In my most recent sit down with Jordan Rubin, we discussed two of the most exciting compounds in health today, Raw Resveratrol and Raw CoQ10.

Resveratrol is a powerful anti-oxidant found mainly in red wine. Its main function is to boost and support cellular health.

Raw CoQ10 also works to restore cellular health and energy. It has been found that statin drugs can reduce the levels of CoQ10 in your body (source). This is why getting a good quality Raw Coenzyme Q10 is so important.


Healthy Heart Webinar

Join me on February 20th at 7:00PM for a healthy heart webinar. Topics for the webinar will include:

-Top Nutrients to fight Heart Disease

-SuperBerr that helps fight Heart Disease

-Top Recipes & Smoothies for Heart Health

-Healthy Heart Exercises

This event will be held online via phone conference as well as online presentation. The link for the presentation is and the phone number to listen in is (209) 647-1600. Use the access code 865044

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