Did You Know Dieting Makes You Fat?

June 21, 2017

dietDieting Side Effects

Anyone who wants to lose weight today automatically considers dieting. They look at the choices of diets, and as you know there are many out there. From diet pills to detox diets, diets are everywhere.

We see them on the television, in magazines, on billboards, at the drugstores and grocery stores, online – everywhere!

There are diet drinks, diet pills, the low carb diet, the high protein diet, the blood type diet, the list goes on – and on and on. Really I could fill a whole book on all the different diets out there. And what an enormous book that would be. We’re virtually brainwashed into using diets to lose weight.

Yet with so many diets why are so many of us still so fat?

Get the Facts on Diets

Despite what we’ve all been trained to believe, dieting is not the best way to lose weight. In fact, recent studies show just the opposite; people who diet gain more weight than those who skip the diet route altogether.

In a 2007 UCLA research study, lead researcher Traci Mann revealed what many involved with all natural health have been saying for years. If you go on a diet you’ll actually gain more weight back than if you had never dieted at all.

“We found that the majority of people regained all the weight plus more,” Mann stated. In fact, 66% of the participants gained back more weight than they lost (University of California – Los Angeles (2007, April 5.) Dieting Does Not Work, Researchers Report. ScienceDaily.)

Does this sound at all familiar to you? Have you ever gone on a diet and lost weight only to find a few months down the road you actually weigh more than you did to start? This can be not just frustrating but as research is showing counterproductive and unhealthy.

Searching in Vain for the Perfect Diet

Many people think there’s a diet out there that will work for them – if only they can find it. Can you relate? We all watch in wonder as celebrities have babies and then are out on the beach in bikinis just weeks later. We think to ourselves, “I just have to know their secret!” or “If only I could find the right diet for me, then I’d be skinny.”

Dieters flock to examine what these celebrities are doing and then jump on that diet bandwagon in hopes of losing unwanted weight. We forget that these stars usually have quite a few more resources than we do. Think personal trainers, personal chefs, nannies, and more. We just want to lose the weight – and we want a quick fix!

So what’s going on here? Why do we gain back more weight a few months after an allegedly successful diet? As a society with obesity rates skyrocketing it’s no secret most of us really need to lose weight. In a 2005 – 2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 34% of adults in the United States were obese (Center for Disease Control and Prevention.) That’s getting close to half of the U.S. population being – well there’s no other way to put it – fat!

If the old tried and true dieting (or more accurately the dieting myth) is making us fatter than where do we turn? What do we do to lose weight, feel good, increase our energy, and protect ourselves from chronic diseases?

Losing Weight Starts in the Mind

The problem with dieting begins with how we approach it mentally. The way we think about diet as a one shot deal. We tell ourselves we’ll go on the diet for a few weeks, lose the weight, and be at the perfect weight – for life.

People who want to lose weight try a diet, lose a few pounds, go back to life as it was before the diet, gain back the weight (plus a few pounds,) then seek out the next ‘hot’ diet that’s bound to work this time. This is yo-yo dieting at it’s best, or really worst.

This is not the way to lose weight and be healthy and fit. It’s never been the way to get fit, despite what we’ve been trained to believe, and it never will work for most people.

First, you should address the ‘why’ before the ‘what.’ Ask yourself why you need to lose weight. So you can still be around to walk your daughter down the aisle? So you can have the energy to play with your grandkids?

Get Real! Discover the Real Way to Lose Weight for Life

It’s clear not only from this study but from the life experience of so many people that diets just don’t work. Sure you may lose a few pounds for a short period of time but in the long run diets will fail.

The most effective and healthiest way to shed those extra pounds is to make lifestyle changes. Pay attention to the first part of that word, it’s essential for success, life. Not week changes, or month changes, but real changes for life.

In order to lose weight, keep it off, glow from head to toe, and burst with energy and happiness you must make the life changes that sustain the human body.

It’s not limited to what you eat or don’t eat either. Exercise, stress, sleep, spirituality, and level of contentment with life are intricately connected to not just losing weight but maintaining a healthy weight for life.

Since we’re talking about diets here I’d like to really focus in on the food aspect of losing weight and getting healthy for life.

You Are What You Eat

Remember the old saying ‘you are what you eat?’ This saying is one to keep front and center in your mind because it’s true.

In our Western world today what most of us are putting into our bodies is making us not just fat but sick too. We have become accustomed to eating highly processed, refined foods loaded with preservatives, colors, flavorings, and who knows what else. (Did you know that food manufacturers aren’t required to let us know what’s in the ‘flavorings?’?) These are what I refer to as fake foods.

We all hit the grocery stores and load up our carts with boxes, bags, and containers of processed foods. These foods are the crux of the problem. They are dead or fake foods. They offer little or no nutritional value (even if the clever advertising tricks the consumer into thinking they do) and what’s worse is they contain chemicals and toxins that are harmful for the body.

This too is part of the weight problem. Our bodies defense against toxins (many of which the body is not equipped to properly eliminate) is to store these toxins in fat cells. The body is wise and knows that these toxins need to be kept from leaching into the body. The fat cells encase the toxins and protect the body from exposure to them as best it’s able to do.

The more toxins that come in, the more fat cells we need. We retain more and more fat cells that are really protecting our body from dangerous toxins. We continue to put more toxins in and high calorie foods containing outrageous amounts of sugars (think Diabetes 2), and wonder why we keep gaining weight, losing energy, getting sick, and feeling down. Once you know the facts it all begins to make a lot of sense.

The Solution is Easy!

The answer to this problem isn’t complex, you won’t need a pen and paper to record the foods to be eaten or record your calories, you won’t have to shop online and order your food from one place, or eat just one kind of food, in fact the answer to maintaining a healthy weight dates back to the beginning of time.

Remember Adam and Eve in the Garden? Although they weren’t supposed to eat that apple they had the right idea if their goal was good health. God has given us all we need to maintain a healthy weight, have radiant skin, and have enough energy to go through the entire day without the need for artificial energy drinks or another cup of coffee.

The foods that we find in abundance on the earth are the foods that will sustain us, make us healthy and happy, and ironically are the most affordable and accessible for all. This is real food.

Fruit from the trees, veggies from the earth, water in its purest form, and plenty of outdoor air and exercise. Honestly, it’s that simple. The best diet plan of all is just this.

It’s not about counting calories in your foods or on the treadmill. It’s about turning to God and nature to supply the main source of our nutrition. It’s already there, has been for centuries. It’s time that our modern world turns back to the basics.

Real food is loaded with nutrients that the processed foods can’t even come close to copying. For instance, an apple. It comes with everything the body needs to break it down (enzymes), digest it, and use each and every bit of it to nourish the ravaged body.

When you start eating according to how God intended us to eat you won’t worry again about your weight. It will melt away simply, painlessly, and perfectly. And remember the word I told you to pay attention to? Life. This is fundamental to success. You must make eating real foods and avoiding fake foods part of your life. Everyday, for life.

When you consider this change it may seem overwhelming, too much of a change, so take it slowly. Slow changes that stick are better than a lot of changes you soon give up. The answer to dieting doesn’t lie in a secret formula or a diet that will match your body, it’s all about living an overall healthy life and eating an abundance of the foods we find in nature – in their natural state.

Once you get started you’ll see the difference. You’ll feel better, look better, and you’ll begin to crave fake foods less and less. Be patient, stick to the plan for life, and you’ll never have to think about dieting again!


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