Superhuman Shake for Strength and Muscle

Fresh Made Banana MilkshakeDid you know that more than 45 million Americans belong to a gym or health club? That must mean there are a whole lot of people who want to feel and look better. Most of these 45 million Americans, hitting the gym, want to lose weight and get stronger. But how many of them are getting the results as quickly as they want?  Not many…

Are you ready to feel fitter than you have in your entire life?  You don’t have to take steroids or spend endless hours at the gym. With the right lifestyle, including, of course, diet, you’ll feel and look better than you have in years – and you’ll be the strongest and fittest of your life.

There are a few ways to gain this amazing vitality and strength. I’m going to share them with you now. Remember, your life is up to you. Taking the right steps now will insure you with a healthy, energetic body lasting through life.

Increase Strength All Naturally

In his NY Times Best Selling book 4-Hour-Body Tim Ferris uses himself as a test subject to prove how you can naturally boost strength and stamina.  With a similar Super Shake that is given in this article he takes the shake 2x daily for about 4 months and his Total testosterone goes from 244.8 to 653.3!  This secret shake more than doubled his testosterone and he noticed huge changes in his body for losing body fat and increasing strength and energy.

I’ve talked numerous times about the importance of eating whole, fresh, organic, ‘real’ foods instead of fake foods. Fake foods are highly processed foods loaded with preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other harmful substances.

Again, I’m going to tell you here that one of the best ways to increase strength and boost vitality is by what you put into your body.

Increase Growth Hormone (GH) Production

The body makes growth hormone via the pituitary gland. This naturally occurring hormone decreases in production after the age of forty, especially in men. Low GH levels are to blame for many signs of aging. Human Growth Hormone is known as your anti-aging hormone where if Cortisol levels are high it is known as the aging hormone.  So if you want age slower and feel younger you must keep GH high.

Signs of Sluggish GH Production

  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Increase in fat
  • Loss of energy
  • Decreased Mental Clarity

There are effective, all natural ways to increase your body’s production of GH. One of the best ways is with what you eat. Focus on getting certain types of nutrients into your body everyday. You’ll feel stronger and younger in no time.

Nutrients Needed for Increased GH Production

  • Protein
  • Glutamine
  • L-Arginine
  • Choline
  • Niacin

Now, of course you’ll want to eat foods rich in these to build your strengthen and increase your vitality. I’ve formulated a special ‘Superhuman’ shake that provides you with a potent shot of all these vital nutrients to stimulate GH production.

This is the recipe for my highly nutritious new shake:

  • 3 Raw Eggs
  • 1 Scoop Organic Protein Powder (preferably whey)
  • 4-8 oz. Kefir or yogurt
  • 1 Banana
  • 3 Tablespoons (TBSP) Almond Butter
  • 1 TBSP Flax Meal or Chia Seeds
  • 1 TSP Cinnamon

Along with this Supershake supplementing with Cod Liver Oil 1 TBSP daily and 5,000IU of Vitamin D3 will also help boost HG.

These ingredients have been specially chosen for their specific nutritional benefits. Here’s a glimpse at these nutrients:

Eggs are packed with the most bio-available source of protein albumin, amino acids, and beta-carotene

Organic Protein Powder gives you the extra protein you need to pack on muscle

Raw Dairy contains a highly absorbable whey protein, calcium and CLA a potent fat burning compound

Almond butter is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein, and vitamin E and L-Arginine.

Flax seeds offer the body a robust dose of omega-3, a seriously needed nutrient in the Western world, which fights inflammation amongst its other health benefits.

Banana – gives you the carbohydrates you need to build muscles

Cinnamon is an ancient spice containing choline and niacin (both helpful in GH production.) But that’s not all cinnamon brings to the table. It also contains the following:

  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Sodium
  • Betaine
  • Vitamin K
  • B6
  • Pantothenic acid

Mix these highly nutritious ingredients together thoroughly and drink up! This shake is loaded with all the essential nutrients you need to increase your GH production.

Eating three, nutritious meals daily plus drinking my Superhuman Shake two times a day will get you on the path to increasing strength and overall body vibrancy.

