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Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome: Proven Diet & Natural Treatment Plan

Any guess at what disorder affects 40 percent of people over the age of 60? It’s called metabolic syndrome, which unfortunately does not simply mean that your metabolism is slow or out of whack. Metabolic syndrome is a metabolic disorder that involves not one, but a combination of three or more of the following health issues: abdominal obesity, high blood sugar, high triglyceride … Read More

Eating Healthy - Dr. Axe

Orthorexia: Are You Obsessed with Eating the Right Foods?

Choosing quinoa over pasta and veggies over French fries, finally reading food labels and rejecting refined sugar. Over the past several years, there’s been a shift among Americans in our attitudes toward food. Slowly but surely, more of us are choosing wholesome foods and paying closer attention to what we’re consuming in what’s been dubbed the “clean eating movement.” And … Read More

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Cacao Nibs: Superfood that Boosts Energy and Burns Fat

There’s no better time of year to cozy up to the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate. And thanks largely to this wintertime favorite, we’re all familiar with cocoa and other forms of healthy chocolate. But are you familiar with cacao nibs? Cacao, or Theobroma cacao, is the source of original, natural chocolate. It comes from the seeds of … Read More

Sedentary Lifestyle - Dr.Axe

The Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle & How to Overcome It

Wake up. Get ready for work. Sit in the car during traffic for 45 minutes. Arrive at work. Sit at desk, check emails and do some work. Move to conference room and yawn your way through an hour-long meeting. Order lunch from your computer without getting up. Lunch arrives. Eat at your desk while simultaneously browsing the Internet and preparing … Read More

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Top 8 Bee Pollen Benefits (No. 7 Is Remarkable)

Did you know that bee pollen contains almost all of the nutrients required by the human body to thrive? That’s why the German Federal Board of Health has officially recognized it as a medicine. Bee pollen is wonderful for natural allergy relief and is responsible for the many health benefits of raw honey. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and fatty acids, enzymes, … Read More

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Hemp Protein Powder: The Perfect Plant-Based Protein

Did you know that hemp seeds are one of nature’s best sources for plant-based protein? If you’re looking to increase your protein intake from a natural and vegan source, then hemp protein powder just might be the perfect choice for you. In fact, hemp protein powder is arguably the best vegan protein powder with 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids … Read More

Pea protein - Dr. Axe

Pea Protein: The Non-Dairy Muscle Builder (that Also Boosts Heart Health)

Pea protein powder is becoming a fast favorite for gym-goers and health-conscious people alike — not only is it gluten- and dairy-free, but it’s been proven to be spectacular for your kidneys and heart! Why do I recommend using a supplementary protein powder? With a balanced, superfood-rich diet, you can theoretically consume enough protein foods to keep your body in great … Read More

Alfalfa Sprouts

7 Amazing Alfalfa Sprouts Benefits (#5 Will Keep You Young)

While the name may make you smile and laugh with thoughts of the “Little Rascals” character, alfalfa sprouts are no joke. The sprout of the alfalfa flower seed is full of health benefits — all while low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. In fact, studies show that alfalfa sprouts can combat two of the most common health issues in the … Read More

Coca-Cola Disbands Biased Research Group

Coca-Cola Disbands Sketchy Research Group It Funded

No matter which way you slice it, soda is bad for you. From the loads and loads of research to back the unhealthy claims of soft drinks to the human trial display in the film “Super Size Me,” all the information we have available to us tells us to step away from the diet coke and reach for just about … Read More

Casein protein - Dr. Axe

Casein Protein vs. Whey Protein: The Benefits of the ‘Other Protein Powder’

Currently the most popular protein powder in the world is whey protein, loved by athletes and those both looking to lose or gain weight. Whey protein has been the go-to muscle enhancer for decades, but there’s another protein supplement out there: casein protein. One of the top sources of long-lasting amino acids, casein protein — sometimes called “the other protein powder” … Read More