Homemade Bug Spray

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  1. munz carlo says:

    spreading health tips to those who dont understand and to those who really need it

  2. Crystal Jones says:


  3. jo welch says:

    Is this bug spray ok to spray on small dogs, my pom takes 3 meds per day.

  4. sofia says:

    My 4 year old is getting flea bites, would this keep them away. What home remedies to u have for fleas?

  5. Terry says:

    I live in the woods… chiggers and ticks are a huge problem for me. Would this also work to repel them?

  6. Kiri says:

    Which one of the essential oils that you listed in the recipe do you recommend for use on children <4yrs? We live in the tropics where mozzies and sand flies are a big issue, and I have two boys aged 3.5yrs and 15mths.

  7. Ashleigh Abbott-Smith says:

    Quick question, after making the spray how long does the spray keep before it spoils? Also, I really love all the remedies that you have on your site! Would there be a way for you to add how long each product will last before it goes bad?

  8. K8t says:

    Do you use 40 of each oil or 6 to 7 drops of each oil?
    Thank You,

  9. Renate Tonsing says:

    You introduced me to essential oils. Which companies are the best for ordering those oils? Thank you.


  10. sandra says:

    My husband has crohns is there an oil for that?

  11. Reece Martin says:

    Is there a good bug spray for plants? I use dish detergent in water, but I wondered if there is a good essential oil mix.

  12. Amy R says:

    Is this safe to use on a 2 & 1 year old? My 2 year old has some poriasis spots on his legs that we are working on. Would this bother that? Thank you!!

  13. Gloria says:

    Would using only lavender oil work? Same amount as the other oils?

  14. eve says:

    Dr Josh,
    I’m just in love with all of your recipes.
    You are such a blessing.

  15. LIsa says:

    For the life of me, I can’t find glass spray bottles or glass dropper bottles. I checked pharmacy and everywhere I can think of. Where do you get yours?

  16. Sharon Brothers says:

    Would like to know where to buy the cracked cell chlorella product and best source of lemongrass oil. Thank you!

  17. Dee says:

    Why do you have to use a glass spray bottle? The picture with this article looks like it is a metal spray bottle. Can you use plastic bottle?

  18. Saundra D Ashley says:

    Who makes the best oils for consumption and for aromatherapy? I’m just starting to use them along with Advocare vitamins and I have high blood pressure and Barrett ‘ s esophagus disease. What oils do you recommend for these issues?

    Saundra D Ashley

  19. Sherri says:

    We are moving into a farm house have tons of field mice around we have seen them in the house as well. Before I move my NEW furniture in for them to nest in ugh I was told peppermint oil sprayed in and around the house will get rid of them. Is this true please help.

  20. Sheila says:

    I am moving back home to Manitoba where there are a lot, and I mean a lot of mosquitoes and black flies. Have you heard of good results in areas where you have to be coated in spray in order to not be covered in bug bites. I would like something healthy that keeps the bugs away in order to be able to enjoy the outdoors. also what do you recommend for a natural suncreen as well. thanks

  21. Sandra Borrel says:

    Thank You Dr. Axe, i have using some of our remedies and recipe for the past year.. i like the healthy organic snacks..
    thank you for sharing these tips with us.. it help

  22. Sandra Borrel says:

    Thank You Dr. Axe, i have been using some of our remedies and recipe for the past year.. i like the healthy organic snacks..
    thank you for sharing these tips with us.. it help

  23. Patty says:

    I have ticks on my horses will this kill them & repel them?

  24. Annie says:

    can this be sprayed on children on their hair for head lice prevention when going to school?

  25. Mary says:

    Do you have to use a glass spray bottle or will plastic work also?
    Thank you.