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I created this show to bring you the latest in nutrition, health and wellness. Do you have a question you want me to answer? Send me a voice memo with your question and I’ll select some to play and answer on my show!

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Six years ago I began a healing journey, and Dr. Axe has always been an integral part of my process. He continues to teach + encourage me through his work, and this podcast offers that and more. If you care about your health, your loved one’s health, and/or are just seeking some illuminating + practical knowledge, this podcast is for you. Cheers to empowerment and a health movement that heals! -jwashkau

Can’t go wrong with anything and everything Dr. Josh Axe! Love this new podcast! I even took notes while listening. Dr. Oz is so great. These men are so educated and are sharing their wisdom with us to help the world become a better place! Can’t wait to hear from his wife Chelsea she’s the best as well! I admire them both very much. I use his Ancient Nutrition products, use his recipes, just ordered his new Collagen book and I add Dr. Axe’s name to the end of every medical google search I do to be sure to get his opinion first! I tell everyone to look this guy up! I trust every word that comes from him. He’s helped change and inspire my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually! Thank you Dr. Axe, for everything! God Bless! -Aly_Rose5

I am so excited about this podcast! You are such a genuine person who seems to hold endless valuable information that could change the future of healthcare in America. I will tell everyone I know about the truths you have given to me from your website, your Keto Diet book, and this podcast. I cannot soak in enough information from you so keep it up! Thanks for all you do! -Lootsy804