Get plenty sleep as this is when your body releases GH. In addition to sleep vigorous exercise also stimulates GH production. It’s also wise to eat a low sugar diet as insulin hinders GH.

It’s important to remember that synthetic GH should be avoided. The side effects both long and short term have not been definitively identified yet and it’s theorized that some may be very dangerous to your health.

Weight Training to Increase Strength

Of course, when it comes to building strength, both men and women alike should engage in a strength training program lifting weights. This will help to build muscle as you age, keeping you fit and strong. Weight lifting also strengthens bones – an essential as you age.

If you haven’t lifted weights before, learn about the best ways to get started. Either at the gym, using a personal trainer, or by reading up on the best weight lifting techniques you can develop a weight lifting routine that’s right for you to increase strength.

Here is a link to my weight training plan that you can use to burn body fat and increase strength yourself:

If you want to be strong and fit just follow these tips for a vibrant life. You’ll not just feel good you’ll look amazing too. Remember to drink my muscle building shakes like the superhuman shake two times a day so you can see growth and strength in your body.


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  1. Paul says:

    Dr. Axe,
    If live on an island and Raw Milk or Raw Goats Milk Yogurt are not available due to the low population. What are the best alternatives?

  2. Nate says:

    Raw Eggs? Excuse my ignorance, but isn’t that how a person gets salmonella?

    • Anthony says:

      Raw eggs from pastured chickens are the way to go. No salmonella worries there for me. I have been eating them raw for 8 years often within hours of them being laid and never once had an issue. Same for raw milk. Commercial farm milk/eggs – disgusting.

  3. Kathy says:

    This shake contains very healthy ingredients but has about 740 calories and about 71 grams of fat!!! Two of these PLUS meals? Maybe for a marathon runner but for the average active, fit person?

    • Nate says:

      Are calories an issue? I find that I can eat just about anything as long as it isn’t processed or manufactured and get away without worrying about calories. Watch the grains, watch the sugars and eat as close to the most natural form and don’t worry about the calorie content. IMO if you do that you can eat all you want and still lose weight.

      • Beth says:

        Being a woman I share the concern. Men can consume more calories & fat than women. I want to burn fat, but that semms like a lot. Plus, I don’t really want testosterone levels to increase.

      • Nathaniel says:

        @Nate Well said!

  4. Marian says:

    I would also like to know what a good alternative for raw milk is— I know raw is best, but not easily accessible.

  5. Rick says:

    Dr. Axe,

    Does anyone know where we can get raw goats milk or yogurt in the Nashville/Franklin area??


  6. Sue Roth says:

    Westwind Farms markets their milk as for “pet food” only. That’s what they legally have to do. They are often at the Franklin Farmer’s Market as well, and if you call ahead, they will reserve milk for you. I also know people who drive to Lawrenceberg and buy raw milk from the Amish. And, can’t help but agree on the calories…

  7. Steve says:

    I had to try this, but I do not have raw milk, almond butter or the flax seed. I substituted with what ingredients I do have- regular milk, 1-minute oats (2T) and Sunflower Seed butter. It came out fine. After a couple sips I put it back in the blender and added 1/2 a banana. Now it was awesome! Dr. Axe I love what you do and your message. Keep it up!

    • Mark says:

      you can make your own almond butter..I did….first, roast some raw almonds for about 8 min. at 350……then put them in a high powered blender or food processer….grind them for about 8 min…add olive oil or canola oil to the mixture and keep blending…..there are recipies on the internet….I also use it on some sandwiches…good stuff…

      • Beth says:

        Actually, if you pour raw almonds in a food processor & let it run about 10 min it will turn into almond butter. It will look like powder then grainy, then when the oils release it will turn into a “butter”. After it reaches this point I scrape the side & run it a few more times (scraping about 3 times after it’s turned creamy). No need to add any oil at all. I also do this with my raw cashews to make cashew butter. Much better than a blender

  8. Karen says:

    I am allergic to all dairy. Can I get the same results if I substitute almond milk or coconut milk? I am also concerned with calories as I am trying to lose about 20 lbs while gaining a little more muscle. Even when working out regularly I cannot exceed 1800-1900 cal/day or I gain weight. Could I expect gains in GH if I made half the recipe twice a day and then three small meas?

