Blood in stool - Dr. Axe

What Causes Blood in Stool? + 5 Natural Remedies

Seeing bright red blood in stool is no laughing matter, especially when it’s your own poop. Sometimes it can mean something serious is going on. Other times it may be minor and nothing to lose sleep over. But either way, pooping blood can be quite alarming and it’s not something to just ignore. (1) Are you wondering “why is my poop black?” … Read More

Is coconut oil healthy - Dr. Axe

Is Coconut Oil Healthy? (The American Heart Association Doesn’t Think So)

Is coconut oil healthy? You may feel more confused than ever on the subject, thanks to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) June 2017 report on saturated fats. The advisory report from the AHA looks at dietary fats and cardiovascular disease. But the association’s stark warning on coconut oil is what really came as a shock to the public. Here’s just a sampling … Read More

Alopecia areata - Dr. Axe

Alopecia Areata: 9 Natural Ways to Treat Hair Loss

Alopecia areata affects 2 percent of the worldwide population. And although it doesn’t cause physical pain or make you feel sick, it can be a psychologically devastating disease. This autoimmune disease involves the loss of hair around the scalp, face and parts of the body. It can come on at any time, without warning. It’s commonly misdiagnosed as other types … Read More



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