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Beef short ribs recipe - Dr. Axe


Beef Short Ribs Recipe: High in Protein & Nutrients

Have you ever made grass-fed beef short ribs? They’re a dish that’s frequently on... Read more »
Substitute for Worcestershire sauce recipe - Dr. Axe


Worcestershire Sauce Substitute that’s Paleo and Vegan

If you’ve ever cooked with beef before, it’s likely you have a bottle of... Read more »
Vegetarian egg casserole - Dr. Axe


Vegetarian Egg Casserole Recipe

You’re likely familiar with the breakfast egg casserole recipes, such as a sausage and... Read more »

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BCAA benefits


Benefits of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), Including Muscle Recovery

Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) have received a lot of hype lately as a... Read more »
Chlorophyll - Dr. Axe


Chlorophyll Benefits: The Top Detoxifying Plant Pigment

You’ve undoubtedly heard of chlorophyll, and you probably know that plants couldn’t live without... Read more »
Sleep deprivation - Dr. Axe


Sleep Deprivation Symptoms, Causes + 6 Natural Treatments

In a world where stress levels are rising, exposure to natural sunlight outdoors is... Read more »
Saltine crackers - Dr. Axe


Are Saltine Crackers Healthy? Pros & Cons of Saltines

Although they provide a pleasant, salty crunch when paired with soups or cheese plates... Read more »
DIM supplement - Dr. Axe


DIM Supplement Benefits & Uses for Hormone Balance, Cancer Prevention & More

In the world of dietary supplements, diindolylmethane (DIM) has been gaining popularity for its... Read more »
Ginseng - Dr. Axe


10 Ginseng Benefits, Including Brain Function, Blood Sugar & Menopause

Ginseng has been used in Asia and North America for centuries. Many use it... Read more »
Circadian rhythm - Dr. Axe


Circadian Rhythm: How to Reset Your Internal Clock to Optimize Health

Have you ever experienced jet lag or struggled to adjust to a new work... Read more »
Bone broth fast - Dr. Axe


7 Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast: Stronger Gut, Skin + More

By now you might be familiar with bone broth and all this time-honored, traditional... Read more »
Iodine-rich foods - Dr. Axe


Iodine-Rich Foods & Benefits for the Thyroid, Etc.

Iodine is considered one of the body’s vital nutrients, responsible for regulating thyroid function,... Read more »


10 Signs of a Protein Deficiency + How to Fix

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, you’re trying to lose weight or you’re an athlete,... Read more »