogged arteries, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer and other autoimmune diseases.

    Research found in thousands of peer reviewed scientific publications have proved that a high carbohydrate, low fat, plant based diet plays a major role in not only the prevention but in some cases the reversal of many of the most serious diseases that plague our health care system today.

    • tag on

      I think you need to get some updated information.

      Elizabeth Cornell on August 23rd, 2017 – 10:32pm

      Poultry and dairy are the most contaminated sources of food in America.

      Only if you don’t know where to go for clean sources. Stop with the government tossed garbage to your brain and do some real research on nutrition. Web MD shouldn’t be your source of information. Find out that Carbohydrates turn into sugar and fuel the obese related diseases like type 2 diabetes that is rampart in this country. Stop spouting and get a clue.

  215. Shweta Kawaatra on

    This is amazing. So insightful. I’m very glad I signed up. Pl throw some light on almond milk as well. We are a lactose u friendly family . We all drink almond milk bought from the super market. Including my 5 year old daughter.
    Thank you

  216. Sheila Ezeir on

    Thank u. U helped me. Is frozen bagged fruits not healthy if not organic?
    I do buy organic frozen blueberries
    Otherwise Iam aware of all your foods listed here. Great to be reminded.
    What is your most effective ridding pesticides from veggies fruits
    Using white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar spray

  217. Eva Blais on

    I agree with most on the list – except soy and agave syrup.
    Pretty tired of hearing what soy is SUPPOSED to be bad for. Compared to what ? Dairy? Much worse. Then – which soy is he taking about? the crap they feed to unsuspecting cows or the non-gmo certified organic?
    I went veggie about 25 years ago – vegan about 15 years ago. I have consumed a lot of HEALTHY tempeh, tofu, soy – and I have non of the so called diseases one might get. Why don t you show the effects of dairy on people s health???

  218. John Ahrens on

    As a well established and highly respected Mortician here in California.
    I will agree on what you are saying.
    But you fail to mention thew word Moderation!
    I have found that in my 50 yrs of practice.
    You can do everything right and still come down with life threatening Diseases.
    The cost of eating the foods that you suggest is expensive and unrealistic.
    Take for instance Beef.
    The rancher can raise the beef as you say. But the cost is expensive and all Cattle that is FDA approved must be inoculated.
    This is to protect the animals and humans!
    With out it there would be no live stock in large commodities to raise or sell at a price that is affordable to mass public.
    Unless you are saying that it is only for the Rich.
    I have buried way to many Dr. Mistakes.

  219. Jordan on

    this just means you can’t eat anything, I suppose. Compared to all those things in the world, of course nearly all things have disadvantages. Why don’t we don’t eat?

  220. Dan Childs on

    Thank you for your information. I wonder about recommending organic strawberries. The reason is “certified organic” now has over 900 lab made chemicals approved and some, like spinosad is being overused to fight spotted wing drosophila SWD. It has a three day to harvest interval and moderate residual and this equals organic? Isn’t it better to get a strawberry with say bifenture, which is conventional but has a 1 day to harvest and low residual?
    Nobody seems to want to talk about this. Can you help?

  221. kim jonsson on

    how about NO GARLIC….
    so so bad…. evil – do your homework! … if the Italians used it on bullets cause they knew garlic was deadly in the blood…. do they all have a death wish?

    I follow an ayervedic diet – so no garlic, onions, …. disturb alpha waves so not consumed by those seeking a mediation practice and better health

    • tag on

      My grandmother ate a clove a day her whole life and she lived to be 100 years and 6 months. I also consider an onion a day keeps the Dr. away. Much more than the GMO apples do! I’m 64 and healthy as a horse! So? Got a fact for your claims?

  222. Gary Sandberg on

    What about Redmond “REAL SALT” it’s a 100% Natural unrefined sea salt mined in Redmond Utah as well. http://www.RealSalt.com . You mentioned the other 2 salts that are unrefined as well and Redmond REAL SALT seems to be a good one as well.

  223. Phyllis on

    Thanks! I am so glad I signed up to get your newsletter via e-mail. I have enjoyed
    EVERY single article and they are so very helpful. I just love the super, great
    guidance to a Natural Health way of life!