  9. Marty says:

    Dr. A – any suggestion for vegans?! What would you substitute for the eggs? I can substitute alt mylks for the milk listed.


  10. Marc says:

    I too was a little appalled at the amounts given for a shake to be taken twice a day. Also on the availability of raw milk products, which is illegal for sale to the public in many states without buying a “share” of the cow in yearly contracts. And to boot, after you add 3 raw eggs to 8 oz. of liquid, it becomes like drinking a big jellyfish and is very unpalatable.
    So I do take the shake twice a day, but I use powdered goat milk found in any good health food store and natural (but not raw) goat milk yogurt. I have found almond butter, but in two states. One mixed with palm oil or other oil…and one with only salt added. I chose the latter. I take 8 0z of the goat milk, two heaping tbls. of the yogurt, 1 heaping tbls. of the butter, 1 tbls. of the cinnamon, 2 heaping tbls. of the flax seed meal (easy to find) and I eat the eggs on the side, thank you. I find this mix very delicious and it does not sit so heavy on the stomach after consuming, nor does it create much gas like the origianl formula does. lol
    I drink two of these a day and eat the eggs once a day. I accompany that in the morning with a shake of 4 berries, banana, goat yogurt and a little raw and unprocessed molasses (about 1 tbls. in it)
    Hope some of this helps and keeps things on the sane side and not the extreme.

  11. John says:

    You can get almond butter at Walmart Supercenter by the regular peanut butter. You can also get a natural peanut butter there that has flaxseed inside of it. I’ve been doing the 4 TBSP of almond butter but might start mixing it up with 3 of almond an 1 of the peanut butter with flaxseed so I don’t have to take flaxseed pills (gelatin). The shake actually tastes pretty good and I add a half scoop of chocolate whey protein powder and have added some banana to it at times as well. I just use organic milk (stonyfield or horizon brand) since no raw is available to me. Gets the job done.

  12. I don’t think you accurately reflected Time Ferriss’s book.

    He didn’t eat this twice a day every day. In his book, he says he used it on all lifting days. He also did other things in conjunction with the shake to increase his testosterone; things such as never putting his phone in his pocket while turned on, correcting a selenium deficiency, and taking ice baths.

    That said, he said taking the shake in his book gives you the same feeling as taking anabolic steroids and that noticable gains are to be had with this shake.

  13. Steven says:

    Thank you for the shake recipe, I read this before and tried to get an answer from Tim to no avail…what can I substitute in place of the Milk products? I have a dairy free diet (amazing results) and would like to try the shake.
    Would powdered Pea Protein be ok or only natural proteins?
    I would very much appreciate a suggestion.
    Steven Kuhn

  14. Niall says:

    Tim Ferriss said he did this shake but he only did it with a strict slow carb diet and twice a day and only on workout days. He said it was the closest thing you’ll get to feeling like you’re on anabolics

  15. Laurence says:

    Good article and I’ll be trying out the shake. One comment though, if memory serves me correctly, Tim Ferriss only drank the shake on training days and it was supplementing on cod liver oil and butter etc each day that tripled his testosterone. Being a ‘fat’ shake, every day may be excessive, unless you’ve tested otherwise?

  16. Graham French says:

    What are good times for the shake? Tim Ferris says 4pm and before bed. Why 4pm? I have been doing one after workouts at like 7pm, then before bed at 11:30 pm. Does the time in between matter? Recently switched to doing one at 4pm, working out at 7pm, one before bed at 11pm. And thoughts?

  17. Sharon says:

    I am allergic to eggs. And dairy. Can you recommend any substitutes? Thanks! Sharon

  18. Larry Hogue says:

    Ceylon Cinnamon

  19. lorraine says:

    Hi, I realise I am asking in the wrong place, but I do notice with conspicuous absent, any help for us Rosacea sufferers??
    Any help for us pleeeeeeeeeeeeez/
    Thanks so much and be blessed

  20. Adam says:

    Loving the shake!! How often should I switch it up to avoid egg allergies? Or is this a legitimate concern?

