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Impetigo - Dr. Axe

Impetigo Causes & Symptoms + 9 Natural Treatments

Impetigo is a highly contagious bacterial skin infection that most commonly affects infants and young children. Adolescents and adults with a weakened immune system are also susceptible. The hallmark of the most common impetigo diagnosis is blisters with a honey-colored crust that typically starts around the mouth and nose. It eventually spreads to hands, feet and the trunk. (1) Treatments for impetigo are available … Read More

Tonsil stones

Tonsil Stones Symptoms + 9 Natural Treatments

Even if you’ve never heard of tonsil stones, it’s not unlikely that you’ve had them before without knowing it or that you even have them at this very moment. It’s true, tonsil stones are extremely common. How do you get tonsil stones? What is a tonsil stone? Anyone with tonsils can get tonsil stones. Simply put, a tonsil stone is … Read More

H. pylori

H. Pylori: What It Is + 9 Natural Treatments

Do you know what’s been called “the most successful pathogen in human history”? It’s a type of bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) and it’s been around for at least two hundred thousand years. And, it’s actually not uncommon for a person to have this bacteria living inside of them for an entire lifetime and not even know it! (1) According … Read More


Dyspepsia Signs & Symptoms + 8 Natural Remedies

Have you ever experienced an upset stomach after eating? Maybe it was accompanied by excessive gas and bloating? There’s actually a more scientific term for this common health problem. I’m talking about dyspepsia. What is dyspepsia? Well, aside from being a fancier word for upset stomach or indigestion, dyspepsia is defined as “any or all of the unpleasant symptoms that are … Read More

Stem cell myths - Dr. Axe

Stem Cell Myths: Can This Therapy Really Prevent Surgery?

As many of you know, I’m a big proponent of stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. These regenerative injections harness the power of a person’s very own cells to stimulate healing and repair for all sorts of conditions. The range of conditions stem cell and PRP therapies can help heal is impressive, from debilitating back pain and osteoarthritis to torn … Read More

BV bacterial vaginosis symptoms - dr. axe

Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms & 6 Natural Treatments

If you’ve ever dealt with bacterial vaginosis symptoms in the past, you’re far from alone. Research shows that about 1 in every 5 women will experience this type of infection by the time they’ve reached their mid-forties. According to a study called the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), an estimated 21.2 million women between the ages of 15-49 … Read More


Hypernatremia: Symptoms + 4 Natural Treatments for Prevention

Hypernatremia is a condition that occurs due to dehydration (low levels of body water) and an imbalance in electrolytes, including sodium and potassium. A key difference between hypernatremia and common dehydration is who these problems usually affect. Athletes or those who don’t drink enough water are more prone to experiencing dehydration; however, the elderly or people recovering from illnesses and … Read More


How to Get Rid of Hiccups: 8 Natural Treatments

Having the hiccups is a mysterious occurrence. Unlike other common reflexes, like sneezing and coughing, there’s no known physiologic advantage for the hiccups. Yet, we’ve all experienced them numerous times in our lives. Every one has her own suggestion for how to get rid of hiccups, but what really works? Sometimes hiccups occur because the nerves that run from your … Read More


How to Make Dill Pickles + 5 Benefits of Dill Pickles

Pickles are great, as long as you don’t find yourself in one! All jokes aside, just what are pickles? They’re usually made from cucumbers and a brine of water, vinegar, salt, and dill weed or dill oil. They’re commonly found as kosher dill and hamburger dill, though sweet dill is a common southern treat. However, I’m focusing on how to make dill … Read More

Sinus infection remedies

Sinus Infection: Signs & Symptoms + 10 Natural Remedies

About 35 million Americans suffer from a sinus infection or sinusitis every year. (1) Sinusitis is an inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses that leads to an infection. It can result in mucus build-up and pain. If you’ve ever experienced a sinus infection, then you know just how unpleasant it can be — much worse than a stuffy nose. … Read More