Green Beans Nutrition

Green Beans Nutrition Helps You Fight Cancer & Improve Digestion

Remember when your mom told you to finish all your vegetables? If she liked to make you green beans (and you listened to her), you’re going to be pretty happy about all the good green beans nutrition does for your health. From helping prevent many types of disease to supporting the health of your digestive system, green beans nutrition is a dynamic … Read More

Restless leg syndrome - Dr. Axe

Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

It’s estimated that restless leg syndrome (RLS) affects more than one in 10 American adults every year (around 12 million people). (1)  RLS is a condition characterized by uncomfortable feelings in your legs, giving you a strong urge to move them in order to find relief. Because symptoms tend to get worse overnight, RLS is associated with a higher risk … Read More


Sarsaparilla: The Healing Herb with Many Uses, Benefits + Recipes

There’s an herbal remedy that’s been used by native populations in Central and South America for thousands for years, shown to help relieve a wide range of problems from skin dermatitis to coughs. Starting in around the 1950s, European physicians considered sarsaparilla root a “tonic, blood purifier, diuretic and sweat promoter” that could help treat serious, even life-threatening infections, such as … Read More



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