Surprising Benefits of Collagen!


Today, I want to drill down deep and answer the question: What is collagen, exactly?­­ And how can you incorporate this powerful superfood in your daily life?

For starters, collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It’s literally found throughout the body.

It’s what keeps our skin healthy. And it even plays a role in healthy joints and a healthy gut. Many call it the “glue” that helps hold the body together.

And as we age, collagen becomes even more important. Why? Our body’s collagen production naturally begins to slow down.

Other lifestyle factors — such as eating a diet high in sugar, smoking and high amounts of sun exposure — can also contribute to lessened collagen levels.

Thankfully, I believe foods such as bone broth and supplementing with collagen are a must. And if you’re wondering what collagen is good for, I’m glad you asked.

Collagen’s Top Benefits

1. Supports Healthy Skin

When you meet people, how do you assess their age?

While a lot of factors play into your answer, the No. 1 giveaway of someone’s age is often his or her skin.

Think about how your skin looked in high school (or years ago) compared to today.

For example, just take one glimpse at your high school yearbook photo or another photo from years gone by. Instantly, you can tell you’re visibly older now than you used to be.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

Generally, as we age, skin loses some of its elasticity over time.

Here’s the thing: This is actually a normal part of life.

However, this process can be accelerated by many factors.  For example, if your skin is exposed to the sun and UV rays for too long, that can wreak havoc on the skin. I believe the best way to combat this cycle and fight back is to tackle the problem on two fronts:

  • Limit your exposure to damaging UV rays and other environmental toxins.
  • Support and promote the skin’s health with collagen.

I believe that collagen is so beneficial that I consider it one of the best things for the skin.

2. Supports Joint Comfort

While bones and muscles are great, your joints are what keep you moving and living an active lifestyle.

Without joints to help you bend, moving would be impossible.

In other words, if you want to stay mobile, supporting and maintaining joint health is critical.

While regular exercise, a healthy diet, good posture and wearing the right shoes can help keep joints in shape, I think it’s important to give joints extra support. I’m convinced that’s where collagen can come in.

3. Supports a Healthy Gut

I believe certain foods and their elements can adversely affect the gut.

Over time, this can be a problem.

I believe it’s important to fortify and support the gut with collagen. Here’s why: Collagen is one of the body’s main supportive proteins, including for gut health.

Try Collagen Today to Stay Well Put Together

If you’re looking to get your collagen from food sources, then I believe you definitely want to start consuming bone broth. As this delicious and nutritious liquid simmers, the natural collagen permeates the broth for you to drink up.

But if you’re short on time, here’s another great collagen supplement option: my Multi Collagen Protein.



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