Maximize Your Health Episode: How to Clean Your Water Without a Filter

June 16, 2017

Clean Water Without a FilterHow about a twist of lime with that water? Recently on Maximize Your Health Radio, I discussed a study that showed increased effectiveness of solar disinfection of water using limes.

How to Clean Your Water Without a Filter – Dr. Josh Axe, Maximize Your Health Radio





 How to Clean Your Water Without a Filter

Adding a lime to water that’s been treated with a solar disinfectant system can actually remove harmful bacteria from your drink.

“…Solar disinfection of water combined with citrus could be effective at greatly reducing E. coli levels…” says Kellogg Schwab, PhD, MS, director of the Johns Hopkins University Global Water Program
Good clean drinking water is very important to our overall wellness, and what better way to take control of your health than to make your own. A recent study published by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that adding limes to water that is being disinfected by the sun speeds up the disinfection process. Not only will you have naturally cleaned water, but it’ll have a twist of lime which boosts your immune system and fight seasonal allergies.

How to disinfect your own water: Fill a glass container with water. Cut up some limes and set it in the sun for 6-10 hrs.


Josh Axe

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