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Chicken collagen - Dr. Axe

Chicken Collagen Benefits Digestion, Immunity & Skin Health

You might not be surprised that chickens contain collagen just like us, but did you know that chicken collagen is actually used as medicine? It’s true. This type of protein is used to treat an array of health conditions, including arthritis, back and neck pain, and pain caused by surgery. You’re probably wondering how in the world collagen from a chicken … Read More

Bovine collagen - Dr. Axe

Bovine Collagen Benefits for Skin, Sleep & Muscle Repair

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and that’s because it’s vital to many aspects of our health. Unfortunately, there are many things that can decrease our collagen levels. First of all, we naturally start to lose collagen as we age, but we can also lose collagen due to hormonal changes, drugs, alcohol, processed foods, white sugar, hydrogenated oils, … Read More

Fish collagen - Dr. Axe

Fish Collagen: The Anti-Aging Protein with the Best Bioavailability

Wondering about major sources of collagen? Fish collagen definitely tops the list. While there are benefits associated with all animal collagen sources, fish collagen peptides are known to have the best absorption and bioavailability due to their smaller particle sizes compared to other animal collagens. Bioavailability is highly important since it largely determines the efficacy of any nutrient you ingest. Fish collagen is absorbed up … Read More

What is collagen? - Dr. Axe

What is Collagen? 7 Ways Collagen Can Boost Your Health

You might recognize it as an ingredient in your favorite body lotion or perhaps noticed supplements in the vitamin aisle that feature it. But what is collagen, exactly ­­— and how can you incorporate it into your life? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, especially type 1 collagen. It’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. … Read More