While I consider getting better food into your diet as step No. 1 in improving your health, step No. 2 is finding a fitness plan that works for you. The benefits of exercise are nearly beyond measure. In the sections below are fitness articles and DVD Videos, where you’ll see workouts tailored to different goals — workouts for fat loss, a toned body, muscle building, athletic conditioning, etc. As a certified fitness instructor, I have some great exercise hacks and shorter time requirements, as I know you’re busy!

-Dr. Josh Axe

Recent Fitness Articles

Shoulder workouts for women - Dr. Axe

The Best Shoulder Workouts for Women

When you learn about the complexity of shoulder anatomy, it’s clear the best shoulder workouts for women should be on your radar. Why? The shoulder is considered the most mobile joint in the entire human body. (1) As a “ball and socket” joint, the shoulder’s joint capsule allows for a wide range of up-and-down, back-and-forth, movements that we depend on every … Read More

Exercise bands - Dr. Axe

Exercise Bands & Tubes for Strength, Rehabilitation and Arthritis-Friendly Workouts

Exercise bands, also known as resistance bands or resistance tubing, are one of the best ways to build strength. These affordable pieces of exercise equipment can even help serve as a remedy for joint pain. Even better? They’re super travel-friendly. In fact, they serve as the perfect option for adding resistance when traveling, since they take up very little space in the suitcase. … Read More


Burpees: The Single Best Exercise Ever?

If you were to ask me what exercise I would perform if given only one option, it would undoubtedly be the burpee. Burpees hits almost every muscle group while providing the aerobic and endurance benefits. It even helps strengthen the core. (It is important to note, though, the person has to be in proper shape to start off as this complex exercise … Read More


Recent Fitness Videos