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Chemicals in Mac and Cheese: What You Need to Know

America’s No. 1 favorite comfort food is testing positive for some disturbing ingredients, and you won’t find them on the label. New testing confirms that chemicals in mac and cheese include a variety of phthalates, chemicals that disrupt the body’s normal hormonal function. Some are even linked to certain cancers. But is it time to panic and ditch boxed mac and … Read More

How many grams of sugar per day? - Dr. Axe

How Many Grams of Sugar Per Day Should You Consume?

Sugar has gotten a bad rap and for good reason. It’s in almost every packaged food you pick up at the grocery store, and there seems to be quite a sugar addiction epidemic in the United States. If you don’t see the word “sugar” in the ingredients list, there is likely another form of it that you simply do not recognize. Given what … Read More

Reverse Osmosis

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Good for You? Or Does It Over-Filter?

Clean drinking water is difficult to come by. In places like California, water is scarce thanks to drought. In third-world countries, there’s a lack of infrastructure to provide potable water. And even in our own homes, tap water toxicity is a real concern, as toxins like lead and arsenic have been found ­­flowing through the tap. It’s just one of … Read More

Dryer sheets - Dr. Axe

Stop Using Dryer Sheets Immediately!

Dryer sheets are part of the laundry routine for millions of people. Most of us don’t think twice about tossing a sheet or two into the dryer — it’s just part of the clean clothes process. And while pulling a warm, fresh load of scented laundry out of the dryer may make you feel warm and fuzzy, there’s likely something not-so-good … Read More


Egg Carton Claims Decoded

Egg carton claims can be enough to make your head spin. Free-range. Organic. Photos of fluffy hens relaxing outdoors. These days, picking up a dozen eggs isn’t as simple as it used to be. There’s a huge variety of eggs available, and a whole lot of claims being made on the cartons. But all too often, what we believe those … Read More


Chlorpyrifos, a Dangerous Food Pesticide, Was Approved by EPA + 10 Ways to Avoid

Despite a concerning analysis produced by the agency itself, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, recently refused to ban the chemical compound chlorpyrifos. Because of increasing concerns over its dangerous health effects, particularly to children, the Obama administration had sought to outlaw the use of chlorpyrifos as a pesticide on food crops.  (1) Common pesticides have been … Read More

DIY compost - Dr. Axe

DIY Compost: Simple Steps to Make ‘Black Gold’ at Home

DIY compost may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really not much different than baking a cake when you think about it. You just need specific amounts of certain ingredients and a set of directions. For DIY compost, add browns, greens and a little moisture; follow some simple rules; and you’ve got “black gold” for all of your home landscaping … Read More


Is Tramadol a Narcotic? 10 Reasons to Never Use for You or Your Child

The FDA recently issued new warnings against prescribing tramadol and codeine to children and adolescents. After the agency reviewed event reports from about the past 50 years, they found that 64 reports of severe breathing difficulty, including 24 deaths, were linked to codeine in children and adolescents. In addition, nine cases, including three deaths (!), were linked to tramadol. Following … Read More


16 Dangers of Fentanyl & the Fentanyl Patch

If you’ve heard about the opioid epidemic — which is one of the major contributors to the deaths of despair we’re seeing today — but haven’t had it personally affect you in any way, take a look at this recent study. It found that fentanyl was detected in the toxicology reports of nearly two-thirds of the 196 people who died from opioid overdose … Read More