You may have heard about Ashton Kutcher’s health scare back in January, which landed him in the hospital just two days prior to the first days of shooting for the movie of Steve Jobs life, “Jobs” in which he stars.

The star found himself suffering with severe stomach pains which were attributed to a problem with his pancreas. The cause?  An all fruit diet, the fruitarian diet, that Kutcher went on modeled after a very common eating regime of Steve Jobs himself.

Kutcher stated to US Weekly,

“I went to the hospital like two days before we started shooting the movie. I was like doubled over in pain and my pancreas levels were completely out of whack. It was really terrifying… considering everything.”

What Kutcher may mean by ‘considering everything’ is that Jobs followed an all fruit diet, and that he died from pancreatic cancer. According to Walter Issacson’s biography, “Steve Jobs,” Jobs began extreme dieting, such as the all fruit diet, his freshman year in college. (Read more about Steve Jobs and his pancreatic treatment plan here

And while the all fruit diet and others are intended as a way to detox the body, many doctors and nutritionists alike are concerned about the impact following an all fruit diet may have on your health; especially if one of these diets is followed long term.

According to Melissa Moore, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, when fruit is the only food consumed, you miss out on a lot of essential nutrients.

One of those important nutrients is protein. Proteins are molecules made up of smaller molecules which are amino acids. Proteins are used to build virtually everything in the body from skin, hair and nails to the hemoglobin in your blood which is made of protein.

Proteins can be found in meats from land animals as well as fish and fowl; also nuts, seeds, beans and dairy products. There are also whole grains containing proteins; brown riche, whole wheat, quinoa, and barley. There are also a few vegetables that can be sources of protein such as avocado and sprouts.

Another major concern of all fruit diets are the good fats missing from the consumer’s diet. Good fats are essential for many bodily functions including maintaining proper hormone levels and brain functions.

These much need fats can be found in fish, nuts, oils, seeds and avocados.

But proteins and good fats aren’t the only nutrients the body can be depleted of when on the fruitarian (or any other extreme) diet.  Other essential nutrients the body can suffer from going without are bone building calcium, vitamins B and D-12 as well as iron and zinc

The reasons for partaking in extreme dieting are usually to either lose weight or detox the body. Healthy eating, as I’ve outlined in my book “The Real Food Diet Cookbook,” is the best way to reach or maintain a healthy body weight. It’s vital to eat a balanced diet and not eliminate any one type of food or stick just to eating one type of food such as the fruitarian diet that both Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs ate.

Lessons Learned

  1. Both Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher engaged in all fruit, otherwise known as fruitarian, diets.
  2. Ashton Kutcher fell ill with pancreatic issues associated with his all fruit diet.
  3. All fruit diets deplete the body of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  4. Proteins and fats are two important nutrients the body goes without in all fruit diets
  5. It’s essential to eat a balanced diet, such as the one outlined in my book, “The Real Food Diet Cookbook.”