Switchel: The Hipster Fermented Drink that Benefits Your Gut

Before there were sports drinks to rehydrate after intense physical labor or sugary drinks designed to boost energy levels, there was switchel, an all-natural drink similar to lemonade that’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Currently a favorite in “hipster” markets and upscale cocktail bars, thanks to its numerous health benefits and great taste, this centuries-old beverage is primed to become … Read More


Should You Try a Pescatarian Diet?

A pescatarian diet is one that includes fish and seafood, but doesn’t include certain other animal products, especially meat. While there are literally dozens of different styles of meat-less diets, some pescatarians also eat eggs and dairy products, so each person’s pescatarian preferences can be different. Pescatarian-based diets have been around for thousands of years. Populations living in Japan, other … Read More

Pear Recipes

19 Pear Recipes — from Smoothies & Desserts to Soups & Suppers

Ahh, the beginning of autumn. Leaves begin turning colors, pumpkin everything is available and pears make their triumphant return. Wait, what? If you’ve been skipping out on this delicious fruit, it’s time to add some pear recipes to your menu. Nutrition-rich pears are packed with benefits, from reducing inflammation to providing a daily dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They … Read More



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