Full Body 12 Minute Workout

We know you’re pressed for time, so in this video, Dr. Chelsea will be demonstrating a full-body workout in only 12 minutes!

Dr. Chelsea is using the Tabata style workout method which is 20 seconds of high intensity with a 10 second break. There are four exercises that you repeat 6 times through.

1.) Drop Jump Squats
2.) Push ups
3.) Full Body V-Ups
4.) Up and Unders

Repeat 5 more times (6 total times through)

Join me in getting your heart rate up, toning your entire body, and shredding that fat!

Dr. Axe

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  1. Terri says:

    I started the BurstFit workouts (have done them for 3 days in a row and yes, I’m sore – especially my thighs!) and today is my first day to “take a break” from it. Tomorrow do I do the workout that I skipped today? Also what about the butt lifts – skip that until I’m better at it all? Those are marked on the days that beginners take a day off. Thank you!

    • Yes, tomorrow you can do the one that was scheduled for today. You can add the butt lift workout on to another video or do it in place of a video, depending on how much time you have! Glad you’re enjoying them. Be on the look out for some new BurstFIT videos to be released soon!

  2. [email protected] says:

    Started the Burst Workout and Wow, i am sore…thought I was in reasonable shape, play tennis every day, and workout, but this Burst W/O knocked me for a loop, but great! Sticking to it, and enjoying the invigoration! The video is great for following “how to do it” FOR THE Full Body V-Ups and the Up and Unders….Thank you Dr. Chelsea and Dr Axe…..Great Fitness!

  3. Denise Johnson says:

    Ok, I feel so lame…..I am a member and want to get back to doing the Burstfit Exercise videos, but lost my saved icon when I rebooted. I already sent you a note and you sent me an email and password, which I tossed after trying to email you! I now realize those were probably to get me into the members part again, but I cannot even find the website!!!! Help…. I’ve fallen and I can’t get UP! So bottom line is a need 3things,
    1. The burstfit website
    2. The email to get in.
    3. The password, too, PLEASE

    Thanks so much for your help! Denise

  4. RR A says:

    Am a 2x kidney recipient, suppressed immune system, & recently gained 90 lbs as had three critical surgeries in one year, latest was e/r twisted intestines and was bedridden for almost 2years). Have bum knees (from bodybuilding when I was 18 on old military equipment).
    Long story short: can somebody recommend a slow but methodical way I can build up to exercising @ least 3x /week? Have the drive, it’s the drastic barometric yo-yo out here in Colorado which kills my intent, as I have bone density issues (medically brought on by kidney immunosuppressants I’ve had to take 10+ years). Late spring/,summer is logically practical to start, but I don’t want 2wait that long, as am reasonably embarrassed by how I look (though my genetics come from ‘large’ people, have been skinny since I was 16). ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thx for ur time.

  5. Niki Turi says:

    Dr.Axe,this workout is nice and short that’s why I like this! I have been a personal trainer since 2010, but since 2013 with my clients at the gym, I had this experiment about testing different diets and programs bought from the internet. We tested 30 programs with 100 clients..Please have a look at the results..they are shocking..Grab the best rated program NOW..you want to start tomorrow? WHY not just change your life immediately?

  6. Bessie prapas says:

    How do I purchase the 12 minute burst fit workout dvd

  7. Bonita P. says:

    I got an email saying my BurstFit order is being shipped, along with Essential Orders. I did not order anything, and I will not pay for something not ordered. Bank is informed. I apologize for posting here, but there was (of course) a NoReply email sent, so I did not know where to write.

  8. Michele says:

    I like the 12 minute workout idea but I am 64 and have a herniated disc which I control with a great chiropractor. These excersizes seem too advanced for me. How can they be modified to suit someone like me who is not so strong ? The ab part is fine for me but the others seem too much. Can you do a video for less strong people?
    Thank you

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