  21. Adam says:

    I changed the recipe a bit and on non workout days or even as my after noon shake on workout days I use half of a banana and half of an avocado, what do you think?

    • That’s great! Just make sure after your workout, you’re getting adequate protein! Right after you workout, your body needs more carbs and protein to replenish glucose stores and also help recovery with muscle breakdown that’s occurred.

  22. Tammy says:

    What about muscle building for women? I’m interested in the right combo of protein/carbs to maintain energy throughout the day (working in office environment) to gym routine after work.

    • Protein throughout the day would be crucial. I would try to eat protein at every meal if possible. Also, carbs are important right after a workout to replenish glucose stores. The amounts throughout the day depend on your goals and your workouts.

      • DEB says:

        Dr. Axe I have a concern about increasing the testosterone levels…OK for men but women? Or is it necessary due to the requirements to add muscle?

  23. Elle says:

    Hi, I’m a vegetarian (for over 40 years) and workout at least 6 days a week in some form or another. I read a lot of your recipes and see that you use eggs a lot…I hate eggs and gross out at the sight of them. I don’t eat any animal or fish or fowl as long as it once lived and breathed with a heart and eyes! Anyway, I love smoothies; I use whey protein in mine, with fruits, veggies etc. is there an alternative to eggs that you would suggest? I’d like to add something to my proteins. Mostly concerned with breakfast, my post-workout meal. I eat soybeans, lentils, legumes etc. but that’s lunch and dinner. also, I can’t eat bananas because they wreak havoc on my belly, so do u have a substitute for them too? Thanx

  24. Duane says:

    Really want to try this out to see if I can duplicate the results you mention. Problem is I not only have Low T but also high cholesterol. Should 6 whole eggs be concern for me or is there a way to substitute eggs with maybe 1 whole egg and some All-Whites?

  25. Stephen says:

    I was wondering if its is okay to take this shake if I struggle with acne? I know increased testosterone has been shown to cause skin issues.

  26. Danny says:

    Thank you for all of your shared information Dr. Axe! I am trying to build muscle and mass without doing the bad protein powders and unhealthy diet. But, I have a wicked fast metabolism. Any advice on gaining weight?

  27. Nick says:

    What kind of eggs are best to consume raw in the superhuman shake?

  28. Krystian says:

    “In this study, it was shown that after ingestion of 25 g of raw egg protein, almost 50% is malabsorbed over 24 h. The higher digestibility of cooked egg protein presumably results from structural changes in the protein molecule induced by heating, thereby enabling the digestive enzymes to gain broader access to the peptide bonds.”

  29. SophiaW says:

    I am a 52 year old woman, in excellent health as I have always been fit. I consume raw eggs in my protein shakes all the time without any issues. I have always eaten foods in as close to their natural state as possible and have not gained or loss more than 5 pounds in the past 16+ years. I am a firm believer in the fax that you are what you eat. If you cut out the junk food and eat right (yes, I do have cheat days but I do not go overboard when I do) you can manage your weight, blood pressure, etc. Don’t stress so much about the scale, eat right and exercise moderately and you will be okay.

  30. Marilyn says:

    I am so excited to have found my way to your website, Dr. Axe. It is an amazing resource of information. Here is my question. My son was diagnosed as HGH deficient at age 14 and 6 months. He has been taking daily shots of Nutropin for 18 months and has grown 6 inches. (from 4’10” to a current 5’4″). He is also taking a medication called Anastrozole that apparently helps to slow down the closure of growth plates. It appears that his growth has slowed down a bit recently, and I’m worried about his ultimate height. Can you guide me to anything I can do or anything I can read to help with his growth? Would he be a good candidate for your shake? He is a difficult kid to feed, drawn towards grains and carbohydrates. I’m so appreciative of anything you can offer me, as I want to help my son as much as I possible can.

  31. Edward F says:

    Hello Dr Axe, I just wanted to ask you a quick question about this shake recipe. I don’t wish to share a lot of info but basically I suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression and have been advised by my therapist to do my best at slowly starting to improve my diet and lifestyle again. The question is whether this shake is intended only for very active people or is it safe for me to consume as part of my diet in order to get more nutrients.

