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Harder to Be Happy with Forward Head Posture? It’s True

Thanks in no small part to a reliance on and addiction to technology, a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm. As a result, good posture has never been more important, but unfortunately, our obsession with our smartphones has made many of us develop forward head posture. Why is this bad? Every time we lean forward 60 degrees, the stress on … Read More

Valerian Root

Valerian Root Solves Insomnia, Anxiety & Even Blood Pressure

Do you suffer from insomnia or just sick and tired of not getting a decent night’s sleep? Did you know that there’s an herb that has been used to ease insomnia, anxiety and nervous restlessness since the second century A.D.? This natural and herbal sleep aid is called valerian root. Valerian root is widely used and respected by the general population … Read More


How to Reduce Sugar + Historic Recommendation by Government

When’s the last time you stood in the kitchen and poured yourself a nice bowl of sugar — just sugar — as a meal? Chances are high that you never have. (And if you have, well, we all have bad days.) But without realizing it, most of us are chowing down on a whole lot of sugar, and some of … Read More



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