Drinking water

Atrazine: the Most Common Toxic Contaminant in Our Water

Almost all of us go out of way to avoid harmful toxins and poisons: we wouldn’t leave bleach near a toddler, for instance, and most of know about the dangers of Monsanto Roundup. But what if the toxin is something that’s quite hard to escape … and we’re consuming it unwittingly, without knowing exactly what will happen to us? Say hello … Read More

Natural Cleaning Products

The Best Natural Cleaning Products to Limit Your Toxin Exposure

While cleaning products are meant to clean, their impact on your health may be a little more than you bargained for within your home and body. Many of us were raised to use some of the most hazardous products on the planet and not think anything of it, but we should give it a second thought and focus on using natural … Read More

Superbug in chicken - Dr. Axe

Superbug in Chicken: Scientists Discover New MRSA Strain

A potentially lethal superbug in chicken shouldn’t be on your mind as you whip up evening dinner, but maybe it should be. A study published in Clinical Infection Diseases finds people are now contracting MRSA from handling and eating chicken at home. Traditionally, MRSA transmission via chicken is more likely to occur in veterinarians or workers on huge industrial farms. Now, it seems, … Read More



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