Top Three Butt Lifting Exercises

In this video, Dr. Chelsea will be walking you through the top three butt lifting exercises. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I get my butt more toned and lifted” then these are the workouts you need to do.

1.) Butt/Hip Lifts
2.) Lunges
3.) Step Ups

*For correct form in lunging, keep your weight in your front heel, with a 90 degree angle at your knee.

Try these Butt lifting exercises to get the toned butt you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Axe

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  1. lovi says:

    I have a dry, bark cough..took honey with lemon…have trouble with herbs since I have acid reflux..any suggestions? Thx..

  2. Wena says:

    I slipped on icy ground and hurt my tail bone what is the remedy for the pain it hurts when I walk

  3. M says:

    what do you recommend for hair loss .. thinning .. receding rather quickly. painful scalp
    also bloating +++ after eating .. feeling very tired …..

  4. Joy says:

    I tried taking prescription assist probiotic and had really bad bloating and diarrhea. I’m doing everything else for leaky gut. Read your book eat dirt.

  5. Carol Howell says:

    Home remedies for c o p d THANK YOU

  6. Dunia says:

    Hi there. Would like your professional input on what specific vitamins I should be taking at my age of 59. I and am active in working out with weights, cardio and try to eat well. Love to hike when I can. I have colitis which causes me much bloat after meals. My height is 5’7″ and my weight at this time is 145 and trying to lose up to 8 lbs more. Would appreciate your help. Thank you!

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