Preventing & Treating Cancer from the Inside Out

June 13, 2017

Complexity of cancerCurrently, protocols rely on a mouse model to choose what drugs and treatments to fund for cancer research. Former cancer researcher Homer Pearce says that these models are “woefully inadequate” and points out that “if you look at the millions and millions and millions of mice that have been cured, and you compare that to the relative success, or lack thereof, that we’ve achieved in the treatment of metastatic disease clinically, you realize that there just has to be something wrong with those models.”

Professor Robert Weinberg agrees. He notes that mice and men have so many physiological differences that their tumors differ in a vast way. He says that “it’s been well known for more than a decade, maybe two decades, that many of these preclinical human cancer models have very little predictive power in terms of how actual human beings—actual tumors inside patients—will respond.”

The Complexity of Cancer

Professor Bruce Chabner adds that mice models cannot account for cancer’s ability to change DNA rapidly. Human lung cancer, for instance, has a hundred mutations. Compared to a tumor artificially created in mice, he says, “It looks like the most complicated thing you’ve ever seen, genetically.”

The complexity of cancer certainly makes this narrowly focused and isolated research redundant. If funding occurred that allowed many researchers to come together, a systemic view of the disease might allow effective treatments to be found. Scientists that are studying the effects of magnesium and iron on the immune system could come together with those that study the aerobic needs of cancer cells.

One comprehensive source of healing does exist: our own bodies. The countless physiological processes that scientists have only the slightest inkling about occur in a complex, self-governing and normally self-balancing system.

The New Biology

Dr. Robert Young, author of pH Miracle, explains his concept of “The New BiologyTM.” When science first discovered the existence of germs and bacteria, a huge shift in medicine occurred. Rather than blaming disease and death on spirits or God’s vengeance or any matter of mysterious and terrifying causes, doctor’s came to realize that these microbes might be the cause of illness and disease. Medicine focused on destroying these pathogens.

What was neglected in this view, says Young, is the idea that it is the biology and inner environment of the body where disease generates and occurs. The health and functioning of the inner environment determines what happens to these microbes and germs. When the body is weakened by poor nutrition, environmental toxins, stress and a host of other factors, it is this inner biology that fails to adequately combat outer potential instigators of disease.

What we should focus on, says Young, is the idea that our lifestyles have weakened the normal and powerful functioning of our bodies to combat disease. We should focus on limiting toxins and eating in natural ways to avail ourselves of the natural arsenal that we are born with.

In the same way, the burgeoning idea of “contextual healing” is influencing medicine.

Contextual Healing

Contextual healing refers to the idea that all illness and suffering are context-dependent.

A doctor does not heal a patient. A doctor helps remove barriers to the natural and spontaneous healing process.  Cleaning a wound, advising life changes, giving hope…a person suffering from cancer must address all of the things that have contributed to susceptibility to illness and prevention of the body’s complex, mysterious and powerful healing abilities.

Professor Matthew Budd explains: “Healing is a birthright of the organism. I’m talking about the physical, emotional and relational restoration that is the relationship of intimacy; a contextual healing of harmony and trust in which a person feels at home in the world. Those things are impeded by certain barriers. An infection in a wound, the growth of bacteria, [are] barrier[s] to physical healing…Once we leave the physical realm, the barrier that we need to remove are barriers of perception that generate negative mood states like anxiety, fear, anger, depression and negative connectional states like isolation, lack of relationship, hostility, arrogance, so that we can experience our connection with other people, with nature, and with the whole of creation…I think that [healing] occurs not only on a physical level: healing forces also restore balance and harmony.”

A Systemic View

Nothing exists in a vacuum but conventional treatments focus on cancer as if this is so. Holistic treatment takes into account all of the factors that suppress the body’s ability to heal itself: toxins, nutrition, physical activity, social support, stress and positive thinking.

Olympian athlete training programs didn’t wait for proof from clinical studies to implement visualization. After Russian athletes who spent 100% of their time visualizing themselves competing in their events placed well ahead of those who physically trained 100% of the time, visualization became standard practice worldwide in athletic training programs.

The countless people who have recovered naturally by implementing raw food diets and other nutritional changes didn’t wait for clinical studies to tell them that it was effective.

Herbal medicine? The drugs that we use today are based on the health-promoting properties in plants that have been used for thousands of years. Plants are the basis for synthetic drugs. In fact:

“The latest FDA-approved drug for fighting colon cancer [Celecoxib] may be sitting in your kitchen. Rosemary, turmeric, grapes, a honey bee product called propolis: These all contain chemicals similar to a drug used to prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the large intestine; they work much in the same way.” ~Webster Kehr

The Internal Environment

The Western lifestyle is at the root of a whole host of diseases and disorders.

Our food has become as institutionalized as many religions. It’s grown in distant lands with little accountability. We’re fed nutrient-deficient and toxin-laden foods without having any connection to their production. We’re brainwashed into buying products that serve no benefit to anyone except the industries that profit from our ignorance and ill health.

60,000 chemicals circulate through our air, water and soil. We take in destructive toxins everyday, through our food, water, outdoor and indoor air. We apply these chemicals directly to our skin and clean our homes with them everyday.

We ingest a huge amount of hormones and antibiotics throughout our lives through prescription medications and animal products.

We live stressful lives, passively subscribing to cultural proscriptions about how we should live our lives and what our priorities are. We often live life as if we have no choices other than common consensus, caught in a mad race to a distant destination that causes us to miss or discount the moments that make up our everyday experiences.

Holistic treatments and approaches involve understanding and addressing all of the aspects of a specific person’s life that contribute to dis-ease. It involves a person coming to understand how the different facets of their life contribute to or prevent their healing so that they can make informed decisions and take steps to find internal balance mentally and physically.

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