Bone Broth Protein Mocha Fudge Smoothie Recipe

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  1. Kathleen Carter says:

    I want a good powder mix for my smoothie. Problem is they add Splenda or another sweetener that gives me migraines. Do you have any unsweetened powders?

  2. Wai says:

    Wow! This drink contains almost 600 kcal!!!

  3. maribel says:

    Would you recommend this bone broth protein powder smoothie for 8 and 9 yr. olds? Sounds delicious and I think it would work for quick mornings before school.

  4. Tara says:

    Love this! It is so good!! To reduce the sugar, I left out the banana. To give the thickness that the banana gives, I used some soaked almonds and soaked chia seeds. It was perfect!

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