    Thank You for being a Doctor who truly cares and helps in sharing!

  224. Pam Wallace on

    October 4 th Pam in U.K. Hi thank you for this information, I’m aware of gm soy, but I do drink garenteed organic non gm milk by Alpro here in the U.K., your opinion please

  225. Melinda on

    Wow, this list had me quite shocked. Especially the table salt; which I never use. I’m surprised salt alone was considered a healthy food. Dr. Axe, do you think you can make a recommendation for me. I’m trying to get a good understanding of what foods I should and should not eat based on my blood type and/or body composition test. As well as what time of day it’s best for me to exercise, and when is the best time to eat low-glycemic sugars and carbs. I have a stomach poach that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I would gladly appreciate your help or if you have a program for me.

  226. Noël on

    Appreciate Dr. Axe bringing out the truth. I know a lot about nutrition. However, this information made me even more aware of what not to put into my body. Excellent info.

  227. scott on

    U r the best amigo. 69 year old, expedition life, blew off training wheels, stopped here in Mexico to get rid of type 2, feet r like leather in bucket of mud. Hope it reverses. sDs

  228. Harold on

    Hi Dr. Axe,
    I thought of another artificial sweetener which is on my DO NOT EAT LIST……..ASPARTAME. I am sure you agree and perhaps could be added to your list.
    Than you for helping so many people that follow your advice and are living much healthier lives because of it.

  229. Jadee Lord on

    You should really have someone edit your material. The second paragraph is unbearable. Each sentence has at LEAST one error. Not fixing these issues unfortunately, let’s readers like me, question your credibility and stop reading altogether.

  230. Christine Baca on

    WOW ,! I have been saying this for years….. about how margarine is terrible for you and stopped the juice thing when my second daughter was about 5.. and now she is 19. I always knew microwave were bad, not until 2006 when I did research to help a friend out who”s 4 year old daughter had blood cancer. I stopped all fish after Fukishami in Japan.. Do not drink milk. I do not like black coffee… unfortunately , never drink diet soda , or soda. The surgars aguave , I did hear it was not healthy but ignored it.. I will NEVER BUY non organic strawberries again. MY point is all the past 15 years many of my family members just laughed at my claims…. since it was verbal. I really appreciate that you have all the food items down and explain… now I can prove my claims to folks who ignore me because it is proof from a renowned Doctor. Doctor Axe. You are a True Blessing !!!!

    • tag on

      Me too In the 1970 when they were demonizing eggs as an un healthy choice I said BS. Same thing with margarine over butter. BS LOL! Even the flouride treatments in the 1980’s. BS! All today seem to think fake food is the healthy choice. I drink raw milk! I pull my morning eggs out of the nest! I buy only grassfed free range meat. I grow all my own veggies and fruits. I saw all of this 30 years ago and I am still kicking at 64 and on no meds and haven’t did the MD thing for abt. 30 years. I also have no need for HEALTHLESS Insurance. Wake up America before it is to late.

  231. Evelyn on

    DR. Axe, You say Komhucha is good . Other doctores say no good and not aproved by FDA. I would like to give it a try . I take Eliquis blood thinner will Kombucha interact with Eliquis. I read it could cause shortness of breath. True or not true ?. Does Kombacha have all the Bs, probiotic etc. as you say? this is what interest me.

    • tag on

      That’s an opinion and not based on fact. Cow’s milk has been used by humans since the beginning of time and almonds? Fluffs of 2000. Plus the fact it taste horrible! Can’;t make butter from it or some yummy whipped cream. Count it as your opinion but nothing else.

  232. Linda A Ponzetto on

    Hi, FYI: there is NO such thing as Organic Strawberry’s anywhere. Every single Strawberry plant is sprayed when it is very tiny; called a ‘stem’. When they leave the farm, that’s when they continue to get sprayed or never get sprayed again. But since they have ALL been sprayed at their early life, there is no such thing as a REAL, true, ORGANIC Strawberry. If they didn’t get sprayed in the domes, they would never produce any fruit, it would be full of insects.

