Top 5 Lower Back Exercises to Prevent Injury

November 28, 2017

Try these top 5 lower back exercises that will strengthen your core and prevent injury. These moves, including key back exercises, will help aid in stabilization when working out and in everyday life!

Josh Axe

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  1. Chris Melton on

    I bought the Burnfit routine and really like the first 2 days. My concern is that sit ups really hurt my lower back, actually more my tail bone. In looking ahead I see sit ups coming in the shoulder/arm day. Thoughts on what I should do instead?

  2. Rhonda Yrene on

    Hi Dr. Axe – I will be turning 50 years old in May this year and I would love to enjoy those years. When I turned 42 I felt like I lost all control of my life. I was dizzy, tired, scared to go outside, lost my appetite, lost weight, gained weight, leaky gut symptoms, emotional. I felt like I was going crazy. My primary doctor tested me for vertigo, MS, colon test you name it. My Dr. decided that he was going to treat with anxiety and depression and put me on a low dose of Lexapro and I have been on that for about 3 years. I don’t like taking the med. It only controls my mood swings. It does not address the problem.

    I was just treated for a inflamed thyroid gland which is gone now but I have hypothrodism but my numbers are board line and the Dr. is saying my numbers are low to start any type of med. I DO NOT want to get on those.

    Over all I am a pretty healthy women with 3 great kids and an awesome husband but I can’t not live my life with this up and down roller coaster. I never really get sick except for bladder infections but I try to eat right and exercise when I can. My family just moved to Bourbonnais, IL and I just don’t know where to start. Can you please lead me in the right direction to get myself off this medication and eating better and finding a doctor in my area?

    I know my mother had this problem but never found the right help and she died of Breast cancer of the back bone over 15 years ago and I would love to be here for my children for the next 30 years if I can fix this mess. Can you please put me on the right path?
    Rhonda Yrene


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