Pumpkin Cashew Soup Recipe

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  1. suzi says:

    do we add the coconut milk and maple syrup at the end before blending???

  2. Pamela Abel says:

    how much would you use if you have fresh pumpkin instead of one can of pumpkin?

  3. Marcella Serio says:

    Love this site

  4. Marcella Serio says:

    Enjoy the recipes!

  5. Amy says:

    Do you drain the red peppers before you use them?

  6. gail boyd says:

    Why is pumpkin in cans???? How much is in the can???
    Surely fresh is best.

  7. Connie I. Ko, webprayze.com says:

    How many ounces can of pumpkin is it? Thanks for the great recipes!!!

  8. Judith Gust says:

    Healthy weight loss

  9. Kathleen says:

    I have everything in pantry for this so thank you. My Cashew butter is not sprouted and will use veggie broth not chicken though.

  10. Rita says:

    I live overseas and don’t have access to sprouted cashew butter. Can peanut butter be substituted?

  11. Michelle Szymanski says:

    I think if you soak 1/3 cup of cashews for about an hour and add them when you blend it will work too??

  12. Javier says:

    I recently learned on a different website, that we need to avoid cashews cause the have a high content of lectin. Now, I am reading here that use it as an ingredient for this soup. it very hard to know what or who to believe in.

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