  233. Jessica on

    Help dr.axe!
    I give my kids organic canned green beans every week. the can is BPA free. Doesn’t this eliminate your concerns? But I saw your recommendations said choose organic fresh or frozen. What if organic canned bpa-free?

    Thaaaank you!

  234. Joy on

    How do I download this information.
    Also I am new to. Healthy eating, thought I was eating well but developed diverticulitis. Just now recovering. Any suggestions?
    What about salad? I only use Orgaic Olive oil and vinegar.

  235. Leslie Ehrman on

    Dr. Axe ~ Excellent ~ thank you! Yup! I’m 46, I stop drinking soy with my Starbucks coffees and it reduced the premenopausal symptoms greatly. My dad’s a retire re GP extremely health conscious, thus back in the 70’s introduced our our family to soy milk but in recent decades, retracted on that ….same reason due to the GMO problems. I asked my dad if it was ok to drink soy or not? ONLY Non GMO, in moderation, yet still does not recommended it, to look for an alternative., I hear hemp is awsome(& poppy seeds) but unfortunately may show up on a random drug test, as I am a Flight Attendant? I recently switched to Cashew Milk by SILK, closest to soy I can find, in taste and consistency of the frothiness. I pretty happy with it. Trying to make wiser choices.
    ………SILK, has stated certified NON GMO, for their soy milk, what are your thoughts, because I did not hear you comment on it on it. I assume if you didn’t it means fermented, natto period! Please, clarify my curiosity.
    Thank you so much, for your time to help us all eat healthier and remain aware of how our bodies process what we eat. 🙏🏻 💚😀
    PS soooo buying your bone broth, and additional supplements!

  236. Emily on

    Hi! I’m 16 and currently thinking about becoming a vegetarian, but a lot of sites are telling me different things on what is good for my health and what isn’t healthy, a lot of sites tell me to have supplements like Tofu and soy products. What is safe to eat? What is the difference between fermented and un-fermented products?

  237. Russell Bowman on

    I use miso, a firmented soy paste that is used to make soup or I drink it with some thin sliced ginger and a teaspoon of miso in a cup for an early rise drink. Miso is a good source of probiotics.

    Another Japanese item I use is soba noodles. I boil them for 4 minutes, then drain, cool in water, stir fry with coconut oil, natural salt, and at the last, add virgin olive oil and a bit of butter. Soba noodles are traditionally made of buckwheat, they are brown and are not gritty like some whole grain noodles.

      • tag on

        Hello! Your liver produces cholesterol when you don’t get enough thru your diet, which is the healthier way to get the cholesterol you need. You do know you need it don’t you? You do know it is present in every cell of your body don’t you? Or maybe you need to get off the pharma lies how it should be reduced thru expensive drugs, and loss of life and research it yourself????
        Hanna! Get educated on the subject then open your mouth.

  238. Sonya on

    Very informative!!
    I value your opinion. The way you introduce the information is not only organized but also specific and to the point! The way you share the information and support it with a variety of scientific research makes it evident that you are a trustworthy source of information and a genuine and very caring health care provider! It is deplorable that in 2018, it is still a challenge to know if the food we eat is really as healthy as it is introduce to us on tv!! Keep us informed here and on youtube as well. Keep up the good work! All the best for 2018!

  239. Mary Roe on

    Great content! very helpful indeed. For anyone who love to read more on Health Foods, I would like to suggest Filtur.co.uk. Thank you for sharing anyway.

  240. HANNA on

    I’m sorry are you stupid??? why is this called “health foods you should never eat” and half of the foods on this list aren’t health foods? Since when is a pancake breakfast a healthfood?? why are people buying in to this inane load of crap? and i’m sorry since when do vegetable oils cause learning disabilities? HOW ARE SHADY COFFEE DRINKS A HEALTH FOOD?

  241. A Wallace on

    Soya milk is healthier than comes milk. Watch Dr Gregers info videos on the subject. This advice has not kept up with the latest research results.

