Recently the New England Journal of Medicine published an article that found taking Erythromycin, a commonly prescribed anti-biotic, increases your risk of dying from a cardio vascular complication by 250%.

Many of us, including myself, were given antibiotics as children to treat bronchitis, diphtheria, pneumonia,  and ear, intestine, lung, urinary tract, and skin infections (source). The downsides of antibiotics weren’t well understood then, but now we know that it increases your risk of cancer, heart disease and digestive disorders.

The Problem with Antibiotics

“In this case, you are what you can digest”

Getting rid of bad bacteria is the main goal, but prescribed antibiotics kill all bacteria in your body both good and bad. It’s very similar to using dynamite to get rid of some weeds in your garden. Good bacteria, known as probiotics, are a large part of your immune system, keeping you healthy and your digestive system. If your digestive system isn’t working properly, you aren’t going to be digesting the foods you eat. You’ve heard it said that you are what you eat, well in this case, you are what you can digest. If your body doesn’t digest the food you cannot absorb the vitamins and minerals as well.

The best thing you can do to avoid the need for prescribed antibiotics is to increase your intake of probiotics either in supplement form or in cultured foods, and to take the following three natural antibiotics as soon as you begin to feel sick.

3 Natural Antibiotics

1. Raw Garlic – contains allison which is a powerful anti fungal, anti biotic, and anti viral. Garlic is often treated with chemicals to prevent sprouting, so it is very important to buy organic garlic Take 1 clove per day of raw garlic. 

2. Oil of Oregano – anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti oxidant, and anti inflammatory. Take 500mg or 5 drops daily (the Oreganol brand is my favorite)

3. Colloidal Silver – Supports your immune system, is powerfully alkaline and is anti viral. Take 1 to 2 Tbsp. Daily (I recommend and use Sovereign Silver)


Foods high in Probiotics

  • Goat’s Milk Yogurt or Kefir
  • Amasai
  • Coconut Kefir
  • Coconut Water
  • Kombucha Tea
  • Sour Kraut
  • Apple Cider Vinegar