Cranberry Apple Cider Recipe

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  1. Sheri says:

    Maybe blend up the fruits fresh or juice your self to cut out the sugars that are in these fruit juices??? What do you think?

    • xoachel says:

      if its organic it tends to not have extra added as it would a normal brand though if you prefer to make it yourself then go for it :) its just preference is all its a guideline not a rule you have to use bottled.

  2. Daphne saari says:

    Hope the receipt book has better instructions than the freebies. Like a cholate bar?what size what kind of chocolate. Etc??

  3. Donna says:

    One quart or one cup of apple juice? This is only 2 servings?

    • xoachel says:

      1 quart plus 2 and a half cups in total you cook 1 cup of the apple as it stated in the directions. Then top it off with the rest of the quart to cool it. not many people drink just one cup during a get together so probably 2 people having a few cups is what he was going off of probably is my guess.

      hope reading the instructions again clears it up :)

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