Creamy Cucumber Avocado Soup Recipe

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  1. Darlene McMahan says:

    Love all the Great Recipes!

  2. jane says:

    Antiinflammatory….. What about the cheese?

  3. Steinar says:

    Hi Josh
    Your recipes are in general very good and have try many of them long time ago.
    Thus wonder one small thing,,,have you checked out Dr. Ann Wigmores recipes!! You should try out mix with wheat grass juice, that is the juice no.1. Also wheat grass is mixed into many different recipes, together with avocado. Raw food is excellent food and more natural can’t be. However we need meat and fish also and together with a good salad, the mix is acceptable.

  4. oyerinde oyenike says:

    hello Doc. can i substitute lime for lemon. we don’t ave lemon in my country(Nigeria)

  5. calvin says:

    If you leave out the water and thicken it up I bet it would make a great sauce over salmon

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