While I consider getting better food into your diet as step No. 1 in improving your health, step No. 2 is finding a fitness plan that works for you. The benefits of exercise are nearly beyond measure. In the sections below are fitness articles and DVD Videos, where you’ll see workouts tailored to different goals — workouts for fat loss, a toned body, muscle building, athletic conditioning, etc. As a certified fitness instructor, I have some great exercise hacks and shorter time requirements, as I know you’re busy!

-Dr. Josh Axe

Recent Fitness Articles

Workout mistakes - Dr. Axe

Top Workout Mistakes: Is Your Exercise Routine Actually Hurting You?

Time is precious. That’s why making the most of every sweat session — and avoiding common workout mistakes — is key. I’m a huge fan of sneaking in mini-workouts whenever I can. That’s one of the benefits of high-intensity interval training: You only need a few minutes. But there are so many other ways you can shift your exercise routine to more … Read More


The Best Swim Workouts + 8 Key Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a sport that we seem to do often when we’re young and then slack off on as we age. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in fact, 36 percent of children aged 7–17 years old swim at least six times a year, compared to only 15 percent of adults. (1) But if you haven’t hit the pool in … Read More


Latissimus Dorsi: Exercises + Stretches for Your “Lats”

The latissimus dorsi muscles — commonly just called “the lats” — are the two biggest, broadest muscles in your back and, overall, one of the largest muscle groups in the whole body. As extensor muscles, the lats primarily have the job of helping to lift the arms up as they lengthen and reach. The lats are involved in other important … Read More


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