  32. Raymond C. says:

    My concern isn’t with salmonella, but with avidin, a biotin-binding protein found in raw eggs. By consuming this shake, biotin absorption could be adversely affected. Can you shed some light on this topic?

  33. Jonathan K says:

    For the earlier posts, Salmonella does not occur from inside the raw eggs, it’s the contamination of chicken fecies that you have to watch out for, like fruits or veggies, make sure you wash them, fecies from animals would be the sure cause of salmonella. I have eaten raw eggs and drank raw milk all my life and I have never got sick from it not once. Added note: also the talk on high cholesterol in eggs is a myth, it’s high in the good protective cholesterol that is in the egg, I have perfect cholesterol and when I train hard for lifting, I would eat about a dozen eggs a day for weeks on end, 5 raw a day, the good cholesterol boosts GH release as well! Oh Yeah! …Non-pasteurized milk is the way to go; you actually harm yourself little by little for consuming processed milk, causing all kinds of issues that later you will regret but they won’t tell you that. To break down molecules so they are smaller that aren’t suppose to be absorbed into the body is no good for men and woman, those fat solubles in cows milk aren’t suppose to be absorbed they are suppose to be passed through the system. To be technical, goats milk is the closest to the milk produced from a breast feeding mother. Goats milk is highly nutritious and immune system boosting properties not surpressing your immune system like cows milk can especially if processed. Also look for sweet goats milk, usually produced by a Nigerian dwarf goats you can find it don’t settle for the gamey tasting goats milk. Our goats produce sweet milk. All in all, stay raw, and your body will thrive weather cows milk easily and readily available or goats milk that you can find if you search a little. Anything processed usually ends with bad issues. And for the biotin absorption I would recommend taking a spoonful of apple cider vinegar as that takes care of that. Love Jesus, Love Nutrition and love seeing people transform into taking back their health one person at a time. Get excited and get healthy! Best wishes.

  34. Dave Kanyan says:

    If Kefir and Yogurt are dairy and all dairy is inflammatory why am I drinking it?
    Is there a substitute?
    Is that what the Cinnamon is for, to counter it?

  35. csablanca says:

    All the studies done on HGH secretagogues, read on official site: , such as L-lysine, L-arginine, L-ornithine, L-glycine and L-glutamine say that they do work, they don’t work or that they might work and even with the studies that show that they do increase HGH…
    You have to take very large amounts (this caused nausea & diarrhea in some test subjects) or…
    You have to take a magic combination of the HGH releasers which varies depending on the brand you use or…
    You have to follow rules where you have to take it on an empty stomach, after you workout or with a meal so…

    If you have the money then maybe HGH releasers are worth a try but in the long run you’d be better off with the tips above to increase HGH naturally.

  36. Chad says:

    Is powder colostrum a better alternative to whey

  37. Cindy says:

    Are organic free run brown eggs purchased from grocery stores safe to consume raw in a smoothie? Should I be concerned about salmonella poisoning or anything else by consuming them raw?

  38. Raizy says:

    Hi. I tried making the peppermint patties and the chocolate slid right down the coconut mixture. What am I doing wrong?

  39. Sami says:

    About how many calories is the Superhuman Shake?

  40. Russell says:

    Hi Dr. Axe, you said to take this shake 2 times a day. That’s like about 6 eggs a day, i was wondering can’t it be just once a day only 3 eggs per day. I am going to the gym to get more fit than having huge muscles. I don’t want to be big full of muscles. My question is, one shake a day works too? Thanks!

  41. Nathaniel says:

    A lot of people in the comments seem really concerned with the high calorie intake. If your are trying to put on muscle mass, this is definitely the way to go. If you are just trying to maintain your weight, then tone down the quantities or cut back to one shake a day. It’s not meant to be a long term thing.
    Great stuff Dr Axe!

  42. Rebecca says:

    Hello Dr. John Axe,

    I’ve been underweight girl since teenager until now (I’m 23 now). I’m looking to put on a healthy weight but do not where to start. Can I consume this superhuman shake to gain weight?

  43. Ks says:

    What about people with nut allergies?

  44. Maden says:

    Regarding the Superhuman Shake’s raw eggs. Can whole powdered eggs be used as a substitute?

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