1 Weird Way to Stop Tooth Decay

June 26, 2017

Stop Tooth DecayWe all know that brushing and flossing daily can help with tooth decay, but it won’t always keep you out of the dentist chair.
Amalgam inserted into cavities are loaded with toxic mercury which can leach into your body. Root canals have been discovered to be the root of some chronic illnesses. There’s a number of health topics here when it comes to your mouth.

Stop Tooth Decay

First of all, stay away from fluoride.

We already know that fluoride doesn’t help prevent tooth decay. In fact, recent studies have linked fluoride to lower IQs and poor mental and physical health. Too much fluoride can be toxic and may even bring about dental fluorosis, a condition characterized by decaying tooth enamel.
Now this may be news to you, since we’ve all been taught the exact opposite.

If fluoride is causing us more harm than good, where do we turn to now?

The answer may surprise you. There’s a certain enzyme in raw seaweed today that kills of plaque and bad bacteria. A group of scientists in the United Kingdom are now studying enzymes that have been extracted from seaweed microbes. These microbes are said to be effective in removing dental plaque.
Now you may be saying, “Okay Dr. Axe, you’ve asked me to do a lot. I drank the vinegar, I ate the garlic, but now you’re asking me to brush my teeth with seaweed and I’ve got to put my foot down somewhere!”
Well, just hang with me here and let me explain, it’s not that bad!
Bacilus Lichenifromis was first studied because of its possible ability to clean ship’s hulls in an effort to save time and money for ship maintenance.
Now, it’s actually not the microbes themselves that provide the cleansing but it’s the enzymes they produce. This type of enzymes has to come from raw seaweed because heat destroys it.

Newcastle University’s Dr. Nick Jakubovics discovered that besides ships, the enzymes the bacteria produced was also effective in eliminating plaque on, between and behind the teeth when incorporated in toothpaste or oral mouthwash.
According to Dr. Jakubovics, “We found this enzyme to remove some of the undesirable bacteria from plaque. If you find a good toothpaste that has raw seaweed in it, it’s great for naturally cleansing your teeth.”
One of my favorite brands with seaweed is Desert Essence.

Here’s a better option if you’re not up for seaweed toothpaste.

Simply drink a greens drink. You can actually use the greens powder and brush your teeth with it, just make sure it was produced using cold press and not heat pressed as the heat destroys the enzymes.
If you’re not up for brushing your teeth with a greens powder, you can simply just mix the powder in water and drink it daily. Drinking it will help kill bad bacteria in your teeth and help protect your gums, plus the greens powder comes loaded with tons of other health benefits.
The study has found that the enzymes provide optimal protection against tooth decay and plaque formation, especially in areas where plaque can still form after teeth have been brushed.
The enzyme has been studied under laboratory trials and it has shown that it can cut back plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay, also known as Streptococcus mutans.
Dr. Jabukovics, along with his team, intend to present their findings to the UK’s Society of Microbiology. It may not be long before we see all sorts of seaweed dental care products in our grocery and drugstores!

Sources: bbc.co, naturalnews, health-line.com

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