The Top 5 Benefits of Thermogenic Supplements


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You’ve likely seen the bottles for thermogenic supplements at the drugstore. They feature trim, slim men and women, flexing in bathing suits. The labels and advertisements are usually similar: lose pounds in days, build muscle quickly or other drastic results. Like anything, there are quality thermogenic supplements and there are some that are questionable in the quality department.

But is it true? 

Today, I’ll show you how to make informed decisions when choosing supplements in this category. 

Because not all thermogenic supplements are the same. Some can provide powerful support for metabolism and weight loss efforts. While others are nothing more than a man-made concoction of synthetic chemicals.

Thermogenesis 101

In short: Thermogenesis is a process by which the body generates heat.

The end-game of thermogenesis is for the body to keep its temperature stable. This keeps things running smoothly and gives your body access to energy—sometimes a lot of energy—to fuel the body!

When it comes to keeping temps stable, the body generates heat in certain ways.

Thermogenesis - Dr. Axe

As the winter’s freezing cold temperatures bring shivering cold, this first example is an easy one: shivering.

It’s what the body naturally does to generate warmth when it’s exposed to cold temperatures. The actual shivering creates friction. Plus, it helps to warm the body up, keeping its temps stable.

Think of the animals that hibernate. Has it ever crossed your mind why they don’t freeze to death?

Think thermogenesis.

The animals’ bodies burn up stored white fat via something called BAT (brown adipose tissue — known as “brown fat”), which generates enough heat to keep the animal warm during hibernation.

There’s also exercise-induced thermogenesis, in which the body heats up to warm up the muscles, helping them to work more efficiently.

You know the scenario: You start warming up for your workout and you … well … warm up  and maybe even start to sweat.

Why? The body is undergoing chemical reactions to warm up the muscles and to keep them warm during your workout.

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What Are Thermogenics?

For athletes, weekend warriors, dieters, bodybuilders and even us “regular” people, the idea of boosting the body’s natural thermogenesis process can be appealing.

That kind of demand and interest has led to thermogenic supplements, which work to increase body heat. This, in turn, can boost the body’s metabolism and, perhaps, offer a host of other benefits.†

The top 5 benefits generally associated with thermogenic supplements

1. A primary benefit is the raising of body heat, which can then give a boost to the body’s metabolism.† They can bolster the body’s metabolism through what’s known as oxidative phosphorylation, in which the body expends calories at a faster rate to stabilize body temperature. In so doing, it can bolster the baseline metabolism of those “love handles” or “body jiggles” we often wish could be lessened.†

2. They can boost energy levels.† Due to some of the stimulating ingredients found in many thermogenic supplements, they can help energize the body.†

Thermogenic benefits - Dr. Axe

3. They can help manage a healthy weight.† As a side benefit of boosting metabolism, weight management often goes along with the revved-up metabolism.†

4. They can help with exercise performance.† Having increased energy from thermogenic supplements can also extend to exercise performance since there’s decreased chance of an energy slump and “hitting the wall” mid-workout.†

5. They can support muscle health and endurance.† Since thermogenic supplements can help with the body’s natural process of thermogenesis, it can help preserve the body’s lean mass, using fat cells as fuel instead of the muscle cells being used as fuel.†

Get Started and Give Your Metabolism a Lift

Those are all great general benefits of thermogenic supplements.

But there is one caveat. I ONLY recommended you use thermogenics with quality ingredients and from trusted suppliers.

That way you can feel good knowing that the provider has taken every possible measure to deliver the highest-quality best, farm-to-your-front door, safe, metabolism- supporting ingredients available.

With that said, be cautious of any brand that doesn’t hold their products to high, real-food standards.

If you want to see the only brand I personally use and consume, check out my pick for a thermogenic supplement here.



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