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Coconut Kefir: The Probiotic Food that Improves Immunity & Digestion

Tabbed as an “it” health food of the 21st century, kefir — especially coconut kefir — contains many probiotic, bioactive compounds and as many as 30 strains of good bacteria that help fight against tumors, bacteria, carcinogens and more. (1) What is kefir? It’s a delicious, tangy drink traditionally made with kefir grains and fermented milk, but kefir can also … Read More

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Is Coconut Water Good for You?

Is Coconut Water Good For You? Coconut water is popping up everywhere in a variety of healthy beverages and you may be curious if it really lives up to the hype surrounding it. But, do the benefits stand up to its actual nutritional value? Is coconut water good for you? What is coconut water?  Coconut water is the clear liquid … Read More