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Natural Solutions for Reversing Adrenal Insufficiency

Adrenal insufficiency is a condition that occurs when your adrenal glands become impaired, therefore they don’t produce high enough levels of several important hormones. In people with adrenal insufficiency, levels of the hormones cortisol and aldosterone (a type of mineralocorticoid) are both usually lower than in healthy people. The adrenal glands are truly amazing in that they pump out dozens … Read More

Steps to treat Adrenal Fatigue - Dr.Axe

3 Steps to Heal Adrenal Fatigue

It’s time to heal adrenal fatigue because chances are you’re dealing with it. (Or will at some point of your life.) It’s hard to believe, but adrenal fatigue is estimated to affect around 80 percent of people in the world. According to James Wilson (author of “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome“), chronic stress and lifestyle affect the body’s … Read More