Real Foods vs. Fake Foods

June 21, 2017

Real Foods vs. Fake Foods“Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing Baby” – Marvin Gaye

Today, the question is not: What foods should you eat to be healthy?… The real question is: Are you eating food at all? Are you eating real food or fake food?

When you pull up at the drive thru at the fast food restaurant and order chicken nuggets, fries, and a soda, do you think that’s real food? When you are shopping at the supermarket and throw some cereal, milk, and bread into your cart, do you think that’s food?

Let me define the difference between real and fake. When you look up “real” in the dictionary you will find that something real is something that is genuine, authentic, being no less than what is stated and worthy of name; where “fake” is being artificial, imaginary, and pretending to be something it’s not.

Fake Foods

So fake food is pretending to be something it’s not.

For instance, when you get a strawberry milkshake, you would expect there to be strawberries and milk in the milkshake, right?  Well, here are the ingredients in a strawberry milkshake from Burger King:

Burger King Strawberry Milkshake

Amyl acetate, amyl butyrate, amyl valerate, anethol, anisyl formate, benzyl acetate, benzyl isobutyrate, butyric acid, cinnamyl isobutyrate, cinnamyl valerate, cognac essential oil, diacetyl, dipropyl ketone,  ethyl acetate, ethyl amylketone, ethyl butyrate, ethyl cinnamate, ethyl heptanoate, ethyl heptylate, ethyl lactate, ethyl methylphenylglycidate, ethyl nitrate, ethyl propionate ethyl valerate, heliotropin, hydroxyphrenyl-2-butanone (10% solution in alcohol), ionone, isobuyly anthranilate, isobutyl butyrate, lemon essential oil, maltol, 4-methylacetophenone, methyl anthranilate, methyl benzoate, methyl cinnamate, methyl heptine carbonate, methyl naphthyl ketone, methyl salicylate, mint essential oil, neroli essential oil, nerolin, neryl isobutyrate, orris butter, phenothyl alcohol, rose, rum ether, undecalactone, vanillin, and solvent.


Can you believe this? There is zero food in this, it’s all fake. Back in the day, a strawberry milk shake had 4 main ingredients: milk, ice cream, strawberries, and sugar. Today it is full of chemicals that your body doesn’t even recognize as food. It’s a highly toxic blend that is sure to send you to your grave early.

There are several ways to determine if something is a real food or fake food.

1)   Use Common Sense! Do you think a pop tart is a real food? No, so go with the apple instead – it’s real.

2)   Learn to read labels. If something has a huge number of ingredients, it’s probably fake. Stay away from things like high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, aspartame, and blue 25.

3)   Ask if the food is highly processed. Most cereals, breads, and pastas area highly processed grains that have had all the fiber and nutrients removed. Here is another hint–if you’re in the grocery store, shop on the perimeter of the store. Most the foods in the middle aisles are packaged, processed goods. So stick to the outside and you’ll be much safer.

Just for fun–go Google some of your favorite foods and their list of ingredients. Look up McDonald’s chicken nuggets and see what you find.

Let’s have a contest: whoever can find the most outrageous food label wins a $20 gift card to Whole Foods. Post your ingredient link under your comment here:

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