  242. Alan on

    I’ve recently heard that taking two teaspoons of mannitol a day can help with Parkinson’s disease what’s your opinion on this information

  243. Julie on

    Hi I often eat yohourt vanilla bean ice cream evening before bed..is it not good or good for me? And I drink Mountain Dew pop sometimes I know they. Have high fructose ..I need emery..I drink coffee with vanilla cream every morning before I go work….can ya tell me if they are not good or good for me? I’m older 66 age look young ..

  244. Rita on

    I am very concerned with the glyphosate contamination in everything including organic products. With that in mind, your list here is going to grow much longer. While It seems that the thing we can eat is getting so shorter. Glyphosate is even being found in organic eggs and meat. What’s left.

  245. Marilyn Watral on

    Thank you! For some reason after a nasty gall bladder surgerery I could never get my bowels regular again and suffered many serious embarrasing accidents and constipation. Disgusting! After watching you program on PBS I still could not see my gut type, but I drifted back to my childhood days on the farm. Organic, clean but hard work, but fresh and yummy veggies. It helped a lot but I cannot garden anymore because I live in Senior Apartments with little space and ignorant neighbors who see a potted plant and assume it dirty and bad and full of bugs……It a greatly helped me to get back to earth in any way I can and I crave fresh organic veggies and fruits. Thank you Dr Axe because the ordinary doctor really pushes commercial laxatives, antibiotics and so on because it sure, quick and easy. People will do it. I am learning and things are improving.

  246. Theresa on

    My daughter is highly allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, and coconut. What oils do you recommend using if coconut oil is out of the question?

  247. Jim on

    I gave up on farmed fish many years ago and had been buying wild caught until recently.
    It seems that most fish you find in the supermarket frozen and fresh are treated with a chemical to keep it moist ie hold water. It is not required to be put on the list of ingredients. (but sometimes is listed, also very common in shrimp)
    I include the fresh fish because I recently became aware that in most cases the fresh fish you see at the supermarket was previously treated and frozen.
    I now buy fish, Icelandic Haddock, from a company that claims to cut, skin etc, package and flash freeze right on the boat without using any chemicals, shipped frozen packed in ice …. and I hope it is all true.
    Any thoughts or comments ?

  248. Andre on

    Hello Dr. Axe, I really appreciate you and your valuable knowledge you are sharing with us.
    I value every article and publication you are posting!!
    Please keep educating us about the power of Nature Medicine.
    Best regards,

  249. Rhoc on

    What absolute crap. You cannot get cystic fibrosis from diet. CF is a recessive genetic disorder. If this guy actually has a medical license, it should be immediately revoked just for that stupidity.

  250. Jackie Stuart on


    • Jackie Stuart on


  251. Teresa on

    I was recently diagnosed with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease and Fibromyalgia. I believe I have leaky gut. I used to eat fast foods and processed foods all the time. I’ve been on your diet for leaky gut, and things aren’t getting much better. Before that, I was on a whole foods plant based diet since about April of last year. I thought that my cure my problems. It did help, but not enough. I have really bad eczema on both of my hands and a rash on my face. My back muscles hurt really bad and my joints get really sore and hurt. I think I’m going to end up with Lupus if I don’t get the leaky gut fixed. I’m eating all organic. I’m going to try a three or four day bone broth fast. Any suggestions or instructions for the fast? Something has got to work soon! I don’t want to go on the drugs the doctor is trying to get me to take.

  252. Meghan on

    First off I love your stuff, love you, and always look forward to reading your articles. You have been a great help to me and my family in our quest for better health. I just wanted to let you know that in reading your stuff, I always see many mistakes in the writing itself that should be caught by a proof reader. Not a huge deal but really way more mistakes than I ever see in any one else’s writings. Just thought you should know. 3 or 4 at least in every article.

    • tag on

      Why would anyone drink this stuff when raw milk from cows is so much better and more beneficial? After all, our ancestors have drank it since the beginning of time and milk from Almonds is like a 2000 fashion statement. Do you also prefer egg substitutes? Missing out on 2 of natures most perfect foods, nutrition wise.

