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Calcium Deficiency: Are Supplements the Answer?

Calcium Deficiency When people think of calcium, bone health is usually the first thing that comes to mind, but calcium’s benefits go far beyond helping to build and maintain a strong skeletal structure. Calcium is also needed to regulate heart rhythms, aid in muscle function, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and is involved in numerous nerve signaling functions, and … Read More

Raw Organic Barley Grain

Barley Nutrition Facts, Benefits & How to Cook It!

Health Benefits of Barley Nutrition Although barley may not be as popular as other whole grains like oats, wheat, or even grain-of-the-moment quinoa, barley has some impressive health benefits. A very high fiber content, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, heart health and diabetes protection are just some of the barley nutrition benefits that make it one of the best whole grain choices. Barley is actually one … Read More

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15 Ultimate Fat-Burning Foods

Ask the average person about their personal goals and, all too often, there’s one common thread: losing weight. While the reasons are often superficial (after all, who doesn’t want to look good in their swimsuit or summer attire?), the reality is that the benefits of losing weight go far beyond what’s reflected in the mirror — and fat-burning foods can … Read More

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Spirulina Benefits: 10 Proven Reasons to Use This Superfood

Super Spirulina Benefits It’s blue-green, absurdly healthy but often overlooked or misunderstood; Spirulina may not be from Pandora, but it grows in our version of that magical moon, Hawaii, along with other exotic locations around the globe. This blue-green algae is a freshwater plant that is now one of the most researched, and alongside its cousin chlorella, most talked about superfoods today. Grown around the world from Mexico … Read More

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Cantaloupe Nutrition, Benefits, & How to Pick a Good Melon!

What’s So Great About Cantaloupe Nutrition? Cantaloupe is a type of melon fruit that provides a range of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and electrolytes which have been shown to have multiple health benefits. The nutrients found in cantaloupe can be spotted in its deep, orange color and can help prevent oxidative stress plus a wide range of inflammatory-caused diseases that are prevalent in the … Read More

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Romaine Lettuce Nutrition, Benefits, & Recipes

Romaine Lettuce Nutrition Benefits Romaine lettuce is one of the fastest growing vegetables in terms of popularity and that it has the potential to provide significant antioxidants and widespread health benefits to people’s diets. (1) Many people know that certain lettuces, like iceberg lettuce for example, tend to be lower in nutrients that other varieties, and sometimes people can confuse … Read More

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Selenium Benefits, Signs of Deficiency, & Foods

Selenium Benefits Selenium is a trace mineral found naturally in the soil that also appears in certain foods and there are even small amounts in water. Selenium is an extremely vital mineral for the human body as it increases immunity, takes part in antioxidant activity that defends against free radical damage and inflammation, and plays a key role in maintaining … Read More

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What is Collagen? 7 Ways Collagen Can Boost Your Health

You might recognize it as an ingredient on your favorite body lotion or seen supplements in the vitamin aisle that feature it. But what is collagen, exactly ­­— and how can you incorporate it into your life? What is Collagen Made of? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It’s found in our muscles, bones, skin, and tendon. It’s … Read More

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The Forbidden Rice: Black Rice Nutrition & Benefits

  The Forbidden Rice Despite being less popular than brown rice or wild rice, black rice, known as forbidden rice, is an ancient grain that has even more impressive health benefits than most other closely related rice varieties. Not only is it the type of rice that is richest in powerful disease-fighting antioxidants, but it also contains dietary fiber, anti-inflammatory … Read More

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10 Proven Probiotic Yogurt Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Traditional probiotic yogurt is made from dairy that is fermented into a creamy food that is packed with beneficial probiotics, and is a balanced source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Yogurt is considered a superfood, when it is sourced from grass-fed cows or goats, then yogurt’s nutrition is maximized; supplying omega-3 fatty acids, whey protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin … Read More