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Homemade Burn Salve

Homemade Burn Salve - Dr.Axe

This homemade burn salve recipe is a must have! Lavender essential oil helps calm the inflamed injury site while disinfecting it. Olive oil provides healthy fats and vitamin E to replenish the skin with nutrients while honey provides antioxidants and rehydrates the injured area! Try this recipe and keep it on hand…just in case!

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Homemade Burn Salve

Total Time: 2 minutes
Serves: 30


  • 2 ounces honey
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 20 drops lavender essential oil
  • Glass jar


  1. Mix all ingredients together and spread lavishly over injury.
  2. Cover injury site with dressing or band-aid.

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    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      I typically make up enough to last through a use or the day. Otherwise, I would give it 4-7 days. I don’t think it would go bad past that, but I like to use it fresh.

  1. Lynn on

    Doesnt putting oil on a burn have the potential of holding in the heat and thus making the burn worse? I was always told that is why you should not put butter on a burn.

  2. Veronika on

    you said this will work for cuts also? do i just add 20 drops of tea tree oil to the mix? do i need olive oil?

  3. Silvia on

    Hi Dr.
    I have a very nice good recipe (from grandma): 1 simple candle and 3/4 tbs of oil, it can be olive oil, soy, etc… to use only for burns and scratchs (may have wrote wrong…)…boile water and add the entire candle in a pan above, let it melt and remove the cord, than add the oil until you get it in a soft cream.

    And for moisturing cream you can add almond, and some essencial oil…just have to add oil till it gets a soft cream…wil depends on the candle quality….if you ever try, please, let me know what your final recipe looks like.

    A friend of mine burned her hands, she used it for a week, each day just adding more of this moisturing without washing…in only one week her hands got a new skin

    Oh, and it lasts for months though.

    You don´t need to publish this comment, but let me know if you ever try it…


  4. Kay D. on

    I burned two fingers one day over some hot steam while poaching eggs. My husband (the beekeeper) grabbed a bottle of honey and immediately covered the burn with honey (pure, raw honey). The pain disappeared and later in the day when I was washing dishes in hot water I realized that I had no pain or redness. Amazing!

  5. Kanwal on

    Dr, Axe

    Can you share with me any homemade face fairness tips & Face wash

    I already use your share coconut oil face wash, but this is oily I need regular use soapy face wash recipe if can can share this 2 recipe I am Thanks full to you.


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