Our treatment articles include thorough descriptions of various forms of natural therapies and alternative medicine, along with study-based explanations of health benefits for the body and mind (which may include fighting disease, relieving pain and reducing anxiety).

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Relief for Treatment-Resistant Depression?

One search on the internet for "transcranial magnetic stimulation reviews" and you're sure to come across differing opinions regarding its effectiveness. Since the FDA first approved transcranial magnetic stimulation (or TMS) in 2008 as a treatment ...

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6 Transcendental Meditation Benefits (and How to Do Step-By-Step)

Globally, one of the most widely studied meditation and relaxation programs is transcendental meditation (or TM). To date, over six million people have been taught transcendental meditation techniques. Many people who practice transcendental meditation describe ...

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Biofeedback Therapy: A Proven Treatment for 16+ Medical Conditions

Various forms of biofeedback therapy — performed using certain muscle relaxation, breath and mental exercises — are now being proven in numerous studies to treat more than a dozen health conditions. But how does this mind-body intervention work? ...

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