  253. Cindy on

    Soy sauce IS FERMENTED SOY and is good for you. in one line you say avoid soy that is not fermented and in next you say avoid soy sauce……..Learn the art of juicing! ..not buying juice “product” …

  254. Sandy on

    Are Keurig coffee products healthy for you? Or should I just go back to regular ground coffee.

    I use the caramel vanilla cream and add a teaspoon of coconut oil to my coffee every morning.

    Thank you for this site!

  255. Trevor on

    I read the #1 and immediately stopped. Didn’t even want to continue. Maybe you should have said STORE BOUGHT fruit juice is the worse to drink. If you freshly juice fruit, it’s beyond amazing for you. High in sugar? sure. But that’s NATURAL sugar which does our body good compared to the refined, human made sugar. Natural sugar, we need. I’ll be unsubscribing.

    • tag on

      Juicing has benefits for sure but you need to realize sugar is sugar and should be limited. So tell me how we need natural sugar and why its so good for us?

  256. Cynthia Lanier on

    Thank you for this very interesting empirical evidence! I exercise 5-6 days a week for two hours ( includes spin class for an hour) but still cannot lose weight, especially my stomach. Had a stroke less than a year ago and since then my stomach has held on. I’m very frustrated and hope some of your suggestions help. I mean I am 60, but never had problems before this stroke and had a very flat tummy. I lost 35 pounds while in hospital for three months. Lots of changes for sure. Then when I came home I gained 15 pounds back and have been trying very hard to lose it with no luck.

    • tag on

      Some bacon from grass fed pigs and some eggs from free range hens. You’ll probably be able to skip lunch because you will stay full. Pop tarts, sugar cereals or a doughnut just won’t catch it! :) Skip the carbs and eat some fat. Fat doesn”t make you fat, sugar does. And carbs just turn into sugar.

  257. Margaret Ndiinu on

    Thanks Dr.Axe great information.We are in Kenya Africa and we call you our Dr. About cooking meat we have always pressure cooked our meat as our grass fed animals have hard meat. Now we know.

  258. Jude L Stringfellow on

    OK, I’ve actually never been a fan of the 21 things you say to avoid. I have only one food on the list that I occasionally eat, so now what? Why am I still 30-40 pounds overweight? Stress? That’s what my doctor tells me. I’ve exercised, and I’ve dieted, I’ve rested, and I’ve done all the good things. Can stress keep me fat? I’ve researched it, and all the experts say it can. Now what? I’m eating only cage free chicken, and if I use eggs they are also cage free. I don’t eat anything on your list, save once in a while the microwave popcorn, and I can cut that out. Can you help me? I’m really needing to know what I can do to drop 30 pounds in a healthy way. Thanks.

    • tag on

      He didn’t say not to use salt. We need salt everyday and it has been demonized as the cause for heart disease by SCIENCE! Read the article. He just said to use the right kind of salt. I wouldn’t touch Morten’s fake salt with a ten foot pole but enjoy my Celtic and Himalayan pink salt, all I want and need for about 20 years. READ the article before you post nonsense. I think you need to do a little more research on the subject. You are kind of dangerous…and living in the dark.

  259. Johnnise Jackson on

    Yikes just when I thought I was doing good by only eating tilapia and shrimp I’m not a vegetarian those are the only two Meats or seafood I should say that I eat

  260. marie on

    I make a lot of my own products at home. I have been using xylitol to replace sugar in toothpastes and mouthwashes. can I use stevia for this??

  261. Anthony kelly on

    Thank you your article 21 things to avoid was great reading and a higher learning. Thanks again Anthony Kelly. Kel

  262. Freddie Greer on

    Fantastic article, very educational and a eye opener. I was taking Garcinia cambogia just as a supplement but stopped immediately after this article and further research that supports your finding with sites like web md.
    Thank you.

  263. Julie on

    Do you know of a healthy low carb, protein bar that isn’t ridiculously expensive? They all seem to have soy as their protein and of course the sugar alcohols.

  264. Char on

    If one consistently buys only organic tofu and edamame, and avoids the processed food with soy protein is there a problem with soy?

