Turmeric Antiseptic Scabies Cream

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  1. Sarwat Khan says:

    I like your reserch .u really help to other peapoles. Know medical treatments are very expensive .Every medicen have a lots of sidefacts .it,s mean treated one problem create other. That’s why natural treatment better with a no Sidefacts .Thanks Dr Axe.

  2. Geneva Greenaway says:

    I would like any or all the treatment for fibromalagia.l am suffering terribly from the flareups and severe burnings.The tablets give very little relief. ( Tabs Lyrica 150 mgs bd )

  3. Anna says:

    I don’t understand how it’s not true that humans can’t get scabies from pets. I have got scabies multiple times this year from two different dogs I rescued that had obvious mange-hair loss, intense itching, etc.

    I would recommend to others to stay on the safe side and quarantine their pet with mange, wear gloves when handling them, and only let them out after they are certain the mange is gone.

    I have been using tea tree oil which has been helping. Now I will try this recipe. Thanks.

  4. V. Salib says:

    1. Age 70, knees have osteoarthritis, Drs want to do knee replacements, esp on the one knee that I fell and injured weeks back and is painful to walk on. Any urgent advice or ideas would be verrrry appreciated as I hestitate to do surgery that is irreversible at my age. I had been walking up and down 4 flights of stairs
    to walk my dog a lot, 2 yrs ago, prior to getting plantar fasciitis and then knee injury.

    2. Son age 37 has had terrible plantar fasciitis in one foot and seems to be starting in the other, for about
    1 1/2 yrs and he just keeps trying to work out and run on it, he says the pain is excruciating, what is your
    opinion about such a devastating problem?

  5. Anna says:

    It’s simply not true that you cannot get scabies from animals with sarcoptic mange. You can. I got it from a puppy and have had it for a month now. This is the 5th time I have got it this year, and decided to try a natural route this time instead of using permethrin cream. The methods I have been using have soothed the symptoms. I hardly have any bumps and itching is minimal, but the mites are not completely gone yet.

    I have used this cream the past 4 nights. I only use it at night because it will turn you completely yellow and stain EVERYTHING you touch. I put plastic dropcloth over my couch, and use an old sheet, blanket, and pillow case. All of these will be stained, so I wash them each day and use the same ones each night.

    I only got 4 uses out of the cream (although it says 30) and I am a small person who used it sparingly. I’m not going to make another batch. If you live a modern life (not in a tent) I would not recommend using it. If you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, you will stain your toilet seat and light switches yellow. If you wake up wanting a glass of water, you will stain cabinets yellow.

    I don’t believe this is any better than other methods I have been using. What I was doing before is soaking in a cayenne pepper bath each day, applying tea tree oil to skin in the morning and neem oil each night. These help, but I have yet to completely get rid of these boogers naturally. Hopefully, I will not have to use permethrin again, but it is looking like I might have to. Someone told me to try hydrogen peroxide and MMS first, so I will try.

    I know how hard have this can be which is why I am leaving this comment to help others who are going through the same thing.

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