Pine nut nutrition - Dr. Axe

Pine Nut Nutrition: the Cholesterol-Lowering, Weight-Losing Super-Nut

You’ve heard of the power of the mighty almond — but did you know that pine nuts are a close second as a nutritional super nut? Pine nut nutrition is the real deal. This little tree nut is a tasty, nutrient-packed treat that has some incredible benefits to its name, such as preventing certain types of cancer and even stabilizing mood … Read More

exercise 13 cancers - dr. axe

Your Risk of 13 Cancers Is Lower When You Exercise

You may already know one of the benefits of exercise includes optimizing your body to fight disease. Now, we have very robust, specific evidence showing that a solid prescription of physical activity can drastically lower your risk of 13 different types of cancers! I can’t stress this enough — this is empowering news that we all need to embrace. The study, published in JAMA Internal … Read More

Passion flower

Passion Flower for Hot Flashes, Depression & Better Sleep

With a name like passion flower, it can only be something kind, gentle and calming from nature. While that doesn’t hold true for all sweet names, it does hold true for the passion flower, a wildflower of striking beauty that produces a fleshy fruit. There are many passion flower benefits, such as helping reduce and possibly eliminate insomnia, anxiety, inflammation … Read More



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