  265. Gee on

    Thank you , I avoid some of those food but , Very benificial for my family as they are additive to those foods mentioned as promoted by the media
    Can’t thank you enough

  266. Sandy Emerson-Weatherby on

    thank you so much for 21 awful foods…..I saw two that I did not know about. I have been using garcinia combogia daily for help with weight loss but also it boosts my energy too. I do have a liver issue already so I am worried about this becoming worse. I will learn about your weight loss program. I also have life-long leaky gut and have success now following your protocols. I am 75 years old would like to lose 100 pounds… this year. Thanks a bunch.

  267. Elizabeth on

    Thank you for this very interesting email. I have been using Himalayan Salt and am wondering if I’ll be iodine deficient.

    • Lynette on

      To find out more info about iodine deficiency as a result of not using table salt check out Healthy and better ran by Kamilah Stevenson she talks about this subject and many others. Also look up what foods are rich in iodine such as cod (fish).

  268. Carolyn on

    We are 100 percent compliant with these recommendations. So happy!!!
    A little ways wanting to learn more.. Thanks.. Carolyn

  269. Glenna on

    Thank you, Dr. Axe, for your excellent material…..with one exception. For many years we have used the Shaklee soy protein with good success. It is non GMO and void of all pesticides, etc., and processed differently than other soy protein powders. You might want to check out the http://www.shaklee.com website for further information on this product. It is in a class of its own and it does not increase risk of breast cancer. Thanks again.

  270. Beverly on

    This is great information, thank you Dr. Axe. I am a big fan of coconut aminios, cold pressed olive and coconut oil and find them to be very tasty and healthy ; I would encouraged the masses try them. The information on the Atlantic Salmon is new to me,thanks again. The good Lord will bless you for giving us this wonderful information as it relates to our health.

  271. tag on

    I don’t eat any of them with the occasional exception of factory farmed meat. If you eat out sometimes, which I do maybe twice a month, you are eating factory farmed animal protein. Anything i prepare at home comes from local grassfed, non GMO fed and no antibiotics ever. Fish I’m a little scared of but buy wild caught only and maybe have it once a month. I pretty well grow all my own vegetables, fruits and herbs and always preserve enough to last thru the next winter. I have access to raw milk thru cow share, make butter and yogurt and have my own flock of hens for eggs. Food is the only medicine you need to fight disease.

  272. James Thomas on

    Dear Dr. Josh,

    Aajomus Vonderplanitz has YouTube videos about eating raw organic red meat, fish, turkey, chicken and goes so far as saying that eating one to two – even three pounds of it a day – after it has started to rot / decpmpose is good for the body – that any worms, pin worms, flukes etc. are there to clean-up the body – and that you will re-gain your health faster by eating lots of raw organic meats! Do you agree with what Aajomus says? He recovered from major diseases from doing so.

  273. Wendy Neer on

    Would love to hear from you regarding high cholesterol and full fat dairy. I’ve read a study saying previous cholesterol findings may be inaccurate and not true…as in high cholesterol hype and warnings simply aren’t true. Please include your thoughts on coconut oil. Thanks!

  274. Richard on

    Hi Dr Axe
    This is very confusing, from keto diets, non dairy, gluten free etc.
    And we get Dr Michael Greger, for plant based diets, no meat, no dairy, no eggs, the others say go keto, and you seem to ok with dairy etc.
    For someone like me with many health problems, and love dairy, meats. Getting more confused.
    I am in the UK, No job as too weak and cant think straight, cant pay for naturopaths or functional medicine doctors etc..

  275. Sangeeta on

    Well researched, easily accessible to people with varying educational backgrounds. Enough to spur me to review my erythritol intake via the latest research. I almost have a MSc Human Nutrition so find myself taking more interest in checking the accuracy of the surfeit of internet-based information. I like all your contributions and regard you as a shining beacon on a largely murky sea of misinformation and half-truths. Thank you :-)

  276. Sangeeta on

    Oh, and having researched sodium extensively, i agree with Dr James DiNicolantonio who surmises Redman salt to be superior than Himalayan salt (HS)and others forms. Redman has a higher mineral content (Ca = 40%), has high levels of naturally occurring iodine and does not contain microplastics or radioactive substances the way HS does. It also has a cleaner, more balanced flavour. If you haven’t already read Dr DiNicolantonio’s book, i recommend it because he has thoroughly done his homework. The robust studies he cites, serve to counteract decades of misleading, flawed studies that as you know, fueled negative press and impacted WHO recommendations on salt-reduction initiatives.

