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Superhuman Shake for Strength and Muscle


Fresh Made Banana MilkshakeDid you know that more than 45 million Americans belong to a gym or health club? That must mean there are a whole lot of people who want to feel and look better. Most of these 45 million Americans, hitting the gym, want to lose weight and get stronger. But how many of them are getting the results as quickly as they want?  Not many…

Are you ready to feel fitter than you have in your entire life?  You don’t have to take steroids or spend endless hours at the gym. With the right lifestyle, including, of course, diet, you’ll feel and look better than you have in years – and you’ll be the strongest and fittest of your life.

There are a few ways to gain this amazing vitality and strength. I’m going to share them with you now. Remember, your life is up to you. Taking the right steps now will insure you with a healthy, energetic body lasting through life.

Increase Strength All Naturally

In his NY Times Best Selling book 4-Hour-Body Tim Ferris uses himself as a test subject to prove how you can naturally boost strength and stamina.  With a similar Super Shake that is given in this article he takes the shake 2x daily for about 4 months and his Total testosterone goes from 244.8 to 653.3!  This secret shake more than doubled his testosterone and he noticed huge changes in his body for losing body fat and increasing strength and energy.


I’ve talked numerous times about the importance of eating whole, fresh, organic, ‘real’ foods instead of fake foods. Fake foods are highly processed foods loaded with preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other harmful substances.

Again, I’m going to tell you here that one of the best ways to increase strength and boost vitality is by what you put into your body.

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Increase Growth Hormone (GH) Production

The body makes growth hormone via the pituitary gland. This naturally occurring hormone decreases in production after the age of forty, especially in men. Low GH levels are to blame for many signs of aging. Human Growth Hormone is known as your anti-aging hormone where if Cortisol levels are high it is known as the aging hormone.  So if you want age slower and feel younger you must keep GH high.

Signs of Sluggish GH Production

  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Increase in fat
  • Loss of energy
  • Decreased Mental Clarity

There are effective, all natural ways to increase your body’s production of GH. One of the best ways is with what you eat. Focus on getting certain types of nutrients into your body everyday. You’ll feel stronger and younger in no time.

Nutrients Needed for Increased GH Production

  • Protein
  • Glutamine
  • L-Arginine
  • Choline
  • Niacin

Now, of course you’ll want to eat foods rich in these to build your strengthen and increase your vitality. I’ve formulated a special ‘Superhuman’ shake that provides you with a potent shot of all these vital nutrients to stimulate GH production.

This is the recipe for my highly nutritious new shake:

  • 3 Raw Eggs (OPTIONAL, as the CDC cautions people about the risk of consuming raw eggs and getting a Salmonella infection)
  • 1 Scoop Organic Protein Powder (preferably whey or bone broth powder)
  • 4-8 oz. Kefir or yogurt
  • 1 Banana
  • 3 Tablespoons (TBSP) Almond Butter
  • 1 TBSP Flax Meal or Chia Seeds
  • 1 TSP Cinnamon

Along with this Supershake supplementing with Cod Liver Oil 1 TBSP daily and 5,000IU of Vitamin D3 will also help boost HG.

These ingredients have been specially chosen for their specific nutritional benefits. Here’s a glimpse at these nutrients:

Eggs are packed with the most bio-available source of protein albumin, amino acids and beta-carotene (remember, this is an OPTIONAL step, since the CDC and other cautions people about the risk of consuming raw eggs and contracting Salmonella)

Organic Protein Powder gives you the extra protein you need to pack on muscle

Raw Dairy contains a highly absorbable whey protein, calcium and CLA a potent fat burning compound


Almond butter is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein, and vitamin E and L-Arginine.

Flax seeds offer the body a robust dose of omega-3, a seriously needed nutrient in the Western world, which fights inflammation amongst its other health benefits.

Banana gives you the carbohydrates you need to build muscles

Cinnamon is an ancient spice containing choline and niacin (both helpful in GH production.) But that’s not all cinnamon brings to the table. It also contains the following:

  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Sodium
  • Betaine
  • Vitamin K
  • B6
  • Pantothenic acid

Mix these highly nutritious ingredients together thoroughly and drink up! This shake is loaded with all the essential nutrients you need to increase your GH production.

Eating three, nutritious meals daily plus drinking my Superhuman Shake two times a day will get you on the path to increasing strength and overall body vibrancy.

Get plenty sleep as this is when your body releases GH. In addition to sleep vigorous exercise also stimulates GH production. It’s also wise to eat a low sugar diet as insulin hinders GH.

It’s important to remember that synthetic GH should be avoided. The side effects both long and short term have not been definitively identified yet and it’s theorized that some may be very dangerous to your health.

Weight Training to Increase Strength

Of course, when it comes to building strength, both men and women alike should engage in a strength training program lifting weights. This will help to build muscle as you age, keeping you fit and strong. Weight lifting also strengthens bones – an essential as you age.

If you haven’t lifted weights before, learn about the best ways to get started. Either at the gym, using a personal trainer, or by reading up on the best weight lifting techniques you can develop a weight lifting routine that’s right for you to increase strength.

Here is a link to my weight training plan that you can use to burn body fat and increase strength yourself:

If you want to be strong and fit just follow these tips for a vibrant life. You’ll not just feel good you’ll look amazing too. Remember to drink my muscle building shakes like the superhuman shake two times a day so you can see growth and strength in your body.


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