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Is Juice Healthy? Doctors Issue Warning for Parents

Parents often give toddlers and young children fruit juice because it’s conveniently packaged and tastes good. Translation? Happy kids. But is juice healthy? While many pediatricians gave the green light for juice over the years, and in some cases even recommended it for an extra boost of vitamin C, doctors are now singing a much different tune. A 2017 report published by the American … Read More

Acai berry cleanse - Dr. Axe

Is an Acai Berry Cleanse Good for You? Separating Fact from Fiction

Are you concerned about the buildup of toxins in your system from the chemicals you’re exposed to on a regular basis? Then you may have heard of the potential benefits of doing an acai berry cleanse. Detoxes and cleanses are tricky subjects, so make sure you are very informed before beginning this kind of regimen, including a consult with your … Read More

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Consider These 8 DNA Testing Issues Before You Get Tested

Imagine that, just by swabbing your cheek with a piece of cotton, you could figure out if you might be susceptible to a particular disease. Or, you could know whether your future children are at risk of inheriting a disease that runs in the family. And never mind having to do this at a doctor’s office or in a lab. … Read More



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