    The studies on all-cause CVD and hypertension that correlate low sodium intake with worse outcomes are some of the best studies in the field of sodium research. I have a sneaking suspicion you have read this book though, so i may be preaching to the converted. As well, DiNicolantonio is my current favorite resource for sugar literature. He’s so young, and so clued up. We live in such polarized times – never so much toxicity yet never this much high quality research.

  277. Jean Vaughan on

    What a brilliant article, I have telling my patients about this for a long time, even my husband so thank you for your knowledge and the willingness to share it.

    Love Jean

  278. Maryann on

    I have had osteoporosis for over 25 years and have now been diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. Can you suggest a diet that would help both these conditions.

  279. Rosalinda Carino on

    Those food you missed out are eggs, grass feed cow’s butter, dark cacao powder, cloudy unfiltered apple cider, peanuts, watermelon seeds and balsamic vinegar etc, What can you say about these foods? Every morning I eat Kerrygold butter from grass feed cows in Ireland, hard boiled medium one egg and green tea with 2 tbsp. garlic extract. Is it good to take this products of prepared amino acids in a tablet forms? Did you discover and made them in tablet forms? Well it is appreciated if you can response and sent your comments to: [email protected]. Thank you Sir!

  280. Sam on

    Dr. Axe you are providing the best resource of information. The public is being lied to and it’s making people sick with long term irreversible damage to adults and childrens health Sam.

  281. E Rampenault on

    There are so many things that you should not eat…so what to eat???? This is because of the chemicals added to food underground and monsanto and the like. People are stucked…if we listen to you dont bother eating altogether the different governments of the world have to go back a more natural way of growing food.

  282. Julie on

    Thank you Dr. Axe! I love your newsletters! I forward them to my adult kids. I’m well read and very health conscious and find your emails packed full of really great information! I appreciate the quantity you provide. I’ve unsubscribed to every “health” email I’ve received over the years due to the lack of detail to their claims. So I wanted to thank you so much for educating us. I appreciate you!

  283. i on

    Hi Dr Axe. u say cocunut oil is good for health. but i have read in many other sites about the negative effects of it. like its builds LDL in our heart and can be detrimental in long-term its so confusing can u please clear my confusion. not sure which to believe and which should not.

  284. Flavia on

    In other words, there is nothing left to eat just poisoned food. But what you or other doctors eat? Do you have your own farms, your own lakes, oceans? You live on the same planet, I suppose… When you guys write what you should NOT do/eat, also put exactly WHAT YOU DO/EAT and from WHERE and at WHAT cost…. OK? Thanks for the advises, internet is fool about it…

  285. Ben on

    Thank you for this list. As a dairy farmer who drinks raw milk straight from the tank, it saddens and angers me at what has been done to our product. While we are not 100 percent natural or organic either one, our cows are on pasture whenever possible.

  286. jeanne c. booth on

    I receive so much help from your articles, the info. is so useful. I was thinking about the Keto diet and when I read your articles about it, I felt way more secure and comfortable with trying it and now I am inching my way along. Thank you for all your help and I appreciate the fact that you are not trying to sell me something all the time.

  287. Patty Merrill on

    I don’t like to drink plain water unless at night with ice so I flavor mine with a little (about 1/4 inch) organic juice blend or probiotics juice to approximately 16 oz or more of water. I drink this daily. It this okay? I don’t like coffee but I do manage to drink green and orange pekoe tea though I don’t love it. I love smoothies but drink these only in the summer on weekends or vacations. Also, is there an organic soy sauce that is safe?

