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Thanksgiving health tips - Dr. Axe

3 Thanksgiving Health Tips to Prevent Weight Gain

[Below is my transcript of my video on Thanksgiving health tips and how not to pack on the pounds during Thanksgiving, along with supplemental information on the topic.] Today, I want to share with you my Thanksgiving health tips, specifically on how to not gain 10 pounds on Thanksgiving! Now, has anyone ever really gained 10 pounds on Thanksgiving day? I doubt it, but … Read More

Bulimia nervosa - Dr. Axe

Warning Signs of Bulimia Nervosa + 4 Ways to Heal

Eating disorders are a real problem, especially among girls and women. In fact, according to research in the New York Times, 95 percent of patients with anorexia and about 85 percent of patients with bulimia nervosa are female. (1) How can you tell if you or someone you know is suffering the effects of bulimia, and why do these type … Read More

Fitness Tracker

The Fitness Tracker: Tech that Boosts Your Weight Loss Efforts

More than 39.5 million Americans (that’s 1 out of 5!) are sporting wearable technology and the number is only expected to grow in the next few years. The use of these devices, like the fitness tracker and the sports watch, has skyrocketed in the last several years. Fitness-minded individuals are turn to technology to help them do things previously inconceivable, … Read More

Protein shake - Dr. Axe

23 Protein Shake Recipes to Make You Lean & Strong

If you’re replenishing after a workout, trying to build lean muscle mass, or just find yourself hungry and need something more filling, bulking up on protein foods might be the answer. But if you can’t stomach eating another steak or cracking one more egg, it might be time to start drinking protein shakes. Easy-to-make and portable, these healthy protein shake … Read More

Diet Plans

The Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight

Low-carb. Low-fat. Cayenne pepper and cabbage soup. Strictly yellow M&M’s and water. Each day, it seems, there’s a new diet plan to lose weight that promises quick results, ranging from the sensible to the downright insane. Losing weight fast, and choosing the best plan to do so, is something most of us have attempted at least once … or twice … or, … Read More

Almond Oil

How to Use Almond Oil for Your Skin & Overall Health

Your skin needs it. Your heart needs it. Even your colon needs it! Almond oil takes the mighty, nutrition-rich almonds and transforms it into a powerful oil with incredible benefits. Though there are two main kinds of almonds that create almond oil, the one used for most homeopathic and cosmetic purposes is sweet almond oil. Don’t let the name fool you, … Read More


8 Fenugreek Benefits that Could Change Your Life

Never heard of fenugreek? Don’t worry — you’re not alone — but that doesn’t mean you should continue to be in the dark on this medicinal herb. In fact, I recommend utilizing fenugreek on a regular basis. Why? Because fenugreek has some amazing health benefits that could transform your health and change your life for the better. How? It all … Read More

Brown rice protein powder - Dr. Axe

Brown Rice Protein Powder: Lose Weight & Build Muscle?

Protein powder is just for getting fit, right? Not anymore. Did you know that that there’s a type of protein dietary supplement that can improve liver and heart function and regulate your cholesterol, in addition to supporting your weight loss and muscle-building efforts? It’s time to introduce brown rice protein powder. From hardcore athletes to the casual gym-goer, many people looking to enhance … Read More


Dangerous Thermogenic Supplements vs. Better Options to Burn Fat

You’ve likely seen the bottles for thermogenic supplements at the drugstore. They feature trim, slim men and women, flexing in bathing suits. The labels and advertisements are usually similar: lose pounds in days, build muscle quickly or other drastic results. During a weight-loss plateau or when you’re at the umpteenth birthday party at work, you might even have been tempted … Read More

Metabolism boosters - Dr. Axe

6 Natural Metabolism Boosters

Can you really boost your metabolism? When most people think of what it means to have a “high metabolism,” they picture someone who’s “luckily” naturally thin. We assume these people can maintain a healthy body composition mostly due to their genetics, despite whether they try to eat a healthy diet and exercise or not. While a properly working metabolism is … Read More