Whooping cough

Whooping Cough Symptoms + 12 Natural Treatments

Pertussis, or whooping cough, has made a dramatic resurgence in the past several years. Large outbreaks of whooping cough symptoms have occurred in multiple states. Infant deaths have drawn the attention of not only healthcare providers, but also the media. (1) Although antibiotics are the standard conventional treatment for whooping cough, there are natural remedies for coughs and bacterial infections that will … Read More

Pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary Embolism Prevention + 5 Natural Remedies

About half of all people who have pulmonary embolism (PE) display virtually no symptoms, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute reports. In fact, many aren’t aware at all of having the condition. (1) The number of people affected by PE and deep vein thrombosis is between 300,000-600,000 people each year in the United States alone. (2) Pulmonary embolism is life-threatening and very serious … Read More

How to get rid of rats - Dr. Axe

How to Get Rid of Rats Naturally

Rats are some of the smartest animals on the planet, but they are also one of the biggest disease-spreading pests around. That’s why so many people wonder how to get rid of rats in a natural, safe way, and that curiosity has spiked recently. It turns out, rats don’t just carry filth and annoying disease — they can be lethal. In … Read More



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