  288. Claudette gray on

    Thank you for such good info. 75 yrs of age and trying to stay fit open minded to learn something new every day

  289. Geoffrey on

    Eating has obvious chemical effects on our bodies. Yet our mental attitude has a much more profound effect on our bodies and minds. Too much worrying about what you eat will have has a far greater negative effect on your well being.
    How often do you see health freaks with all manner of illness? How often we see people’s smoking, drinking eating “normal foods “‘and enjoying life who are vital and healthy?
    Balance, gratitude and joyous laughter is the best diet regime I ever tried.

  290. Wendy on

    This article just make me confused,I just see a YouTube video to lower cholesterol where you said to change regular Milk for Either almond milk or soy milk… now by reading this article makes me wonder what can I really eat??? I’m a woman with good weight and I am looking just to balance my cholesterol without sacrificing my weight!

  291. Eileen Clifton on

    Dear Dr Axe

    Thank you for providing all this useful information.

    I have been told that I have IBS and an intollerence to yeast and diary due to the protein. I am now doing the FODMAP diet but still having problems plus I have lost weight and only weigh 6lbs 13ozs.


  292. Angela McGuill on

    I was curious if the deli meats, chicken sausages and chicken hot dogs that contain no nitrates/nitrites, no artificial flavorings, etc and instead have celery salt/celery juice powder in the ingredients, are still okay to eat?

  293. Alex on

    I recently found a new grocery store that sells exclusively grass fed organic beef. Its called Earth Fare and they are popping up all over the Carolina’s and Virginia. I cooked it on the grill that night and medium rare and it did taste a bit different then what I was used to. I guess I need to train my body on what proper beef is supposed to taste like. I do remember that the usual heartburn and indigestion I get from eating a steak did not happen that night. I also felt fuller with a smaller portion. I only eat beef once every couple of weeks and from now on I will get grass fed. I might just season it up a bit more then last time.

  294. Al on

    Easy for you to say, I don’t believe the Canadian government even allows raw milk, and the good food food is only for the rich, I believe in good nutrition but you need access to some of these stores and unless you have a lot of money it’s tough

  295. Carmen on

    Agree with most of these. Not sure about the oils. I use grapeseed oil for baking/cooking, because coconut oil is not always practical. Basically, avoid anything processed or farm-raised, and stick to local, organic produce, and you’ll be fine. Don’t over-eat, and get your body moving at least 30 minutes a day. Don’t expect to start new habits overnight, but slowly “wean” yourself, cutting ourtobvious offenders such as sodas and “fancy” coffee drinks, make a point to take the stairs, don’t look for the closest parking spot, etc. Don’t be discouraged, don’t look at the scale every day. Be kind to yourself.

  296. David Leimkuehler on

    I live in a small town it is more than an hour drive to Whole Foods where I can get Organic food.

    Being diabetic, I’m about to give up, what IS there I can eat??

    99%of what you say to eat ..I can’t find at any store close to me. I love Salmon, but now I’m afraid to eat it.


  297. Geraldine Wilner on

    Wow, just when I thought I was making strides in eating healthier, you present 20 foods to avoid…and a couple of these I thought were ‘healthier’ for me!
    Thanks. It is so hard to find healthy food to eat!

  298. Burnetta Bennett on

    Certainly is overwhelming and discouraging. We are at the mercy of food producers. It feels like there are not good choices unless you grow your own. But I can’t grow my own meat, fish and other things. And where I live the options are not there. Even the things I thought were good are not. Just plain discouraging.

  299. Thomas F Palmeri on


    Thanks. I was told this Wednesday that I am diabetic. I was glad to see you confirmed what I should be avoiding. Thank God I gave up soda and fruit juices years ago. I drink mostly water, unsweetened Ice Tea, and wine, but now I need to make sensible choices as I let my weight increase over the years. On a positive note, I have recently lost 15 pounds as I’m now 235 and 6′.So as I want to heal holistically, what should be my ideal weight, and is it possible through diet and exercise to never have to start taking medication?

  300. gerald T purevich on

    the more i read about the food being bad the more it becomes all most unable to eat healthy unless you have a ton of money

    • gerald T purevich on

      also why does the FDA allow this system of producing food that will kill us if we eat all the junk the food industry produces